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Glewee Essentials Is Here!

Over the past 12 months, our team has been working directly with the 500+ brands and agencies within the Glewee Community to continue creating interactive functionality that will allow for users to maximize their influencer marketing efforts with Glewee. With thousands of active users on the Glewee platforms each day, we have been working diligently to continue creating products and features within Glewee that will allow for marketers to drive the best results possible with their influencer marketing efforts.

From our e-commerce brands like Voglia Swimwear and Simply Magnetic Me all the way to our enterprise users like ABC Mouse and Evian Water, our platform has been designed and engineered for organizations of all sizes with one goal in mind: allow a seamless end-to-end process that facilitates influencer marketing for brands.

Now, all the features that our brands have grown to love on Glewee are packaged into our Glewee Essentials package which is available to all of our brand and agency users starting Thursday, October 27th at 11:00am EST.

Glewee Influencer Marketing For Brands Abilities

Glewee’s Interactive Influencer Data Dashboard

Glewee Interactive Data Dashboard

Glewee’s Interactive Data Dashboard provides deep insights into the key important performance that influencer campaigns generate through Glewee. When working with creators and influencers, the goal is to drive brand awareness and generate a return on investment. Through our strong partnerships with Meta (Facebook + Instagram), TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube – the statistics that are generated through the posts your influencers deploy for you through campaigns are all updated in real time. This real-time analytics tracking allows you to visualize the success of your campaigns all in one single end-to-end dashboard.

What you can track on Glewee’s Interactive Data Dashboard:
  • Total Impressions generated by all of the social media posts your creators have published
  • Total Likes generated by all of the social media posts your creators have published
  • Total Comments generated by all of the social media posts your creators have published
  • The distribution of impressions generated broken down by social media channel
  • How many campaigns you have run on Glewee
  • How many creators you have worked with on Glewee
  • Your average cost per creator engagement
  • Your top performing creators
  • Your top performing posts
  • Your top performing campaigns
Tracking Statistics Over Time:

Track your brand awareness growth through Glewee’s interactive timeline feature by looking at your success over the following time intervals:

  • Last Two Weeks
  • Month to Date
  • Quarter 1
  • Quarter 2
  • Quarter 3
  • Quarter 4
  • Year to Date
  • All Time

Glewee’s Organized Asset Library

Glewee's Organized Asset Library

Glewee’s Organized Asset Library is a feature that has been engineered for brands that are looking to take influencer marketing to the next level and repurpose user generated content (UGC) across the brand’s social media pages. When working with creators on Glewee, brands have the ability to approve all content that creators have made before it is published live. Once a piece of content has been approved by a brand as part of a campaign, it is organized and filed in Glewee’s Asset Library. Within the asset library, brands can browse through their content per campaign or by most recent approved content.

In Glewee’s Asset Library brands can view all of the content, see the approval date and post caption, and easily download the content with one click.

If you are looking to download all of the content that was published in a campaign you can toggle the “Download All” button to create a ZIP file of all of your content that will download to your device.

What to Do with Creator Generated Content:
  • Share on your social media pages in the form of story posts, feed posts, or promoted advertisements
  • Share with your current customers to show them that you are working with industry leading creators
  • Use as material for newsletters or email updates to your customers
  • Use as creative assets for digital ads across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  • Convert into a montage to show new prospective customers what type of people are talking about your brand
  • Repost as brand testimonial content to your website
  • Share with your team internally to show off the new branded content within your organization

Glewee’s In-Depth Campaign Summary & Reporting

Glewee's In-Depth Campaign Summary & Reporting

Glewee’s In-Depth Campaign Summary & Reporting tool is designed to optimize organization and reporting when executing influencer campaigns on Glewee.When working on a campaign on Glewee, brands have the ability to look into the success metrics that their campaigns brought. Whether you are looking for brand awareness in the form of millions of new impressions or a lot of creators to post content using a specific #hashtag on social – all of your metrics are being tracked for you in Glewee’s campaign summary report. At any stage of your campaign, you have the ability to generate a Glewee Campaign PDF Report. Along with the intuitive data tracking capabilities on the campaign summary page that show which social media posts went live on the timeline and their contribution to your overall impression count generation, you can also track the individual spend per creator and their individual success in your campaign.

This generated PDF is made for the “save and share” teamwork that marketers and brand managers have grown to love in the collaborate digital world we live in. You can see everything from your average cost per impression to the estimated content value that was delivered by creators in your Glewee Influencer Campaign.

What You Can Track In Glewee’s Campaign Summary PDF Report
  • Campaign duration from the time of launch to completion
  • The total allocated budget
  • The total budget spent in the campaign
  • The average cost per creator engagement
  • The average cost per impression
  • The average cost per social media post
  • The total likes generated in the campaign
  • The total comments generated in the campaign
  • The total impressions generated in the campaign
  • The total Estimated Content Value of the statistics generated in the campaign
  • Which creators published content to which social media channel and the published date
  • How many impressions, likes, and comments each creator generated on the branded social media content

All of the Benefits of Glewee Essentials

As we continue to create engaging features for our Essentials brand & agency users, our Starter program will be available with limited capabilities for brands just starting their influencer marketing efforts. All of the amazing features on Glewee are all included in the Glewee Essentials package.

Glewee Essentials Pricing Structure

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