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Frequently Asked Questions

Glewee for Creators is an all-in-one collaboration platform where Creators find, land, and manage paid Brand deals. Creators use Glewee to connect with Brands directly, keep track of paid partnerships, build their portfolio, and monetize user-generated content.

You can join Glewee for Creators by downloading Glewee from the App Store or Google Play and submitting an application through the app. We’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted. To be a content creator for brands, simply apply on our app to get started.

Glewee Creators earn between $5,500 and $52,320 annually from in-app collaborations. On average, they make $459 for every 2 campaigns completed, with top performers earning over $4,360 for the same work.

Yes, you can find and secure paid Brand deals on Glewee. With new Brand deals listed daily, monetization opportunities are endless. Once accepted, you can start monetizing your following by being a content creator for brands and make money for posting on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Yes, you must have a US bank account and Social Security number to join Glewee.

Your manager or agent can use Glewee on your behalf, but the account must be in your name.

You can link your TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter) accounts to Glewee if you meet the 10,000 minimum follower requirement on each platform.

When choosing a content Creator platform, consider your audience, content niche, follower count, and years of experience. You can also look for features on each platform that will help you manage campaigns and monetize content. Lastly, make sure you are joining an opt-in platform so your data is not scraped. Glewee is the top choice for professional Creators and influencers and the only opt-in platform for Creators by Creators.

Creators who qualify for Glewee must have a minimum of 10,000 followers per platform and maintain an engagement rate of 2% on Instagram, 10% on TikTok, and 3% on YouTube.

Glewee is packed with must-have features for Creators. Creators can chat directly with Brands, discover daily Brand deals, build professional portfolios, access their audience insights, stay on track with a dynamic content calendar, sign in-app agreements, manage campaigns with smart tools, and get paid through their Glewee Wallet.

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Customizable Campaigns

Build, run, and manage campaigns.

Creator Marketplace

Discover pre-vetted Creators.

Brand and Creator Chat​

Contact Creators in real time.

User-Generated Content​

Commission tailor-made UGC.

Performance Metrics​

Measure, track, and evaluate campaign success.

Content Library ​

Store your content in one place.

For Brands

Scale your influencer marketing program with Glewee’s end-to-end platform.

For Creators

Monetize your social media following with Glewee’s intuitive mobile app.

For Agencies

Work with influencers for all your clients, all in one platform.


Getting Started

Launch your account to launch campaigns.

Launching Campaigns

Build campaigns in four easy steps.

Reviewing Performance

Track campaign performance & measure success.

Approving Content

Review drafts, request revisions, and approve for posting.

Paying Creators

Handle payments

Managing Creators

Discover your Creator team and collaborate in real time.


Getting Started

Become a Glewee Creator, authenticate your socials.

Finding Campaigns

Discover Brand deals from your phone.

Creating Content

Meet deliverables, follow guidelines, and get inspired.

Posting Content

Promote your favorite Brands across social media.

Getting Paid

Manage payments through your Glewee Wallet.

Adding Portfolio Content

Show your best work and tell Brands what you do best.



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