Best Influencer Tools To Find Lookalike Influencers


Once you have a successful partnership with an influencer, it’s only smart to collaborate with more similar creators with the same messaging, content, and audience to keep your marketing consistent. This is where lookalike influencers come in.

In this article, I’ll tell you what lookalike influencers are and how to find them to create solid and consistent marketing campaigns.

What are Lookalike Influencers?

Lookalike influencers are smaller creators similar to bigger, well-known influencers in niche, content style, and audience demographics.

Brands partner with lookalike influencers to reach target audiences without spending as much.

For example, suppose you’re a beauty company whose target audience closely matches Kim K’s followers but you simply don’t have the budget to hire her. In that case, you can work with micro-influencers with similar niches and followers to achieve your marketing goals.

These micro-influencers are lookalikes of Kim K! They don’t look like her (physically) but have almost the same kind of followers and work in the same industry as her.

Benefits of Collaborating with Lookalike Influencers

Why work with lookalikes? Here are some benefits of working with lookalike influencers.

1. Come in all forms and sizes

You can easily find a lookalike that suits your budget, style, and messaging from micro to mega-influencers.

2. Connect you with a broader niche audience

Lookalike influencers have similar but different audiences. So partnering with them allows you to tap into a broader demographic, expanding your potential customer base.

3. Boost your credibility and engagement

People often follow influencers who resemble popular creators they admire, building trust and loyalty. So, such endorsements also help to enhance your brand image and strengthen consumer trust.

Plus, lookalike influencers often have smaller but highly engaged audiences. This engagement extends to the appeal of your brand and ensures your messaging is perceived as sincere and reliable.

4. Zero in on the right audience

Because the primary audience of a lookalike influencer closely matches your primary target market, your ad and messages reach customers most likely interested in your products.

This pays off by costing you less, which leads to our next point.

5. Pocket friendly

Smaller influencers charge less than high-profile ones, giving you access to engaged and niche audiences. This allows you to stretch your budget by working with several lookalike influencers for the cost of one major influencer.

6. Simplify scalability

Relying on a few influencers is risky. With lookalike influencers, you spread the risk across multiple influencers and aren’t as affected in case of any issues or if one influencer underperforms.

This allows you to penetrate a larger audience and different market segments with less risk.

How to Find Lookalike Influencers?

Here’s our practical guide to finding lookalike influencers:

1. Check out influencer marketing platforms

Influencer platforms are online marketplaces where you can find a pool of various influencers.

These platforms offer several tools that provide insights like details on follower demographics and search tools to help you find lookalike influencers whose audience and content style closely match your target niche.

2. Dig into social media stats

Social media analytics are a great way to know more about audience demographics.

Start by analyzing the followers of your current influencers to find patterns. Then, use those findings to search for similar influencers.

For Instagram and Twitter use Analytics to identify users who frequently engage with similar content.

On Facebook, use Facebook Audience Insights to explore the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your target audience.

3. Search using trending tags and phrases

Search for popular industry hashtags to find active influencers in your niche. Look at their follower demographics and engagement rates to identify potential lookalike influencers.

You can also use keywords related to your brand or industry to find influencers creating relevant content. Tools like Google Alerts or social listening tools can help track these keywords.

4. See who your competitors are working with

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Look at the influencers your competitors work with and find their doppelgangers.

You can also use tools to scrape data from your competitor’s social media pages to get information on user profiles, posts, comments, and interactions.

5. Tap into Influencer Hubs

Specific influencer databases and marketplaces provide comprehensive audience insights and detailed searches using filters like location, engagement rate, and follower count.

Influencer Marketing Tools to Help You Find Lookalike Influencers

Use top tools and techniques with advanced algorithms and data analytics to find a lookalike.

1. Glewee

Glewee is your all-in-one influencer platform for brands. Find the perfect match, launch unlimited campaigns for free, and manage collaborations effortlessly.

With regular and advanced Audience Insights (available through professional or advanced Glewee accounts), search using filters like Age, Gender, Location, occupation, and more to pinpoint the perfect lookalike influencers.

Glewee's Audience Insight filters refine the search for lookalike influencers

















Glewee features over 10,000 authentic influencers across major industries, rigorously vetting each to ensure they have at least 10,000 followers to prevent fake profiles.

All Glewee influencers are authentic

The best part is getting real-time analytics and managing all campaigns from Glewee’s central dashboard.

Data dashboard on glewee

Simply select your industry, fine-tune your search, and discover pre-vetted lookalikes quickly.

Click to see just how insanely easy it is to launch influencer marketing campaigns on Glewee.

Join Glewee today for access to a vast marketplace and in-depth influencer data.


GRIN’s advanced Influencer Lookalike Tool allows you to discover new influencers who share audience demographics and engagement metrics similar to your current top-performing partners.

This feature, combined with GRIN’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities, enables you to refine your searches based on detailed performance data so you can connect with influencers who not only look similar but also have the potential to achieve similar results​.

3. Aspire

Aspire’s Influencer Search Engine allows you to filter your search based on engagement metrics and audience demographics. This way, you connect with the most suitable influencers for your campaigns.

Their Quickmatch feature offers a fast, swipe-based system to quickly evaluate potential influencers against brand preferences. Aspire’s image search tool— ideal for campaigns aiming for visual consistency—helps you identify influencers with similar aesthetic styles.

4. Influencity

Influencity powerful Discover tool allows you to filter through their vast database of over 200 million profiles across all major platforms. Get precise matches based on audience demographics and brand affinity.

The platform’s Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) system helps you manage and analyze new influencer relationships for seamless integration and ongoing collaboration​.

5. Upfluence

Upfluence’s advanced search capabilities and extensive influencer database make it easy to filter influencers based on specific criteria, like engagement levels and audience demographics.

Further, refine your search using detailed analytics to identify and engage with influencers with similar traits and audience alignment.

Start Working with Lookalike Influencers

Partner with creators who reflect the strengths of your successful collaborations to maintain consistent messaging, content, and audience appeal. This saves money and opens doors to new and targeted markets.

Find your perfect lookalike on Glewee’s influencer database of over 10,000 pre-vetted influencers. Use precise metrics to identify top matches and run multiple campaigns seamlessly from one platform.

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