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Our team grew up in the social media marketing space. From the earliest days of static-image influencer marketing on Instagram to navigating the explosive growth of short-form-video creator marketing on TikTok, we understand the troubles that come with the industry. Glewee is designed to bridge the gap between Brands and Creators to allow for authentic relationships and activations to come to life in real-time. We strive to be every social media manager’s greatest asset and every social media creator’s path to success.
Glewee for Brands

Accelerate your Brand Awareness

With a New Marketing Channel

Let’s talk about the problems that social media marketers and influencer marketing managers face in the industry. Finding the right Creator(s) for each campaign is difficult. Communication via email and DM is tough to manage. Payments and W9 forms are difficult without structure. And most of all, it’s hard to deploy Creators on social media.

Now let’s look at how things are done on Glewee. Imagine you’ve just launched a campaign in minutes on Glewee’s platform for your e-commerce business. In real-time you’ll see Creators that match your branded campaign based on gender, age, category, and minimum follower count will apply to work with you. Seriously, within minutes Creators will start applying to be your next Brand Advocates! From there you can chat and communicate with them in-app. Campaign agreements are done with ease on Glewee so you don’t need to worry about additional paperwork. Then, Creators will create the content and submit it for approval in app. Once you’ve approved it, they’ll publish it live and submit the live link to that content onto Glewee. We’ll track all of the data and display it back on the dashboard for you.

With 4,000+ Creators that have been pre-vetted and accepted onto Glewee, there’s a Creator Team for every product or service. Don’t waste time scrolling through expensive databases and sending email pitches in bulk to “influencers” on a CSV list. Launch a campaign on Glewee. Find the right fit Creators. Accelerate your brand awareness like never before.

And if you have any questions through the process just reach out, we’re more than happy to help you every step of the way. There is nothing our team enjoys more than launching and executing campaigns!

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From established lifestyle brands to e-commerce startups – you’re in good company!
Glewee for Creators

Take Control Of Your Social Media Career

And start monetizing your platforms!

Let me paint the picture for you: our team was living in Los Angeles working in the influencer marketing space watching everyone around us grow to the millions on IG and YouTube. But, Creators with hundreds of thousands of followers weren’t easily able to find out how to monetize their platforms. We said “Ok, we need to help get them more brand deals”. But, then we started to see other problems such as lack of organization, inability to track their success metrics, and lack of opportunity to build relationships with prospective brands.

We saw pain point after pain point, and we were living in the middle of it all. It was hard to find brand deals via email + DM, and even harder to get paid for them due to the Net-60 and Net-90 contracts.
A year and a half of development later and here we are with Glewee: the first application-based platform that connects Brands and Creators in real time to cultivate authentic relationships.

Glewee is By Creators, For Creators. We’re here to continue building a tool for the every-day content creator that is looking to monetize their following and make social media their full time career path. Our roadmap is extensive and we’re so excited to share the amazing features we’re working on that are going to enhance the Glewee experience one user at a time.

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As a brand the opportunities to deploy content across a multitude of social media platforms is endless.


  • Creator Static Image 
  • Creator Carousel Post 
  • Add Branded Tags To Posts
  • Utilize Branded Hashtags
  • Story Photo 
  • Story Video (15s) 
  • Link Tag 
  • Add Branded Tags to Story 
  • Utilize Branded Hashtags 
  • 15 Second Reels 
  • 30 Second Reels 
  • 60 Second Reels
  • Have your unique link in a Creator’s IG Bio! 


  • Feed Video (15, 30, 60s) 
  • Utilize Branded Hashtags 
  • Add Branded Tags to Caption 
  • Use specific sounds to follow trends
  • Have a Creator duet your Brand’s TikTok video. 
  • Have your unique link in a Creator’s TikTok Bio and be the first thing someone sees when they go to that Creator’s profile!


  • Full video dedicated to your product / service 
  • You can supply the script or give the Creator the creative freedom!
  • Incorporate your brand into the everyday life of Creators through dedicated videos  
  • Want to sprinkle in a 15, 30, 60 second shoutout into the beginning of a Creator’s video?
  • Looking for conversions? Add your unique link in the description of a Creator’s video for them to direct their viewers to visit once they’ve finished watching the video!


  • Add Branded Tag to Tweet 
  • Add Unique Hashtag to Tweet 
  • Deploy Creator To Tweet Your Imagery / Video 
  • Have a Creator retweet your Branded Tweet 
  • Have a Creator quote tweet your tweet 
  • Write the quote tweet for them or leave the creativity to the Creator 


  • Creator Static Image 
  • Creator Carousel Post 
  • Add Branded Tags To Posts
  • Utilize Branded Hashtags 
  • Add unique link to post 
  • Story Photo 
  • Story Video 
  • Link Tag (Formerly Swipe-Up Link) 
  • Add Branded Tags to Story 
  • Utilize Branded Hashtags

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