The Best (and Worst) Social Media Platforms For eCommerce This Holiday Season

Which social media platforms are the best to advertise products during this holiday season?

This holiday season, more brands than ever are anticipated to use social media advertising to generate revenue. With more social platforms coming out by the day, social media managers might feel like they have no idea which one to try first. Lucky for you, we broke down which platforms are generating a return on investment this holiday season, and which ones you may want to stay away from.

The Worst Social Media Platform For eCommerce

Although they made a heavy push into the commerce space over the last year, users continue to make the least amount of purchasing decisions from Snapchat. Although they have a great ads suite, the majority of users on Snapchat are there for very intentional reasons (watching videos, chatting with friends, etc.) Snapchat users purchasing decisions are rarely influenced by the content on the app, with some reporting as little as 1% of users being influenced.

As a result, we do not recommend Snapchat ads for this holiday season.

The Best Social Media Platform For eCommerce

This year, we saw TikTok continue to grow and become more dominant in the social media space. During this growth, TikTok established itself as a platform with massive purchasing power. In a recent global research study, TikTok users reported some astounding stats regarding their use of the app as it relates to eCommerce. Some highlights of the study were:

  • Users spend 14% more on average on products they saw on TikTok.
  • 37% of surveyed users have seen something on TikTok and immediately purchased it.
  • 44% of users discovered products through a post by a brand.

(credit: Search Engine Journal)

In essence, the study details the fact that TikTok’s short-form content has been able to capture users and heavily influence their purchasing decisions.

As TikTok continues to become more popular amongst those with purchasing power, look for more and more users to turn to the platform to make their commerce decisions, making TikTok the best platform to market products this holiday season.

In Conclusion


While products can be sold anywhere, apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels are taking the cake this holiday season for the best investment. If you are looking to capitalize on these apps by using influencer marketing, join Glewee today!

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