Three Times Fashion Brands Turned To Influencer Marketing

Luxury Fashion Brands Are Turning To Influencer Marketing To Keep Relevancy and Revenue

The use of influencer marketing within the fashion industry has grown significantly in recent years, as more brands recognize its potential to reach larger audiences, create hype around a product or service launch, and increase sales. Influencer marketing is expected to be even more integral to the success of fashion brands as they rely on influencers’ networks and unique styles to help spread their messages and reach new audiences. This blog will describe three examples of influencer marketing campaigns used by fashion brands which showcase how influencers can be used effectively for any brand within this industry.

Dior Partners with BTS Members

Dior has partnered with members of KPop boy band BTS—one of South Korea’s most popular acts—in a brand ambassador role. In addition to appearing in photoshoots and promotional materials, Jimin will also serve as global ambassadors for Dior’s upcoming season. This is an incredibly smart move by Dior, as BTS’ global fan base will give them access to potential customers from countries around the world.


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Dolce & Gabbana Work with Fitness Trainers

Dolce & Gabbana turned to Instagram fitness trainers for its 2021 Cruise collection, showing off their athleisure looks through a series of posts on social media. By working with these influencers—many of whom boast large followings—the brand was able to showcase its latest designs and appeal directly to an active customer base who would appreciate its sportier pieces. Additionally, Dolce & Gabbana created a video featuring seven athletes wearing apparel from the collection, highlighting how even those without huge followings can be effective partners when promoting a brand’s products.

Versace Collaborates with TikTok Stars

Versace recently collaborated with two of TikTok’s biggest stars—Addison Rae and Joshua Bassett—for its 2021 Resort capsule collection. In order to publicize this collaboration, Versace sent out packages filled with clothing items from the collection before revealing Rae and Bassett as part of their campaign on social media. In addition to this announcement post going viral across various platforms like Twitter and YouTube, Versace also created a segment on “Good Morning America” featuring Rae doing her signature dance moves while wearing pieces from the capsule collection. This type of influencer marketing allowed Versace not only to draw the attention of potential customers but also to create content from within their own brand identity that could be distributed across different channels.


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Wrapping It All Up

In conclusion, these three examples demonstrate how using influencer marketing campaigns can be highly effective when utilized correctly within the fashion industry regardless if you’re promoting the latest products releases or launching your own line entirely across multiple platforms whether you decide to partner up with one person specializing certain area or multiple individuals coming together showcase different facets your designs, etc. It allows you access larger networks and higher engagement rates compared to traditional forms of advertising alone whilst simultaneously leveraging each collaborator’s unique style to reach different types of followers that might interested in various aspects of your work which leads to increased sales and greater overall ROI when done correctly without being too pushy/overbearing about the whole process.

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