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Work directly with our team of industry experts to craft, launch, and execute a multi-channel influencer marketing campaign that returns. Custom campaign budgets starting at $10,000 required when contracting creators through our key-turn method.

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"I use Glewee for all my influencer marketing needs."

Voglia Swimwear collaborated with 100+ influencers through Glewee's creator management platform.

Ashley- Victoria Smith

Foundrer of Voglia Swimwear

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Frequently asked questions

Influencer marketing has come to define authentic advertisement. Brands leverage creator influence—big or small—to raise awareness, drive sales, gain credibility, and scale their business through the honest endorsement of products or services. When a brand partners with a creator, it is the most authentic and intimate way they can relate to consumers.

Influencer marketing software is any set of tools that enables a brand to manage influencer marketing and creator collaborations. As the #1 influencer marketing platform, Glewee provides Brands and Creators with the tools they need to execute campaigns from start to finish.

Influencer marketing software streamlines workflow and drives the largest ROI. It is the default method for sourcing content and content creators on social media. It has replaced manual modes of operation within the influencer marketing space. By offering an intuitive in-app process, Glewee uses technology to facilitate Brand and Creator relationship success.

Not only is Glewee the best influencer marketing software—it is the easiest, fastest, and most authentic. Brands discover content Creators for hire on our pre-vetted, opt-in influencer network and use our software to manage campaigns. It is an effortless way to get the greatest ROI from your influencer marketing efforts. Experience Glewee firsthand to learn why it ranks #1 for everyone.

Glewee is the #1 all-in-one influencer marketing platform. Use Glewee to minimize your creator marketing workload and maximize your campaign results. As the only Gen Z-led platform, we provide the fastest, easiest, and most authentic creator management software. We are valued for our exclusive opt-in network of pre-vetted Creators, intuitive tools, and educational resources.

Brands identify social media influencers with creator marketing platforms like Glewee. Glewee uses an opt-in network to host influencers pre-vetted by us and authenticated by Meta, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. This makes Glewee the most reliable way to filter and find influencers for your brand. Our exclusive Creator Marketplace is trusted and used by Brands and Creators in every niche.

Create influencer marketing strategies with Glewee. Use our guided in-app process to execute full-circle campaigns. Build, launch, and manage campaigns without leaving Glewee. By streamlining the campaign process, Glewee optimizes your influencer marketing strategy.

While there are many tools to track influencer marketing campaigns, the most effective method is through an influencer marketing platform like Glewee. We provide an interactive dashboard to visualize metrics, analyze campaign success, and download reports. Glewee enables Brands and Creators to measure performance in real time and identify top performers.

Glewee is free for Creators to use, but they must opt in and be authenticated to gain access. Glewee offers a variety of tiered pricing for brands that run from Starter to Custom. To determine the best plan for your team, book a demo today.

Glewee is the best influencer marketing platform for reaching your influencer marketing goals, experiencing the benefits of influencer marketing, capitalizing on influencer marketing trends, and getting the most influencer marketing ROI. As the preferred advertising platform for paid influencer marketing, Glewee sets itself apart by being the only opt-in network for Creators by Creators. Featuring micro, mid-tier, macro, and mega influencers in every niche, Glewee’s Marketplace offers an unrivaled range of content creators for hire.

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