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Welcome to Glewee for Creators Version 2

We are excited to share that our new Glewee For Creators iOS + Android application are finally here. Over the past few months, our team has been working diligently to create an application that has an entire new user experience and interface. Our new application is optimized for the everyday creator that comes to Glewee to connect, collaborate, and execute campaigns with new brands.

The process of creating an entire new application has consisted of hundreds of hours of engineering, design, and development. From working with leading creators on the Glewee platform to understanding where the future of the creator economy is going, this is just the beginning of the Glewee App capabilities that are to come.

The official launch is planned for Wednesday, November 9th, 2022. With over 650+ brands in the Glewee community and more joining per day, we look forward to bringing exciting campaigns to the feed throughout the holiday season and all of 2023. When the updated app goes live on the App Store + Google Play Store all you’ll have to do is update your current version of the app and log in.

Why We Wanted to Reinvent Our iOS + Android Apps

It’s time to give our Glewee Creator Community a comprehensive application to connect, collaborate and create content for brands of all types. We’ve developed an all encompassing app to make the Glewee Creator experience a new shine. As we’re a company that is created by creators for creators, we wanted to bring a unique feel to how creators can discover new brand deals, chat and connect with brands, sign contracts in app, and submit content in a unique way.

We’ve been working on additional features such as the ability to craft a personalized video for your portfolio, set your rates easier to be displayed in the marketplace for brands, and chat faster than ever before.

Glewee For Creators App


What Are the New Features Releasing?


Updated Creator Profile/Portfolio

Your “Home” menu is where you edit your Creator Account and personalize the way you’ll appear to brands in the Marketplace. This is where you will be able to customize an updated portfolio consisting of up to 21 different photos. Once you’ve done that, you can authenticate your accounts and begin setting your prices in just a few clicks. As your accounts become authenticated, you will see your total following count accumulate!


We have a lot more to come with creator portfolios and ways in which creators are going to be able to utilize them in creator-to-creator engagements as well as creator-to-all ways (more to come on this in the coming months)

Glewee For Creators Portfolio

Ability to Create Introduction Videos for Brands

Similar to a social story, we’re introducing the ability to create an introduction video that will be incorporated into your Glewee Portfolio. This will allow you to be able to express yourself in ways beyond just still photos in your portfolio. You can do this by going to your portfolio and clicking on your profile photo, similar to how you would view your story on socials.

This is an additional way that creators will have the ability to express themselves to brands. We want to be able to offer our users the ability to fully craft their portfolio in ways far beyond a single tag line and category selection!

Glewee App Introduction Video

An All-New Explore Page to Browse Campaigns

The newly updated “Explore” page is where you can browse all of the active brand campaigns on the Glewee platform. Here, you can click into campaigns and see which ones you qualify for and apply with just a single tap of the word “Apply”. Our new design is meant to allow creators to truly explore all of the different campaigns that are being launched and worked on in the Glewee app and allow you to see them broken down by category type, price, and amount of posts necessary to complete the campaign.


We’ve introduced the “Favorited Campaign” feature which can be found on each and every campaign in the new “Explore” page. Once a campaign has been favorited, you can head to “My Work” and see a list of all of the campaigns you’d like to keep an eye on!

Glewee Creators Explore Page


Organization Reinvented with the Updated “My Work” Tab

The all new “My Work” page is where you will be able to manage the entirety of your campaigns on Glewee. You’ll be able to see which campaigns you’ve been invited to, which are currently active, which have posts ready to be deployed, and those that you have favorited. Here, you will be able to see a full breakdown of the task list associated with each campaign from the moment you sign a contract with a brand to the time in which the campaign funds have been deposited to your Glewee Wallet.

We wanted to create a single location that is meant to maximize your campaign organization from start to finish. As you have multiple campaigns running at a time, this will be your place to keep track of tasks and objectives so that you can ensure you’re submitting your content on time and getting posts live on their due dates!

Glewee Creators My Work Page

Enhanced Communications in “Messages”

The new “Messages” page has an increased level of functionality that will allow you to easily engage with the brands you’re partnering with on Glewee. In the chat tab, you now have the ability to respond directly to individual messages, favorite messages, and see when brands have read your message. The enhanced upload functions will serve as a place to communicate with the brand and let them know you’ve received the products in a campaign, ask questions, and get further direction if needed!

The messages between you and the brand you’re completing a campaign with will be available from the moment you begin engaging with the brand all the way through to the time you’re paid out for the campaign work. We wanted to focus on allowing all of our users to have an open form of communication so that collaborations can go as smoothly as possible – each step of the way.

Glewee Creator To Brand Messaging In App

What Do These Features Solve for You as a Creator?


The updated Glewee Application allows for our users to further express themselves in the creator space. By being able to fully customize portfolios, rates, social media pages, and the categories users most want to work in – we’re giving all of our Creators the ability to really show off who they are. Brands come to Glewee to connect with industry leading creators and we want our new application to reflect our intent to grow the Glewee Community far beyond where we once started this time last year.

Creators who complete the full portfolio and account setup by authenticating accounts, adding unique bios, uploading engaging portfolio photos, and applying to campaigns are the ones who are earning thousands of dollars on Glewee. We hope that our new Glewee For Creators experience allows all of our creators to maximize their ability to be a creator and truly monetize their following.

Continuing, our updated “My Work” screen allows you to manage your campaign content and responsibilities all in one place. This page will be where we expect you to spend most of your time outside of the Explore page so we optimized it to be as user friendly and organized as possible.

Why Is This Important for Brands on Glewee?

Now that our Creator Community has a new and improved app they will have a better opportunity to view, filter and apply to brand’s campaigns. With features such as “Creator Introduction Videos”, brands have more insight into the type of creator they may work with.

Getting to know creators and building authentic relationships with creators is very important for guaranteeing a successful influencer marketing campaign. If you’re looking to learn more about the value of creating an engaging influencer campaign read more here.

How This Ties into Glewee’s Mission

Glewee’s mission is to cultivate authentic relationships between brands and creators through technology and we believe that innovative technology, seamless user experiences, and the ability to express oneself to the maximum potential will allow us to further that mission each day!

We want to take a moment to thank each and every amazing team member here at Glewee that worked to bring our new Glewee App to life as well as all of our incredible users who continue to use our platform and all of the Glewee offerings each and every day!

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