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Welcome to Glewee. You’ve arrived at the intersection of content and commerce. Make a lasting impression on your audience with intelligent influencer marketing. Discover why 1,000+ Brands and Agencies choose Glewee:

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Start with our end-to-end influencer marketing solution. Build best-in-class briefs with smart tools. Automate tasks and reminders. Elevate your team’s influencer marketing and social media strategy with Glewee.

Unlock Insights

Glewee’s Guide to Creator Marketing

Start Collaborating with Creators

Tap into our exclusive marketplace, explore Glewee’s vast Creator community, and hire influencers. Focus your findings with filters for price, location, follower count, industry, and audience insights. Engage with industry leaders without any stress. Showcase your brand with social media stars.

Launch Your Influencer
Campaign Today

Join Glewee to discover pre-vetted Creators, manage end-to-end campaigns, and engage your target audience with content.

Pre-Vetted Influencers

Glewee only accepts the best influencers who drive engagement. Out of the thousands of influencer applications we vet, our acceptance rate is just 28%. We screen applicants based on follower count, engagement metrics, and professional competence to guarantee the authenticity of your Brand partnerships. As influencer marketing innovators, we provide an ecosystem within which Creators earn and Brands return.

Engage your audience with content created to drive sales. Go viral with social media leaders. Lead the way with Glewee.

Create Customizable Campaigns

Build campaigns in four fast steps: write your brief, select your content type, outline Creator eligibility, and launch. By simplifying the process, you amplify results and boost your team’s productivity.

Create Customizable campaign
Collaborate With Qualified Creators

Collaborate with
Qualified Creators

Upon publishing your campaign, Creators who meet your criteria will apply. Review their profiles, chat one-on-one, and approve content—all in one platform.

Track Success through Your Interactive Dashboard

Monitor campaigns and your social media stats through an interactive dashboard. With real-time performance metrics, you can evaluate and export data without ever using a spreadsheet.

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Store, Download, and Repurpose Content

Creator-generated content is automatically stored and categorized in your content library. Find what you need when you need it, download content, and repurpose it across your marketing channels and social media pages.

Chat One-on-One with Creators

Skip the emails and DMs—connect directly using Brand and Creator Chat. Optimized for real-time messaging and secure file sharing, Brand and Creator Chat keeps you in touch, on track, and in flow.

An Instant Influencer Marketing Upgrade

Authentic Connections with Creators

Keep it real by forming authentic connections with Creators. Send warm hellos, not cold emails. Chat throughout the campaign process.

Better Together​

Launch unlimited campaigns. Coordinate cross-platform sponsorships. Get user-generated content.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Generate agreements. Process payments with Stripe. Let Glewee handle tax forms for Creators.

Own Your Content

Ensure posts meet your Brand guidelines. Advertise with your favorite Creators. Download and utilize your newly acquired content.

Lighten Your Workload

Centralize content, contracts, and calendars. Automate the busy work. Streamline workflow.

Go Behind the Scenes

Identify trends and top performers. Evaluate impact. Gain insights for future campaigns.

Glewee’s founders were awarded Forbes 30 Under 30: Marketing & Advertising 2023 for being at the forefront of the Creator Economy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brand influencer marketing is a social media marketing strategy that promotes your products or services through partnerships with influencers. It is an effective way to reach your target audience, generate authentic content, and drive conversions.

An influencer marketing platform is a software solution that connects Brands with Creators for streamlined, real-time collaboration. Brands use influencer marketing platforms to identify influencers, launch campaigns, manage partnerships, and measure performance. Glewee is the leading influencer marketing platform for Agencies, Brands, and Creators.

Yes, Brands benefit tremendously from working with influencers. Brands work with influencers to gain authentic access to an already engaged audience, drive conversions, and boost Brand awareness. When an influencer endorses a product or service, they foster Brand credibility through social proof and word-of-mouth marketing.

You can join Glewee as a Brand by creating a free account through our website or by visiting this link. If you would like to join one of our paid tiers or book a demo first, those options are also available to you. We recommend starting with Starter so you can get a feel for the platform and launch unlimited campaigns with as many Creators as you like for as long as you like.

Influencer marketing campaigns generate conversions, awareness, and/or content. Partnering with influencers on social media can enhance Brand visibility, increase engagement, and yield viral content that sells products quickly. It can also produce authentic content for your Brand that can be repurposed across your marketing channels.

You can approach influencers through manual methods of outreach such as DMs on social media or emails to their managers. You can also use an influencer platform for Brands that instantly connects you with your ideal influencers. If you use an influencer marketing platform like Glewee, you can chat one-on-one with pre-vetted Creators in real time. Using an influencer marketing platform automates many stages of the process so you don’t have to worry about things like generating agreements and asking for rates or audience demographics.

Glewee is free to join and use, allowing you to launch unlimited campaigns with an unlimited number of Creators, without any monthly fees. For greater access to the influencer marketing platform for Brands, you can subscribe to one of our paid tiers or explore our offerings here.

Yes, small Brands can and should use Glewee. Glewee gives small Brands access to elevated influencer marketing, allows them to launch unlimited campaigns without paying monthly fees, and has countless pre-vetted Creators who fit every category and budget. Glewee’s tiers, tools, and talent make it the ideal influencer marketing platform for Brands, especially small and mid-size ones.

Yes, Glewee’s Agency offers full-service influencer marketing for Brands. If you would like Glewee’s Agency to build, launch, and run targeted campaigns for your Brand, schedule a demo with our Agency team here.

An influencer is a social media personality with influence and a dedicated audience. A Creator is someone who produces original content online. There can be significant overlap between these roles, with many Creators becoming influential figures and many influencers becoming digital Creators. Glewee’s influencer marketing platform for Brands hosts an opt-in network of the industry’s leading influencers and Creators.

Glewee's Guide to Creator Marketing

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Customizable Campaigns

Build, run, and manage campaigns.

Creator Marketplace

Discover pre-vetted Creators.

Brand and Creator Chat​

Contact Creators in real time.

User-Generated Content​

Commission tailor-made UGC.

Performance Metrics​

Measure, track, and evaluate campaign success.

Content Library ​

Store your content in one place.

For Brands

Scale your influencer marketing program with Glewee’s end-to-end platform.

For Creators

Monetize your social media following with Glewee’s intuitive mobile app.

For Agencies

Work with influencers for all your clients, all in one platform.


Getting Started

Launch your account to launch campaigns.

Launching Campaigns

Build campaigns in four easy steps.

Reviewing Performance

Track campaign performance & measure success.

Approving Content

Review drafts, request revisions, and approve for posting.

Paying Creators

Handle payments

Managing Creators

Discover your Creator team and collaborate in real time.


Getting Started

Become a Glewee Creator, authenticate your socials.

Finding Campaigns

Discover Brand deals from your phone.

Creating Content

Meet deliverables, follow guidelines, and get inspired.

Posting Content

Promote your favorite Brands across social media.

Getting Paid

Manage payments through your Glewee Wallet.

Adding Portfolio Content

Show your best work and tell Brands what you do best.



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