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By offering the most reliable all-in-one creator marketing platform, Glewee makes it possible for brands to connect, collaborate, and execute influencer marketing campaigns with industry leading social media creators to drive sales and reach new audiences.


with new influencers & creators for your next social media campaign.

Glewee guarantees that brands will be matched with the best-fit creator team for each personalized campaign. The cornerstone of Glewee’s all-in-one self-service marketing platform lies in the thousands upon thousands of pre-vetted influencers that have opted-into Glewee’s Creator Community. Brands build campaigns in Glewee’s influencer marketing dashboard and launch them directly to qualified creators based on age, gender, location, follower counts, and niche. Within minutes of launching a Glewee influencer marketing campaign, creators apply to join the campaign! From there, it’s time to collaborate.


alongside your new brand advocates to drive results.

Whether you are looking for new micro creators to create user-generated content (UGC) for your brand or mega creators to speak your brand’s voice, Glewee gives you all the tools you need to collaborate with speed and efficiency. Glewee’s influencer marketing dashboard enables brands and creators to have one-on-one conversations inside the app, communicate throughout the partnership, approve content before publication, send and sign templated contracts, and much more. One newly added Glewee feature is its relationship management toolset that enables authentic relationships to grow and develop between brands and creators. All brand and creator interactions including workflow, content library, payments, and campaign analytics, are kept within the influencer marketing dashboard for a fully streamlined and confidential experience.


the success of your influencer campaign to scale your efforts.

Glewee’s creator management platform enables influencers to cultivate and publish authentic social media content to their audiences, allowing brands to reach new and existing demographics. With enhanced reporting updated in real-time, brands can track the success of their campaigns based on impressions, likes, comments, and overall spend. Understand which influencers are performing best, identify your best-performing content, and scale your influencer marketing campaign initiatives with ease on Glewee.

"I use Glewee for all my influencer marketing needs."

Voglia Swimwear collaborated with 100+ influencers through Glewee’s creator management platform.

The Fastest Influencer Marketing Platform

Glewee makes it easy to find influencers for your brand like never before.

Expand Your Brand Awareness Through Influencer Marketing

Boost Your Social Engagement


Impressions gained for D2C skin & hair care company through Glewee’s creator marketing platform.

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Growth driven to brand social proof through live event company Disco Donnie’s UGC library expansion on Glewee

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An Elevated Influencer Marketing Platform Experience

Glewee's creator network community is made up of digital influencers who post across a variety of social media platforms.

End-To-End Solution

We’re here to streamline the process of discovering, collaborating, and driving successful campaigns with social media influencers and creators. From sending in-app contracts to processing safe and secure payments all in one place, Glewee is a full-circle suite of every tool you need to deliver value and drive real-time results for your brand.

We Focus On Authenticity

All creators on Glewee go through a careful review process based on follower count, engagement rate, follower legitimacy, past brand deal experience, and professionalism. With a 35% acceptance rate, our pre-vetted community delivers authentic content to authentic audiences. Once you launch your influencer campaign, you will see creators opt-in to participate in your brand deal within minutes! Glewee’s creator-marketing platform spans the five major social media networks: TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!

We Handle Legal & Tax Forms For You

Partnered with Stripe, Glewee offers a safe and secure payment process that ensures brands are satisfied with creator engagements before payments are moved out of escrow. We handle 1099 + W9 forms with all our creators so you don’t have to. Glewee’s creators follow our FTC guidelines to ensure that content meets all the necessary compliances per social media network.

Our Support Team Is Here For You

Glewee’s customer service support team is available to ensure that your team is getting the greatest return and result on your influencer marketing campaigns on our platform. When you win, Glewee wins!

Glewee For Brands & Agencies

The Process

Discover The Best-Fit Influencers

You will see creators apply to work with your brand within minutes of publishing a campaign.

Glewee ensures that these are real influencers who want to work on your branded campaign based on category, gender, age, location, niche, and a minimum follower count. Glewee only accepts high-caliber creators who are pre-vetted and hand selected by us… humans!

Collaborate All In One Place

Keep the entire-work flow in one platform. We make it easy for you!

Our step-by-step process outlines the simplest method to accept the best applicants for your campaign. From there, your campaign will kick-off! So get ready to ditch the excel sheets and email threads—the entire interaction happens on Glewee!

Communicate In Real-Time

Glewee’s platform enables brands to communicate directly with creators through the in-app chat feature.

We believe in creating real-time relationships and ensuring that your selected creators are right for your brand. Chat with your campaign creators at any time from anywhere!

Pre-Approve Content Before It Is Published To Social Media

Brands have the final say before content goes live on social media!

All social media influencer content created for your campaign will be fresh and authentic. Campaign managers approve all content before publication. And best of all, you can track and measure all the content data from Glewee’s web application asset library for future exporting and use across your social media pages and advertising assets!

Forget the Paperwork. Sign All Contracts Within Glewee

Glewee's intuitive in-app contracting program takes care of 1099s + W9 forms so you don't have to!

We will handle all tax forms, regulatory processing, and documentation. Glewee ensures that all creator and influencer posts meet FTC regulations and requirements. Brand users own the perpetual copyright to all influencer and creator content created through Glewee. Glewee is the most efficient content generation platform on the market.

Track All Of Your Analytics In One Central Dashboard

Our platform captures and stores all brand interactions with creators in one place

We can also store your campaign assets, creatives, and results. This way, Glewee is your full suite one-stop shop for everything influencer marketing and social media ad-creative. View, export, and track your campaign analytics in one single dashboard.

We're Here To Save You Time On Influencer Marketing

With Glewee, creators start reaching out within minutes after you post a new campaign.

Say goodbye to cold email outreach and excel sheets. Glewee handles all the influencer chat, contracting, payments, and data tracking. Think of this as your go-to platform that will replace precious time wasted doing influencer marketing the old way.

We're The Cost Effective End-To-End Platform

Glewee offers the first free-to-use marketplace with pre-vetted influencers in the market!

In fact, brands can create an all-access Glewee account for free through December 2022. Time is money and Glewee takes the old slow process of working with creators out of the equation. Everything is fast and efficient on Glewee, saving your expensive staff time researching and sending cold outreaches to influencers. We have a competitive 10% platform fee per influencer transaction!

Our Network Is Your Network!

Join the 5,000+ Creators and 500+ brands actively executing brand awareness campaigns through social media via Glewee.
Glewee is the easiest and fastest way to find influencers for your brand. Sign up today!