How to Find Your Niche as a Content Creator

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The Importance Of A Creator’s Niche

In 2021 alone, Meta’s Instagram platform had 1.21 billion monthly active users. That makes up over 28% of the world’s internet users. As of January 2022, there were over 1 billion monthly active users on TikTok. So, how do you set yourself apart as a Creator to grow an engaged, authentic audience?

Being a Creator on social media means creating digital content regularly. In 2022, we’ve seen Creators spend most of their time curating short-form video content and static image posts for platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Yet, a variety of factors go into making an everyday social media user a true Creator.

What Is A Content Niche?

A content niche is a specific, focused area that a content creator specializes in, offering a unique perspective that differentiates them from competitors. This niche could cover topics like eco-friendly living, personal finance, or other specialized subjects. For instance, within the personal finance niche, sub-niches might include content on budgeting for college students, investing for beginners, or managing finances after retirement. By targeting these distinct areas, content creators can better cater to a particular audience’s needs and preferences.


Finding what type of content you want to create is unique to each Creator but should be geared to directly engage with an intended audience. To solidify yourself as a Creator in a specific niche, the goal should be to create an authentic relationship with others. Once that is done, metrics to track and grow are post impressions, likes, comments, and reshares.

We’ve studied some of the amazing Creators in the Glewee Community and studied what they’ve been doing best over the past months to solidify their niche in the industry and expand their Creator Marketing efforts. The one similarity they share best is knowing their niche.

Creators start by defining their niche/category and then curating content specifically for users who enjoy content in that niche.

Here are some of the top Creator Content categories:

  • Adventure

  • Acting

  • Artist

  • Beauty

  • Blogger

  • Business

  • Comedy

  • Crypto

  • Culinary

  • Dancing

  • Digital

  • DIY

  • Family

  • Fashion

  • Fitness

  • Lifestyle

  • Life Hacks

  • Graphic Design

  • Home Improvements

  • Makeup

  • Motherhood

  • Music

  • NFT’s

  • Outdoors

  • Photography

  • Pranks

  • Sports

  • Stocks

  • Stunts

  • Travel

  • Vlogs

  • Wellness

Top 5 Content Creators Breakdown:

  • Comedy –


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A post shared by @bradeazy

Image via Bradeazy (Instagram Followers: 244,000 – TikTok Followers: 3,600,000)

How To Find Your Niche As A Content Creator?

Finding your niche as a content creator involves several steps to identify a specific area of focus that aligns with your interests, expertise, and audience preferences. Here’s a structured approach to help you find your niche:


  • Identify Your Passions and Interests: Start by listing topics or activities that genuinely interest you. Consider hobbies, professional skills, or areas you enjoy learning about.
  • Evaluate Your Expertise: Assess your knowledge and experience in different fields. What are you knowledgeable about or skilled in that others might find valuable?
  • Consider Your Unique Perspective: Think about what unique perspective or angle you can bring to content creation. What sets you apart from others in your field?

Market Research

  • Identify Audience Needs: Research potential audiences and their interests. Look for gaps or underserved areas where you can provide value.
  • Analyze Competition: Study other content creators in your potential niches. Identify their strengths, weaknesses, and the content they produce. Look for opportunities to differentiate yourself.

Test and Experiment

  • Create Pilot Content: Develop sample content in different niches you’re considering. This could be blog posts, videos, podcasts, or social media posts.
  • Gather Feedback: Share your pilot content with friends, family, or online communities. Please pay attention to their reactions and gather feedback on what resonates best.

Evaluate and Choose

  • Review Analytics: Use analytics tools (e.g., YouTube Analytics, Google Analytics) to assess the performance of your pilot content. Look at metrics like engagement, views, comments, and shares.
  • Assess Your Passion and Skills: Reflect on which niche aligns best with your passions, skills, and ability to create consistent content.
  • Consider Market Viability: Evaluate each niche’s market potential and profitability. Is there a demand for content in this niche? Are there monetization opportunities?

Commit and Develop

  • Commit to Your Niche: Once you’ve chosen a niche, commit to consistently creating content within that area. Building expertise and authority takes time and dedication.
  • Refine and Adapt: Be open to refining your niche based on audience feedback and market trends. Adapt your content strategy as needed to stay relevant.

Build Your Brand

  • Establish Your Brand Identity: Develop a cohesive brand identity that reflects your niche and resonates with your target audience.
  • Promote Your Content: Promote your content and grow your audience using social media, SEO strategies, collaborations, and networking.

Monitor and Adjust

  • Monitor Performance: Continuously monitor your content’s performance and audience engagement. Adjust your strategy based on what works best.

