September 27, 2022

Glewee X Playlist Live Creator Convention 2022

  • Christian Brown
  • Glewee Playlist Live
    Glewee X Playlist Live 2022

    From September 2nd through 4th, the Glewee Team was live in Orlando, Florida at Playlist Live’s Creator Convention 2022. With a live creator activation, Glewee’s Creator Team attended the conference to host a meet and greet with current users and connect with industry leading creators and brands leading the creator economy.

    Gavin Thomas, Sheri Nicole, Mahogany Lox, and The McFarland Family were amongst the 450 industry leading creators that Playlist brought to the three day live event. While on sight, we got to hear stories and insight from an array of incredible creators who excel across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. As the social media industry has been taken by storm by TikTok’s great success over the past 18 months, a majority of creators spoke about their success growing and scaling their accounts and personal brands on TikTok.

    We got to hear from Glewee Community Member Jack Tenney of Joogsquad who attended Playlist Live as a speaker for his 9th consecutive year. Jack took the main stage to speak about the development of social media over the duration of the decade, pointing to the fact that TikTok is every creator’s tool to finding a viral factor in videos.

    Creator, entrepreneur, and life style trend setter Tana Mongeau was a key creator at the event. In her newest venture, Tana Mongeau has created a signature line of canned wine “Dizzy by Tana“. Tana spoke about her newest venture into the drink space and took the stage to promote the idea of being a creator and also an entrepreneur.

    The Glewee Experience

    We hosted a multi day pop-up experience at Playlist Live with the intent of bringing together creators in the Glewee Community to further meet and hear from users of our platform.

    Check out some photos below of creators and conference attendees at the Glewee pop-up: