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Are you an advertising, marketing or PR agency looking to elevate your influencer marketing campaigns and get some hours back in your day? Look no further! Partner with us, the fastest-growing influencer marketing platform and take your strategies to new heights. Try Glewee today—for free.

Influencer Marketing Solution for Agencies

Welcome to Glewee, the comprehensive influencer marketing and Creator solution tailor-made for advertising and PR agencies. With Glewee, effortlessly discover influencers for each client’s campaign, enjoy streamlined campaign management, leverage data-driven insights for superior outcomes, and access advanced reporting tools. Join the league of over 1,000 distinguished Brands and agencies who have chosen Glewee to drive their content-powered success.

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Connect with Authenticated Influencers for Hire


Form Real Relationships in Real Time

Make Data-Driven Decisions

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Boost Your Team's Efficiency with a Platform

Give your team back hours to their day with Glewee’s comprehensive influencer marketing solution. Glewee’s cutting-edge technology will empower your team to excel in influencer campaigns with just a few clicks.

Create top-notch briefs effortlessly using intelligent tools. Say goodbye to manual tasks and never miss a deadline with our automated reminders. Glewee elevates your team’s influencer marketing, ensuring unparalleled success.

Unlock Insights

Glewee’s Guide to Creator Marketing

Seamless Influencer and Creator Identification for Your Agency

Discover the power of Glewee’s dedicated marketplace and explore our extensive Creator community. Here, you can effortlessly connect with influencers who bring value to your client’s campaigns. Glewee’s intuitive filters will narrow your search based on price, location, follower count, industry relevance, and audience insights, ensuring you find the perfect Creator for your client’s project.

Find Influencers for Your Clients in Five Minutes

Join Glewee to discover pre-vetted Creators, manage end-to-end campaigns, and engage your target audience with content.

Your Path to
Reliable Influencer

At Glewee, we uphold the highest standards in influencer selection, ensuring your agency partners with the best. With a rigorous vetting process, our acceptance rate stands at a mere 28%. We meticulously evaluate applicants, considering factors such as follower count, engagement metrics, and professional competence to safeguard the authenticity of your Brand collaborations. As pioneers in influencer marketing, we foster an ecosystem where Creators thrive and Brands excel.

Engage audiences with content created to drive sales and convert. Work with industry leading Creators. Lead the way with Glewee.

Effortless Campaign Customization

Craft tailored campaigns effortlessly for your clients through a streamlined four-step process: compose your brief, choose content type, specify Creator criteria, and launch. Glewee’s simplified approach maximizes outcomes and supercharges your agency’s efficiency.

Create Customizable campaign
Collaborate With Qualified Creators

Collaborate with
Pre-Vetted Influencers

Upon publishing your campaign, Creators who meet your criteria will apply. Review their profiles, chat one-on-one, and approve content—all in one platform.

Client Reporting
Fast and Easy

Glewee’s powerful tool for advertising and PR agencies to track campaign performance and social media metrics effortlessly will make your client’s reporting easier and faster than ever. Glewee’s interactive dashboard provides real-time performance data, enabling you to analyze and export insights without the need for spreadsheets.

Track Success using Interactive Dashboard
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Store, Download, and Repurpose Content

Creator-generated content is automatically stored and categorized in your content library. Find what you need when you need it, download content, and repurpose it across your marketing channels and social media pages.

Engage Directly with Built-in Brand and Creator Chat

Ditch the traditional email and DM exchanges. With Glewee’s Brand and Creator Chat, advertising and PR agencies can now communicate directly with Creators. This real-time messaging platform offers secure file sharing and keeps you connected, organized and in the workflow. You never need to leave the platform.

An Instant Influencer Marketing Upgrade

Real Connections with Creators

Build authenticity, not emails. Chat one-on-one with your client’s Creators throughout campaigns.

Optimize Campaigns

Launch limitless client campaigns, orchestrate cross-platform sponsorships, and harness user-generated content for powerful results, all accessible with a single login.

Secure Solutions

Easily generate legal agreements, process payments using Stripe, and let Glewee handle tax forms for Creators. It’s a hassle-free solution to ensure smooth collaboration for your clients.

Client Content Control

Your clients maintain ownership of their content. Glewee enables agencies to enforce Brand guidelines, collaborate with preferred Creators, and effectively leverage your clients’ acquired content. Clients and agencies can also approve content before launch and throughout campaigns with the click of a button.

Workflow Optimization

Centralize content, contracts, and calendars. Automate the busy work and streamline workflow with Glewee.

Client Campaign Assessment

Glewee’s reporting capabilities enable you to discover trends, assess your client’s campaign performance, and inform future strategies with just a click of a button.

Glewee’s founders were awarded Forbes 30 Under 30: Marketing & Advertising 2023 for being at the forefront of the Creator Economy

Glewee Forbes 30 Under 30

Glewee empowers agencies, reclaiming billable hours and enhancing campaign outcomes. Advertising and PR agencies value Glewee for its adept Influencer marketing campaign management. Glewee provides holistic solutions, data-driven insights and industry leadership, enhancing agencies’ ability to engage audiences effectively and meet client objectives.

Glewee prioritizes Influencer marketing transparency for agencies by adhering to regulatory guidelines, offering robust tools for tracking and reporting and implementing a stringent Influencer vetting process. This comprehensive approach ensures agencies have clear insights into Influencer campaigns, fostering trust and compliance with industry standards.

Glewee simplifies Influencer marketing for agencies by providing an intuitive platform that streamlines every aspect of campaign management. From Influencer discovery and vetting to performance tracking and reporting, Glewee offers a user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools. This simplicity allows agencies to efficiently navigate the complexities of Influencer marketing, saving time and resources while achieving impactful results for their clients.

You can join Glewee as a Brand by creating a free account through our website or by visiting this link. If you would like to join one of our paid tiers or book a demo first, those options are also available to you. We recommend starting with Starter so you can get a feel for the platform and launch unlimited campaigns with as many Creators as you like for as long as you like.

Influencer marketing campaigns generate conversions, awareness, and/or content. Partnering with influencers on social media can enhance Brand visibility, increase engagement, and yield viral content that sells products quickly. It can also produce authentic content for your Brand that can be repurposed across your marketing channels.

Glewee assists agencies in scaling and predicting results by providing valuable Audience Insights. This tool offers an overview of an Influencer’s audience demographics, aiding agencies in selecting the most suitable Influencers aligned with their client’s target market and Brand personality. By leveraging these insights, agencies can make data-driven decisions, ensuring effective Influencer partnerships that maximize campaign success. Glewee’s Audience Insights empowers agencies to scale Influencer marketing efforts while accurately predicting outcomes for their clients.

Glewee is free to join and use, allowing you to launch unlimited campaigns with an unlimited number of Creators, without any monthly fees. For greater access to the influencer marketing platform for Brands, you can subscribe to one of our paid tiers or explore our offerings here.

Glewee’s automation streamlines Influencer marketing for agencies by simplifying key tasks. It enables agencies to automate campaign management, from Influencer selection to tracking and scaling. This saves time and resources while ensuring efficient execution of Influencer marketing campaigns. Additionally, Glewee’s automation provides valuable insights through audience data, helping agencies craft more personalized and targeted campaigns for improved engagement. Overall, Glewee’s automation enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of Influencer marketing strategies for agencies, ultimately leading to better campaign results.

Yes, Glewee’s Agency provides comprehensive Influencer marketing services for advertising and PR agencies. If your agency wants Glewee’s Agency to create, launch and manage targeted Influencer campaigns, please schedule a demo with our dedicated Agency team here.

Advertising and PR agencies can easily join Glewee at no cost and launch unlimited campaigns with an unlimited pool of Creators without monthly platform fees. However, for those seeking enhanced capabilities, we offer enterprise-level accounts. These premium accounts provide comprehensive access to every Glewee tool, including advanced reporting, analytics and audience insights. Glewee’s enterprise-level ensures agencies can maximize their Influencer marketing efforts effectively. To join, simply create a free account here.

If you want a live demo to compare the paid and freemium versions, simply complete the Book My Demo form located here.

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Glewee's Guide to Creator Marketing

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Getting Paid

Manage payments through your Glewee Wallet.

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