How to Calculate Engagement Rate on TikTok


How do you show your impact on social media?

With solid data that proves your real impact.

Calculating engagement rates on TikTok gives you factual evidence of how well your content performs. It’s one of the first things a potential partner will want to see.

Your TikTok engagement rate speaks for you. It shows how compelling your content is and whether you can deliver value for yourself or any brand you collaborate with.

In this article, I’ll tell you exactly how to calculate your TikTok engagement rate and share six proven ways to improve it.

What Is TikTok Engagement Rate?

TikTok engagement rate shows user engagement with your TikTok videos. It measures how many users interact with your videos through likes, comments, and shares.

Simply put, it measures the quality of interactions NOT just the quantity of views.

Importance of TikTok Engagement Rate?

Your TikTok engagement rate is evidence of your success. It helps to:

  • Show how well your content resonates with your target audience.
  • Reveal topics your audience loves.
  • Create more content that sticks.
  • Distinguish yourself from fake influencers.
  • Attract viable sponsorships.
  • Negotiate better terms and justify better rates.

All in all, the engagement rate is a strong sign of any influencer’s ROI. High engagement tells brands that you know how to promote products and connect with your audience.

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TikTok Average Engagement Rate

Where every brand and influencer has their engagement rate, each social media platform also has its engagement rate and for TikTok, it’s called the TikTok Average Engagement rate. This represents the average engagement on TikTok across many creators, not just one.

According to the Social Media Industry Benchmarks report (2024), TikTok leads the pack of social media platforms with an average engagement rate of 2.65%. Instagram’s engagement rate follows behind at 0.70%, Facebook at 0.15% while Twitter ranks last with an average engagement rate of just 0.05%.

Tok has the highest ave

The reason TikTok has the highest average engagement rate is because of its short-form, personalized content tailored by a powerful algorithm. Viral trends, challenges, and music integration drive users to interact.

Plus, with a younger, highly active audience and a thriving influencer network, content on TikTok consistently garners more likes, shares, and comments than other social media platforms.

  • Niche focus—more specialized content often sees higher engagement due to its dedicated audience. For example,
  • Audience size—smaller accounts are very niche-focused so they usually have higher engagement, content quality, and relevance.

How To Calculate TikTok Engagement Rate? Formula & Tips

It’s simple! Divide the number of likes, comments, and shares by the total views or followers, multiply that by 100, and that’s it, you have your engagement rate.

TikTok Engagment rate formula

It’s important to know that each niche has different engagement rate benchmarks because of varying audience behavior, preferences, and content styles.

For example, fitness industry engagement rates are usually higher because more viewers actively seek workout routines, diet advice, and motivation, and interact more with relevant posts. This is why fitness influencers enjoy higher engagement rates: their content directly appeals to an audience within this industry

So, to know where you stand, it’s important to assess your data in the right context. Compare your engagement rates with your industry’s benchmarks. This lets you see if your performance is above, at, or below average.

Now a little bit more about how engagement rates are calculated.

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Calculate TikTok engagement rates using formulas or calculators.

The most agreed upon way to calculate TikTok engagement rate is by taking the sum of interactions (likes, comments, shares, and saves), dividing by the number of video views, and then multiplying by 100 just like we’ve done above.

For a clearer and bigger picture of your performance over time, calculate your average engagement across multiple posts to understand how your audience interacts with your profile overall.

To do this, just sum up the engagements of your last 20 or so posts, divide them by the total views of these posts, and then multiply by 100 to get the average rate.

How to calculate TikTok engagement rates yourself?

Easily calculate your engagement rate using the following methods:

  • Do it manually.

    • Go to your profile to check your follower count.
    • Open any video to see its likes, comments, and shares.
    • Add the total likes, comments, and shares for the video and divide by your follower count(or views), then multiply by 100.
  • Upgrade to Business Account.

    • Switch to a free business account to access detailed analytics.
  • Use Creator Tools.

    • Go to the Analytics section to see engagement data, video views, and follower counts in one place.
    • Review charts and stats for specific date ranges and other metrics.

You can also calculate TikTok engagement rates using dedicated TikTok engagement calculators. These calculators provide deeper insights into your performance trends and optimal posting times.

If you’re not happy with your engagement rate and want a happy change, read on.

6 Tactics to Improve Your Engagement Rate on TikTok

Here are some ways to get those engagement rates up the roof.

1. Join Glewee

Glewee Audience Insights gives you a clear understanding of who your audience is. This allows you to create targeted content that taps into specific emotions and helps you better connect with your followers.

Glewee Review

Join Glewee today and boost your engagement.

2. Engage

Initiate engagement and become an active part of your community to encourage it. Reply to comments on your videos, and support other creators by liking, commenting, and sharing their content.

Create content that stirs engagement, hold a Q&A session about a product you’re promoting, or start a challenge that invites viewers to share their personal experiences.

3. Be trendy

Keep up with trending challenges that match your brand. People often search for the latest trends, so participating in them makes your content more discoverable.

4. Be relatable

When you share relatable stories, you connect with your audience on a personal level.

Share compelling stories that intrigue your viewers, like relatable comedy skits, heartfelt moments, or inspiring personal transformation to stir emotions.

5. Partner up and create

Collaborate with other creators using TikTok’s Duo and Collage tools. This way, you tap into new audiences, build relationships with other influencers, and leverage their credibility and trust.

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6. Inspire

Some videos are just too good to ignore. Whether it’s excitement or curiosity, make videos that motivate your viewers to comment, share, or respond. Fun, creative content captures attention and prompts people to engage.


Firstly, calculating engagement rates is simpler than you think. Use the methods we’ve outlined or an engagement rate calculator to see where you stand.

Secondly, understanding your TikTok engagement rate allows you to show your impact and credibility. By prioritizing quality interaction overviews, you gain valuable insights into your content performance and are empowered to create campaigns that resonate with your audience. Follow our tips to boost your TikTok engagement rate and build lasting partnerships—with both your followers and other businesses.

Join Glewee for free, gain insights into your audience, and start boosting your engagement rate today.

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