Micro-Influencers: How to Find Micro-Influencers in 6 Easy Steps


If you’re buying stuff because a micro-influencer recommended it, you’re not alone. They are taking over social media— and for all the right reasons. 80% of marketers are choosing to work with small creators and micro-influencers because of their targeted reach, higher engagement, and niche audience.

You may feel that finding micro-influencers are harder than celebrities or macro-influencers, but that’s not the case. In fact, sometimes they’re right under our noses. Other times they’re just a few simple steps away.

First, let’s cover some basics.

What Is a Micro-Influencer?

As the name implies, a micro-influencer is an influencer on a smaller scale. They have a smaller following than a celebrity or a macro-influencer, but their impact is far from small. Depending on the industry and market, their following ranges between 10,000-50,000 followers.

Micro-influencers specialize in niche content for smaller audiences, delivering exceptionally engaging results for brands. They promote products that align with their own expertise and the specific interests of their niche followers. Because of this, they have a much more dedicated following. Plus, they’re easier to access and more affordable than larger influencers. Let’s discuss these benefits in detail.

Benefits of Micro-Influencer Marketing

They Cost Less.

One of the biggest reasons why brands are working with micro-influencers is “lower costs”. Micro-influencers allow your business to reach a targeted audience at a much lower price. Work with multiple micro-influencers for lesser costs than for a macro-influencer or a celebrity.

Benefits of working with micro-influencers


Let’s look at some general prices. For example on Instagram, posts and videos from micro-influencers cost just over $350 and $555 on average. Whereas stories can cost you under $180.

Such low prices plus highly targeted niches allow you to get a 20% higher conversion rate with microinfluencers.

Brands see a 20% higher conversion rate with micro-influencers


They have direct access to your targeted audience

Big influencers come at a higher cost, yet only a fraction of their followers may align with your ICP. With micro-influencers, you get your money’s (and time’s) worth.

You won’t be wasting your time and resources (like ads and content) on an uninterested audience. Partnering with a micro-influencer, whose audience aligns with your ICP, gives you direct access to your target niche.

They are more relatable.

People often perceive celebrities (who strive to seem perfect) to be far from reality. However, that’s not how they view micro-influencers. Followers perceive them to be regular people with real challenges and life ups and downs, just like them. This is why followers trust micro influencers’ opinions and choices more.

Because micro-influencers share niche interests with their audience, when they produce content, it feels authentic and genuine to their followers.

They have highly dedicated and engaged followers.

Followers of micro-influencers are more dedicated and attentive to the influencer’s social activities. Because of this micro-influencers enjoy stronger connections with their followers.

As micro-influencers have a specific following based on a “mutual interest”, they are able to create more authentic and relatable content. Their content resonates better with their niche. This is why they see a 60% higher engagement rate than bigger influencers.

But it’s not a one-way street; micro-influencers also actively engage with their audience. They have conversations with their followers, respond to comments, and foster friendly connections with dedicated fans.

By now you probably can’t wait to start finding micro-influencers. So, we’ve broken down the process into 6 easy steps for you to follow.

Find Micro-Influencers in 7 Easy Steps

Know Your Goals

What do you plan to achieve with your micro-influencer marketing strategy? Awareness, engagement, traffic, sales? Know what the destination looks like for you now, and devise a practical strategy to get there. Your ultimate choice of influencer and content depends on your goals and objectives.

Remember, your goals will change over time. For instance, you might start by aiming to achieve brand awareness, and once you’ve accomplished that, your goal may shift to driving traffic to your website or enhancing conversions.

Know Your Audience

Who are you targeting? What’s your ICP? Knowing your audience will help you find influencers for free who have access to them and whose values align with your brand.

For example, imagine you’re a subscription-based meal kit delivery service, targeting health conscious individuals. Your target market comprises of busy professionals, parents or fitness enthusiasts, aged 25 to 45. Since your ICP is clear, it’ll be easier to identify which influencers already have followers from this market (whose content and values resonate with your brand).

Start Your Research

There are three ways to do this and they’re free.

The first is to search Instagram using hashtags or keywords and use search filters to sift through influencer accounts. For example, if you’re a skincare company use hashtags like #skincare or #beautyblogger or type in a keyword like “skin care”. Select the tab “accounts” to see accounts of people who post stuff related to skin care. You’ll see many accounts promoting skincare products. Scroll through the search results and analyze different influencers.

Searching for micro-influencers on IG

The second is to search through your own followers. Some micro-influencers may be following your brand’s social media page or may have already mentioned your product on their social media page.

The third way is to partner with an agency that is collaborating with micro-influencers. Most agencies have a variety of pre-vetted influencers on their panel, like Glewee. We screen influencers on follower count, engagement metrics, and professional competence to guarantee the authenticity of partnerships.

Short-list influencers who align with your brand, its values, your content, your product and your audience. Make a list of suitable influencers to reach out to. But don’t start pitching just yet. Formulate a proper strategy to ensure maximum success. The good news is micro-influencers take up 91% of the influencer market, so you have plenty of options to work with.

Use Search Tools

Using paid tools is another great way of finding micro-influencers. Tools have advanced search filters that allow you to narrow down your search based on criteria like location, niche, follower count, engagement rate, and more. Some tools also maintain extensive databases of influencers across various social media platforms.

Tools provide you with insights (like audience demographics and interests) so you can make a well-informed decision. Use them to analyze an influencer content and see if it aligns with your values and messaging. Many tools facilitate contact and outreach to potential micro-influencers, streamlining the communication and collaboration process. Use Glewee tools to find the right influencers for your brand.

Know What Content You Want to Promote

Do you want to promote your products using carousels, tutorials, reels, product reviews, unboxing videos, or something else?

The possibilities are endless. Choose one or a combination. Use A/B testing to see what works best. Discuss your content ideas with your micro-influencer. After all, they’re the ones who’ll be co-creating and posting your content on their social media handles.

For example in 2022, Gillette started collaborating with micro-influencers on Youtube to tap into a niche audience passionate about makeup.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Liam Conway (@liamxlondon)

Brands collaborating with micro-influencers

Similarly Lululemon collaborates with micro-influencers to penetrate the “plus size fitness” market. Together they’re building awareness about healthy living styles and positive body images.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Karen (@callherkarenbby)

Get Creative

Once you’ve narrowed down your content strategy, there are many ways to amplify the impact of your micro-influencer marketing. Don’t be afraid to think out-of-the-box while exploring content ideas.

  1. Create branded hashtags to encourage User Generated Content (UGC).
  2. Offer affiliate promo codes to boost sales.
  3. Use influencer whitelisting or sponsored posts.
  4. Have influencers review your products.
  5. Make unboxing videos.
  6. Have your influencer host contests or giveaways.
  7. Share influencer testimonials on your social media pages.
  8. Create Instagram Stories or live streams where influencers discuss your products or services.
  9. Give micro-influencers access to your brand’s social media accounts (for a day) to create and share content related to your brand and product.
  10. Collaborate with micro-influencers on guest blog posts or articles.

Final Thoughts on Finding Micro-Influencers

The benefits of working with micro-influencers make them ideal choices for all types of brands—big or small. Use the right combination of influencers and content to maximize the impact of your campaign. Promote your product with creative content that speaks directly to your audience. Use these simple steps to find micro-influencers in your industry and see the results yourself.

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