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Why Should You Use Influencer Marketing For Your Fashion Brand?

Your Target Audience Is At Your Fingertips

Using influencer marketing allows you to use influencers as a trusted vehicle to immediately access a following in your niche.

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Turn Buyers To Brand Advocates

When your product is purchased through influencer marketing, buyers will frame your company as one that has a social media presence. As a result, satisfied buyers will turn to social media to express their brand advocacy.

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Get To Market Faster

Traditional marketing is full of delays and processes of creating awareness, building trust, etc. With influencer marketing, your brand is portrayed as trusted by that influencer, who influences their following. This process allows your fashion brand to immediately be positioned as a trusted, reputable brand, and helps your fashion brand make sales faster.

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"I use Glewee for all my influencer marketing needs."

Voglia Swimwear collaborated with 100+ influencers through Glewee’s creator management platform.
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2.6 Billion

Combined followers across all of our influencers.

14 Days

The average timeline from when a brand first reaches out to a influencer to the first campaign post.


Pre-vetted influencers for your fashion brand to choose from.


with new influencers for your next social media campaign.

Glewee guarantees that brands will be matched with the best-fit creator team for each personalized campaign. Brands build campaigns in Glewee’s influencer marketing dashboard and launch them directly to qualified creators based on age, gender, location, follower counts, and niche. From there, it’s time to collaborate.


alongside your new brand advocates to drive results.

Whether you are looking for new micro creators to create user-generated content (UGC) for your brand or mega creators to speak your brand’s voice, Glewee gives you all the tools you need to collaborate with speed and efficiency. Glewee’s influencer marketing dashboard enables brands and creators to have one-on-one conversations inside the app, communicate throughout the partnership, approve content before publication, send and sign templated contracts, and much more.


the success of your influencer campaign to scale your efforts.

Glewee’s creator management platform enables influencers to cultivate and publish authentic social media content to their audiences, allowing brands to reach new and existing demographics. 

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