October 24, 2022

Three Ways Influencer Marketing Was Used In 2022

  • Adam Guttadauro
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    Three Ways Influencer Marketing Was Used In 2022

    One of the most effective ways brands reach their target audience today is through influencer marketing. With higher engagements and an influx of like-minded audiences, there are more chances of getting high returns from your investment.

    Influencer marketing refers to the marketing strategy that utilizes influencers for product sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. Since the rise of social media, this is among the most powerful tool for different organizations.

    Perhaps it is because most successful influencers are admired and trusted by their followers so the chances of supporting their products and services are often high. For influencer marketing to be effective, you should have a brand voice and understand your customers.

    In this article, we will discuss the three best uses of influencer marketing in 2022. They include the following;

    Creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign

    An integrated marketing campaign involves aligning different marketing channels to promote your products or services. It also helps to align your brand’s primary message which is delivered using different marketing channels and assets.

    Integrated marketing also helps to eliminate the disparities and differences in the way customers interact with your brand. Although similar to multi-channel marketing, the main goal of integrated marketing is to align your brand message to the different media channels.

    Moreover, running an integrated marketing campaign is more effective than running a campaign on an individual channel. This is because integrated marketing campaigns have a wider audience reach compared to using an individual marketing channel.

    Branding vs Marketing

    Although branding and marketing are two different terms, they remain among the best ways influencer marketing was used in 2022. This is because they help create awareness of a particular product or company however, they should not be used interchangeably.

    Marketing involves different activities used to sell a product or service. It creates awareness among customers that they need this particular product before providing them with the product they need.

    Branding involves the use of a logo, mark, sign, slogan, or combination to differentiate and recognize a person’s product or service from other sellers. It uses different activities and advertising tools to create a distinct and memorable image or name for a product or service, leaving consumers with a lasting impression.

    Branding aims towards creating a long-term relationship for consumers because it helps them view your product as a lasting solution to their problems. However, marketing involved every other activity used to attract customers and build a lasting relationship with them. These activities include creating, selling, exploring, advertising, and delivering products and services that people value.


    Today the use of influencer marketing to promote events especially since it has an extensive audience reach. This is one of the best ways to create more exposure for your brand. Through influencer marketing, you can reach a different audience that trusts and engage with the influencer.

    The best part of using influencer marketing in 2022 to promote your event is that it creates authentic content and helps you get real-life feedback. With 100% honest, invaluable, authentic, and positive feedback, your event attracts people willing to find out more about your brand which in turn increases your social media following.

    One thing is certain about influencer marketing in 2022, your event will get more exposure to an engaged audience that is willing to attend your event. Moreover depending on how large an influencer’s audience is, it takes a certain percentage of their followers to engage your brand. This gives you a positive return on your investment.


    From branding, creating IM campaigns, and promoting events, influencer marketing is taking the world by storm, and was used almost everywhere in 2022. There has never been a better time to start using influencer marketing. Take the first step and apply for Glewee here!