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Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing is a digital marketing strategy where Brands partner with Creators to promote their products or services online. By collaborating with influencers, Brands can reach their target audience directly, create content that drives conversions, and spread awareness. For instance, a beauty Brand may partner with a makeup influencer to promote their blush on social media.

Influencer marketing is authentic when Brands partner with the right fit Creators. If a Creator or influencer shares a Brand’s values, target audience, and aesthetic, then they would be fit to represent the Brand authentically. As an elevated form of word-of-mouth advertising, true influencer marketing builds credibility through authentic collaboration.

Influencer marketing software is essential for campaign management. Brands use influencer marketing software platforms to identify Creators, streamline collaboration, and measure performance. As the best influencer marketing software, Glewee empowers Brands to launch unlimited campaigns with an unlimited number of Creators, without the monthly fees.

You can identify social media influencers using influencer marketing software. While there are manual methods of influencer discovery, these tend to be laborious and produce inconsistent results. An influencer marketing software platform like Glewee automatically matches Brands with pre-vetted Creators who meet their target audience, budget, and niche.

You can track the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns by monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs can include engagement rate, sales, impressions, and web traffic. Brands on Glewee track campaign performance through their interactive dashboard. Glewee’s dashboard allows marketers to replace manual spreadsheets with real-time KPI tracking, automated analytics, and downloadable reports.

Influencer marketing is very affordable, especially when compared to traditional advertising. It provides a scalable, authentic alternative that suits Brands and budgets of all sizes. The price of collaboration can vary depending on the types of influencers hired and the scope of each partnership. Glewee offers a free, low-risk subscription tier, taking the stress out of influencer marketing for Brands looking to get started.

Glewee is the only influencer marketing management platform that lets you join for free and launch unlimited campaigns with as many influencers as you like. By removing barriers to entry, Glewee gives Brands of all sizes and industries access to superior influencer marketing. Our all-in-one influencer marketing platform is the fastest and easiest way to launch end-to-end campaigns with pre-vetted Creators across social media.

Glewee differs from other influencer marketing platforms by being the only all-in-one opt-in platform with pre-vetted Creators, without monthly fees. Glewee is beloved by Brands for being the easiest and fastest way to build, run, and measure social media campaigns from start to finish.

Yes, influencer marketing is an effective way to scale your business. It yields a higher return on investment than traditional advertising. Brands typically make $5.78 per dollar spent on influencer marketing. By collaborating with Creators, Brands can also gain exposure rapidly, connect with their target audience authentically, and boost sales dramatically.

Yes, Glewee is easy to use and the easiest way to launch campaigns on social media. Our influencer marketing software features an intuitive interface and advanced management tools that any beginner can use. For example, our customizable campaign builder lets you create targeted campaigns in four guided steps and in under two minutes.

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Build campaigns in four easy steps.

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Handle payments

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Discover your Creator team and collaborate in real time.


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Discover Brand deals from your phone.

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Meet deliverables, follow guidelines, and get inspired.

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Promote your favorite Brands across social media.

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Manage payments through your Glewee Wallet.

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Show your best work and tell Brands what you do best.



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