Example Scenario: Imagine you love photography and are skilled at taking landscape photos. You might start by creating content focused on landscape photography tips and tutorials. After testing the waters, your audience responds particularly well to tutorials on long-exposure night photography. You could then narrow your niche further to specialize in night photography techniques, establishing yourself as an expert in this area.

Finding your niche as a content creator is a dynamic process that involves exploration, experimentation, and adaptation. By focusing on what you’re passionate about, where you excel, and what your audience values, you can carve out a niche that sets you apart in the competitive world of content creation.

Glewee Creator and social media star Bradeazy is a Content Creator who produces comedy skits so his followers can enjoy daily laughs. Brad does a fantastic job creating content and then publishing it on both his TikTok and his Instagram (Feed + Reels) so that he can engage his audiences cross-platform. By talking about a specific comedic-based niche, Brad’s followers know that he is reliable when bringing a smile to their faces every time they encounter one of his posts. Brands enjoy working with Brad because he can incorporate their brand into his skits, videos, and content in an authentic way that doesn’t feel scripted!

  • Lifestyle –


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A post shared by Jack Tenney JoogSquad (@savage)

Image via Savage (Instagram Followers: 689,000 – TikTok Followers: 1,700,000)


The image above illustrates Jack Tenney AKA Joogsquad’s iconic lifestyle. Jack Tenney has become a Creator known around the world for his Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok channels. For many years, Jack has shown his dedication to content creation as he’s traveled around the world creating video content that directly reflects the dare-devil, outgoing, and active lifestyle he lives.

What makes Jack such a good content creator is his posting schedule and always interacting with his followers who he sees as his friends and family. His ability to craft messages that resonate with his audience shows his true intent: engage his audience and grow his lifestyle identity larger than life through social media.

  • Art + Music –

Image via Kenbunny (Instagram Followers: 100,000 – TikTok Followers: 9,057)

Kenbunny is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, guitar, piano, and ukulele Content Creator known for her versatile skill set and ability to craft stories on social media. Kenbunny is always deploying new musical and artistic content to her followers. Kenbunny always shows love to her followers by responding to their comments to make them feel included as if they were right next to her. Her ability to grow as a Creator yet still ensure that her followers know the true Kendra is what grows her immense trust with her audience and keeps her followers engaged with her pages as she’s developed from the micro-creator space to the macro-creator level!

She is a true inspiration in the Creator community and her dedication to social media shines through the content she deploys to her pages as a Creator.

  • Fashion –


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A post shared by Liv (@livnasuta)

Image via Liv (Instagram Followers: 34,400 – TikTok Followers: 24,600)

The image above illustrates Liv Nasuta’s iconic style. Liv is a Content Creator living in New York City that posts fashion-oriented content geared to show off her skillsets and style. Liv has launched the fashion brand Paralía and used social media as her primary way to engage with customers and her audience.

Liv proves that you don’t need to have millions of followers to be a Content Creator, you just need to tell stories that others will enjoy being a part of. Liv has been growing in followers at a very fast rate as she posts content regularly to her Instagram and TikTok pages. By centering her content around the fashion niche, Liv can show off her unique style in a variety of ways from short-form videos to elegant outfit photos that span her Instagram page.

There are no comments on Liv’s personal or brand pages that go unnoticed. Every comment that her followers post on Liv’s pages is engaged with and met with kind responses. This level of engagement is what creates long-lasting authentic relationships between Creators and their core audience, despite follower counts or ‘status’.

  • Family –



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A post shared by Allis 💗 (@allisclare)

Image via Allisclare (Instagram Followers: 20,000)


Allis is one of many amazing family-oriented Creators that have seen great success collaborating with household brands in the Glewee platform. With a social media presence centered around the family niche, Allis shows her followers the authenticity of being a mother and what comes with having a family that participates in social media.

From the products she and her family use to activities they do together, her story is as true as it can be: the life of a family member! With a strong affinity between Allis and her family-oriented followers, she has built degrees of trust with those who follow her. This degree of trust allows for brand partnerships to flourish and excel as well as authentic and relatable content to excel.

When it comes to creating content – there are many roads a Creator can go down. We’ve seen tremendous success with Creators that have found their niche, created engaging content that is tailored to that niche, and continue to grow an authentic audience that is engaged.

If you’re a Creator starting out in the space, spend time learning about your own interests and what you like to post about. From there, further identify your niche and begin to create content that you enjoy and will resonate with your audience. Then, it’s all about consistency!

If you’re a marketer looking to enhance your brand’s Creator Marketing efforts and collaborate with authentic content creators, Glewee’s end-to-end Creator Marketing platform and team are here to give you the tools and tips necessary to succeed.

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