Influencer Marketing for Lifestyle Brands


As a lifestyle Brand, your mission is represented in everything you do. Your Brand supports a mindfully curated way of life, and you’re in search of like-minded consumers who share its values. While finding them may have been challenging, it does not have to be an uphill battle. With influencer marketing, it can be a walk in your favorite park. Let’s explore the many ways your lifestyle Brand can grow through authentic collaborations with Creators in your niche.

Selling a Lifestyle

A lifestyle Brand promotes a way of life, a set of values, and an emotional connection between itself and its customers. The products or services it provides reflect and reinforce the identity of its audience. Packaging a product within a lifestyle enhances its appeal. Nike, for example, has left a positive footprint on the globe by promoting an active lifestyle—not activewear.


@nike #Nike athletes weigh in on #NikeTech colors. How do you feel about these #techfleece ♬ original sound – Nike

By championing a certain lifestyle, Brands can subtly sway the psychology of consumers. Products are positioned as gateways to these idealized lifestyles. Content is used to illustrate the full expanse of the Brand’s universe. When people buy these products or services, they’re also buying into the narrative attached to them.

Therein lies the appeal of influencers to their many, many followers. Influencers sell a lifestyle that’s elevated, yet attainable. Their inherent relatability is what makes them more attractive to consumers than their out-of-reach celebrity counterparts.

When lifestyle Brands and Creators team up, they create content that resonates with their audience in meaningful ways. This content is as aspirational as it is functional, seamlessly marrying emotion and practicality.

Transcending Transactional

Lifestyle is a broad category under which many niches exist. With every lifestyle comes countless Creators who occupy that space. Using influencer marketing for lifestyle Brands allows you to reach consumers where they are—authentically and instantly. Collaborating with Creators puts your Brand before their eager followers. It’s an elevated and believable form of product placement that makes for a very convincing Brand pitch. Influencer marketing allows your Brand to stand out by blending in with regularly consumed content. It’s also an excellent form of social proof that boosts Brand credibility, visibility, and loyalty.

@sofiarichiegraingeSleek lazy girl bun 🫶🏼♬ original sound – Sofia Richie Grainge

Use a Social Strategy

Influencer marketing for lifestyle Brands is a powerful strategy as it taps heavily into people’s identities. An influencer knows their followers better than anyone else and shares aspirational content with them regularly. Their allure stems from their relatability. As such, they give their followers something to strive toward, something they too can achieve.


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Working with Brand-aligned influencers lets you foster an emotional bond with your target audience. Influencer marketing for lifestyle Brands can generate business through relatable, shareable, and aspirational content. Launching campaigns with Creators who represent your ideal customer is ideal for finding and connecting with those customers.

@alixearleWe have A LOT planned this week 👀👏🏻♬ Young Folks – Shindig Society

Show and Tell Your Brand Story

Stories are excellent vehicles for capturing and holding attention. They inspire your audience to take notice and take action. Storytelling is at the soul of lifestyle Brands. Each product is imbued with a narrative that elevates it beyond its primary function. These products become markers of identity, not just purveyors of functionality. Telling your story with influential voices invites others to connect with your Brand through the Creators they’ve come to know and love.

Your Brand story is best told with the best Creators. The ideal Creator for your Brand will depend on your unique goals. These goals can vary based on budget, intended reach, content types, and marketing channels. Once you identify the ideal Creators for your lifestyle promotion, it’s important to hand them the mic. Doing so fosters natural expression and a riveting story delivery.


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Skip Ad Fatigue

Influencer marketing is a superior form of advertisement because it does not feel like a traditional ad. People are not only tired of seeing ads, they go out of their way to avoid them. Exhausted by tireless advertising, consumers will almost always “Skip Ad” when they can. Influencers are regulars on social media feeds and as such provide welcome, not shunned content.

Partnering with popular lifestyle influencers lets you easily connect with a pre-established fanbase. Influencers are sources of inspiration and recommendations for their followers. They endorse Brands organically, and their audience is exceptionally receptive to these endorsements. Working with influencers who feel like an extension of your Brand lets you advertise in ways that feel more natural and cost less than traditional advertising.


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Share Authentic Content

Digital content is versatile and accessible to many at once. The type of content shared online can range from photos and videos to podcasts and blog posts. The best way to reach your target audience is through their favorite influencers and Creators. Brands can advertise with Creators on social media through paid partnerships on relevant platforms.

Often, these partnerships take the form of sponsored posts in which the Creator promotes a Brand to their followers, or user-generated content (UGC). UGC is a particularly fruitful format. If you own the usage rights to a piece of UGC, you can repurpose, reuse, and redistribute it across your marketing channels. UGC can be used to demonstrate how a product is used, show a product in the wild, or provide an unbiased Brand review.


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Lifestyle Campaigns at Glewee

Glewee is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform where Brands and Creators Connect, collaborate, and create. Lifestyle Brands use Glewee to launch campaigns with pre-vetted Creators across social media. The most recent lifestyle campaigns promoted a social app named MonkiC, The Julian Orlando Apartments, supplements by InnoSupps, and Greens & Vegan Protein by BEAM. By working with trending Creators in their niche, each Brand was able to promote its lifestyle and offerings authentically.


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The campaigns generated conversions in the form of sales, engagement, and interest in each Brand. Some commissioned UGC for use across their marketing channels. Others sponsored posts across social media that created buzz and business. Whatever the resulting content was, it effectively demonstrated what each Brand represented, not just sold.

@youcanbeam nothing hits like an afternoon vegan protein shake 🥰 dm us for free samples! @builtbybells ♬ original sound – BEAM be amazing

Collaborating With Glewee Creators

influencers promoting boxed water

Would you like to breathe life into your lifestyle Brand? Glewee would love to help you. Discover qualified Creators for hire, run unlimited campaigns, and measure performance in real time using one end-to-end platform. Ready to unlock your Brand’s full potential? Create your free account today, and create your first customizable campaign in under two minutes. See you on the platform!

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