Top 10 Food Influencers on Social Media in 2024


Welcome, foodies and culinary enthusiasts, to a delectable journey through the vibrant food world. In today’s blog, we’re unveiling the top 10 food influencers who’ve mastered creating an online culinary haven for all of us to savor.

From small-town cooks to big-city chefs these culinary savants have grown their following using Instagram to show what makes them different from the rest of the crowd. Join me as I uncover what makes these chefs so special!

Who Is a Food Influencer?

A food influencer is an individual who has built a significant following on social media platforms by sharing content related to food, cooking, recipes, restaurants, and culinary experiences. These influencers often showcase their recipes, review food products, share dining experiences, and provide cooking tips and tutorials. Food influencers influence their audience’s food preferences, dining choices, and culinary habits through engaging and visually appealing content. They may collaborate with food brands, restaurants, and culinary businesses to promote products, host events, or create sponsored content. Food influencers play a key role in shaping trends, inspiring food enthusiasts, and fostering communities around shared culinary interests.

Impact of Food Influencers in 2024 on our Eating Choices

Social media influencers wield significant influence in consumer decision-making across global markets. Their expertise, knowledge, and engaging personalities sway consumer attitudes and choices, with food influencers emerging as potent forces on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Through captivating content and recommendations, they shape consumer opinions, inspire trends, and drive demand for various food products. This trend has fueled the rise of influencer marketing within the food and restaurant industry, offering a tailored approach to reaching target audiences.

While food blogging is not a new phenomenon, the advent of social media platforms has elevated its reach and impact. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube provide fertile ground for food influencers to share enticing food photos, recipes, and dining experiences, garnering millions of followers. These influencers influence consumer food choices, leveraging their platforms to create cravings, promote dining establishments, and showcase culinary creativity.

Following food bloggers and culinary personalities on social media offers insights into diverse cuisines, cooking styles, and dining experiences, inspiring audiences to explore new culinary horizons. Food influencers cater to various preferences, ranging from gourmet cuisine to fast food and health-conscious recipes. In today’s dynamic food industry landscape, influencers serve as catalysts for food trends, influencing perceptions of taste, health, and dining preferences.

Whether you’re a brand seeking to leverage influencer partnerships or an enthusiast exploring the vibrant world of food influencers, our food marketing agency provides curated insights and resources to navigate this dynamic landscape effectively.

Who Are the Most Popular Food Influencers on Instagram?

The list below is the top 10 food influencers across Instagram, based on the following and their influence in the industry.

  1. Chef Burak (@cznburak) – 54.5M Followers
  2. Gordon Ramsey (@Gordon Ramsey) – 17.1M Followers
  3. Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) – 10.1M Followers
  4. Betul Tunc (@turkuazkitchen) – 10.1M Followers
  5. Cedric Grolet (@cedricgrolet) – 9.6M Followers
  6. Tieghan Gerard (@halfbakedharvest) – 5.5M Followers
  7. Shipra Khanna (@masterchefshipkhanna) – 5.5M Followers
  8. Martha Stewart (@marthastewart) – 4.3M Followers
  9. Chef Rush (@realchefrush) – 2M Followers
  10. David Chang (@davidchang) – 1.8M Followers

1. Chef Burak – 54.5M Followers

Chef Burak, known as CZN Burak, is a Turkish chef and restauranteur. He’s often referred to as the smiling chef across Instagram where he’s amassed his large following by cooking giant-sized portions of food.

By cooking for and with other top Influencers he quickly became well-known worldwide as one of the most popular chefs.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Burak Özdemir (@cznburak)

2. Gordon Ramsey – 17.1M Followers

Known for his unparalleled expertise and unapologetic passion for perfection, Gordon Ramsay tantalizes taste buds and inspires home cooks worldwide. From Michelin-starred restaurants to captivating television shows, he has solidified his status as a culinary icon.

Unlike many on this list, his influence has transcended the kitchen to Television where he’s garnered most of his fans making him a household name and earning him a spot in the top food influencers on social media.


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A post shared by Gordon Ramsay (@gordongram)

3. Jamie Oliver – 10.1M Followers

Jamie Oliver is a culinary visionary and a force of positive change in the world of food. From cooking on Master Chef to filming his everyday eats Jamie Oliver knows how to make cooking look fun.

His infectious energy and down-to-earth approach, Jamie has revolutionized what it means to be a chef through his cookbooks, TV shows, and charitable endeavors. He continues to inspire millions to embrace cooking and lead healthier lives.


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A post shared by Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver)

4. Betul Tunc – 10.1M Followers

Betul Tunc, a Turkish chef, has been making waves for international women chefs. From her warm personality and her creative flair, she’s garnered attention from food enthusiasts around the globe.

She also bridges cultures, inviting others to explore the diverse tapestry of Anatolian flavors. As a woman, she continues to inspire and delight with her culinary creations for young and older women internationally.


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A post shared by Betul Tunc (@turkuazkitchen)

5. Cedric Grolet – 9.6M Followers

Cedric Grolet is a pastry virtuoso whose creations transcend the boundaries of traditional desserts. From traditional to mesmerizing Cedric continues to redefine the art of pastry-making for aspiring chefs and dessert lovers alike.

With a background in classic French pastry techniques, Cedric’s innovative approach has helped him stand out amongst Creators on Instagram. With his dedicated following and talent in the kitchen, he’ll continue to push the boundaries of what it means to be a pastry chef.


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A post shared by Cedric Grolet (@cedricgrolet)

6. Tieghan Gerard – 5.5M Followers

You may have heard about “Half Baked Harvest”. The brilliant mind and rising star behind it is Tieghan Gerard. From her rustic aesthetic to her inventive recipes Gerard has captured the hearts of food enthusiasts around the globe.

Her infectious enthusiasm and approachable reci[es have allowed her audience to follow along as she dives deeper into the culinary world. From her cookbooks to her social media presence, she continues to inspire home cooks to get creative in the kitchen and embrace the joy of cooking.


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A post shared by Tieghan Gerard (@halfbakedharvest)

7. Shipra Khana – 5.5M Followers

Shipra Khanna, an Indian chef and culinary sensation, has put herself in a class of her own. From winning Master Chef India Season 2 to her fusion of traditional Indian cuisine with modern techniques she’s quickly captivated the world.

With her commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to her craft, Shipra continues to leave a lasting impression on the culinary world. Shipra alone has pushed the boundaries of Indian cuisine proving that it can be both rich in tradition and ripe for innovation.

8. Martha Stewart – 4.3M Followers

Martha Stewart, a household name, has left a mark on the world of lifestyle and cooking. With her keen eye for design, impeccable taste, and unwavering attention to detail, Stewart has become synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

Her empire spans television shows, magazines, cookbooks, and product lines, all infused with her signature style. She inspires millions with her approach to entertaining, home organization, gardening, and crafting.


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A post shared by Martha Stewart (@marthastewart)

9. Chef Rush – 2M Followers

Chef Rush is anything but your typical chef. From being a highly decorated army veteran to a fitness enthusiast and motivational speaker he’s shown you can come from all walks of life and still follow your dreams.

He’s brought his military discipline and passion for health to the kitchen, where he creates nutritious and delicious meals that fuel both body and soul. Chef Rush is making a profound impact on the food and fitness industries, one meal at a time.


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A post shared by albert_cancook (@albert_cancook)

10. David Chang – 1.8M Followers

David Chang, founder of the Momofuku restaurant group, has garnered widespread acclaim for his boundary-pushing cuisine, which fuses Asian flavors with contemporary techniques. David’s impact on Asian cuisine is undeniable as he’s expanded globally advocating for diversity, sustainability, and the importance of mental health among chefs.

With his relentless creativity, bold flavors, and commitment to pushing culinary boundaries, David Chang continues to inspire and captivate food enthusiasts around the world.


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A post shared by Dinner Time Live (@dinnertimelive)

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