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Download Glewee and apply to be a part of our pre-vetted community of Creators. Find new brand deals, track your social media stats, and monetize your platform all in one app!

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How it works

Create a Campaign

Use Glewee’s campaign creation process to publish a campaign in minutes!

Outline your campaign timeline, media assets, social media platforms, and product / service you want promoted and launch your campaign to our Creator Community.

Launch a Campaign

Discover Creators

Creators that fit your campaign parameters will apply to be in your campaign!

Within minutes of your campaign being launched on Glewee, Creators that fit your ideal creator profile will opt in to join your campaign’s creator team. This is where the real connection comes in!

Launch a Campaign

Engage With Creators

Keep communication all in one place. Chat with Creators on Glewee!

We’re focused on forming authentic relationships in real time. We encourage all users to get to know each other in Glewee’s chat and use this as a communication tool throughout campaigns!

Launch a Campaign

Time To Collaborate!

Once you’ve accepted Creators, it’s time to review their work!

Each Creator has their own unique way of making content. As they join your campaign they’ll submit content in Glewee’s ‘Content Approval’ portal for approval. Need to give feedback? No problem. Ready to see it live? Let’s go!

Launch a Campaign

See The Content Go-Live!

Our Glewee wizard helps you create a lazer-focused campaign

Each Creator has their own “post date” when their content is due to go live. Upon accepting the content in Glewee, each Creator will post the content to their assigned social media platform and submit the live link to Glewee for easy tracking!

Launch a Campaign

Track Your Campaign Success!

Oh, Data? We’ll Take It From Here!

Glewee tracks all of the campaign metrics associated with each and every piece of content that is deployed to social media through our Creators. All of this is available on the interactive Glewee Brand Dashboard!

Launch a Campaign

Create Your Glewee Portfolio

Start by crafting your portfolio for Brands to see!

Get started by setting up a campaign (public or private) and our guided template will help you create campaign-specific parameters along the way.

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Discover New Brand Deals!

Browse Glewee’s collaboration feed to see live campaigns.

Check out which campaigns are live right now. If you qualify based on location, age, and follower count then don’t hesitate to hit that APPLY button!

Apply As A Creator On Glewee!

Chat with Brands

No more "let's collab" emails and DM’s on IG

We’re all about forming authentic connections. Once you’re accepted into a campaign you can chat with the Brand in-app. We encourage all of our users to create ongoing partnerships which start here!

Find Your Next Brand Deal

Stay Organized

Glewee’s calendar will remind you when you have posts that need to go live!

We know the struggle of having a bunch of campaigns going at the same time. We want to help make that process easy for you so you can maximize your time with our dynamic content calendar.

Download Glewee On The App Store

Get Approval, Then Publish!

Submit your content on Glewee for approval. Then it’s go-live time!

Once your content has been approved in-app by the Brand you can publish it to your social page(s). When it’s live just copy the link to the post and submit it back to Glewee and we’ll handle all of the metric reporting from there!

Apply As A Creator On Glewee!

Monetize Your Platforms!

Finish a campaign. Get paid. It’s that simple!

When you’ve completed a campaign and submitted all of the live links to the posts, Glewee will review the content and then pay you out to your wallet! From there you can transfer it right into your bank account. Now That’s Glewee!

Apply As A Creator On Glewee!

Our network is your network.

We are the data driven, collaborative, and intuitive change-makers redefining Creator Marketing.

425+ Brands

Join the immersive Glewee Brand Community actively launching campaigns for our Creators to participate in. Looking for UGC, brand awareness, and more social influence? Look no further.

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3500+ Creators

Join the Glewee Creator Community to maximize your social media career, enhance organization, track your follower metrics, and join new campaigns!

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The Glewee Creator Community has a total net following of over 575,000,000+ users across all of their platforms. Join Glewee to gain access to their already developed networks!

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Spoiler Alert: Glewee Is Free To Use

You read that right. For our first 1,000 Brand users we are offering Glewee completely FREE. And yes, we have real users on here and not just a “database of millions of discoverable influencer @ names and emails”.

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