How to Use Influencer Marketing To Influence Your Target Consumer

Taking A Step Back: How Do Brands Influence Consumers?

The primary responsibility of a marketing department is to grow the market share by acquiring and keeping new clients. The best way to do it is by monitoring, evaluating, and controlling consumer behavior.

How do you persuade someone to purchase a good or service? Marketing departments have been puzzling over how to influence people and how they react to attempts to influence their behavior for decades. Modern marketing strategies may hold the answers to these questions.

Let’s examine the how and why in more detail.

Create An Emotional Connection

Instead of informing consumers, modern marketing aims to persuade and forge strong emotional bonds with brands and products.

Even if people can’t recall where they saw a specific advertisement, they may still experience a specific emotion when they look at a product, such as happiness, comfort, or confidence. It happens because the marketing they saw led to their brain registering a specific emotion.

When the brain first saw the product, it immediately associated it with a particular feeling. When customers select from a variety of comparable products from various brands, this connection will operate flawlessly.

Shaping of Context

We believe that our social, professional, and informational environments are distinct. But in reality, we all live in a world of marketing. The new marketing reality determines what you’ll wear tomorrow and how much of your income you’ll spend on eating out?

With a few notable exceptions, it is generally applicable to everyone. . If you give it some more thought, you’ll realize that most of the information you encounter daily attempts to persuade you to adopt a particular behavior.

Marketing strategies and tactics in all their forms and appearances are solely responsible for creating this entire environment.

Attention Management

We consume enormous amounts of information daily, severely limiting our capacity for attentional focus. We are addicted to our smartphones, constantly switching between screens & using dozens of tabs. Multitasking has evolved into a necessary skill for everyone.

Therefore, building a strong emotional connection is the only way to grab and hold the audience’s attention successfully. We don’t realize how much more of an impact marketing has on our thoughts and actions.

The distinction between what we genuinely want and what marketing tricks us into wanting is hazier than ever. But let’s not overstate the case.


So, What Is the Best Way To Reach Consumers?

Well, the best way to reach consumers and influence them to invest in your brand is to use a platform that they already know and trust, have an emotional connection with, are familair with the context around, and has their attention.

What type of marketing encompasses all of this? Well, using influencer marketing provides a unique approach that checks all of these boxes.

Think of the Jordan brand, as an example. Their target market most-likely already have an emotional connection with Michael Jordan, are familiar with who he is and what he does, and has their attention as one of the best athletes of all time. The market for Jordan sneakers was already watching basketball and trusts the platforms that the games are shown on, so they were able to check all of the boxes needed to influence their consumers.


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Brands are consistently turning to influencer marketing to infiltrate their target market through someone they already know and trust, and as social media gets more popular, this trend is expected to grow.


In A Nutshell

The introduction and promotion of goods and services to prospective customers is the focus of marketing. It is important to an organization because it affects everything from sales to success.

Through marketing, a company has the opportunity to be found and recognized by a sizable audience and persuade them to choose its offerings.

Using influencer marketing, companies are able to establish an emotional connection with consumers signifcantly faster.


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