How to Complete an Influencer Marketing Template

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Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing industries. The basis of influencer marketing features brands selecting a person with a high number of followers and credibility to market their product or service. It’s essential to follow an influencer marketing template.

One of the top reasons influencer marketing will continue to be a hot topic in 2023 is social media users’ loyalty and trust in the influencers they follow. Social media platforms are used by billions of people each day, and with their constant consumption of content, the strength of influencers’ authority, beliefs and validity will continue to lead trends.

The second reason influencer marketing has proved to be such a successful method for brands wanting to increase awareness and growth is the fact that other people are significantly more drawn to products or services recommended by another person that doesn’t have a stake in the success of that business versus when it comeshttps://glewee.com/influencer-marketing-for-brands/ from someone who is essentially singing their praises.

The approaches brands take to execute influencer marketing differ depending on the influencers and the campaign format. Before you embark on an influencer campaign, Glewee, the all-in-one influencer marketing platform, developed a marketing template to help you prepare. As the legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight said, “I don’t believe in luck. I believe in preparation.”

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What Is an Influencer Marketing Template?


Influencer marketing templates are an effective tool used by brands and influencers to prepare and track their influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing templates is essentially your influencer marketing brief – an organizational tool that lays out the campaign’s details, goals and deadlines before it begins. Templates can even be formatted to include details and updates throughout the campaign.

Because monitoring success and staying organized is a significant component of understanding whether a campaign is successful, anyone can benefit from Glewee’s influencer marketing template. Additionally, being prepared and having all the information on hand can make for a great partnership between brands and influencers.


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What Information Should Go in an Influencer Marketing Template?


Although influencer marketing templates vary and will have different content needs, there are some essential pieces of information to include that ensure the influencer marketing campaign starts on the right foot.

Campaign Name and Duration:

When choosing the name of a campaign, being creative and picking something that hasn’t been heard of before is one way to attract influencer participation and influencer collaboration. Creative campaign names also help differentiate your campaign from the competition and can be memorable enough to stick in people’s minds long after the campaign has ended. In addition, it will help them understand the cause, product or service they’re supporting. The campaign’s dates from start to finish must also be included. Be sure you note the dates for the influencer application as well as the posting dates.

Influencer Campaign Category:

The campaign category narrows down the type of influencer brands want to partner with. For example, if the product or service promoted is a protein drink, it might be best to choose sports, fitness, and health and wellness as the categories. Selecting these categories will likely match brands with an influencer whose audience is used to reading about exercise or healthy habits. Influencer categories run the gamut from lifestyle, travel, fashion, food, art, DIY, music, beauty, TV and movies, dance, comedy, gaming, tech, news/culture, family, books and more.

Influencer Campaign Details:

Campaign details can be as long or as short as a brand desire but must include the most critical aspects of the campaign the influencer for your brand must follow. Think of campaign details as the guidelines for participation.

In the campaign details, brands need to create inspiration and a creative brief that provides the purpose, objectives, and requirements behind the campaign to help creators better understand what the brand behind the campaign is looking for.

Influencer Campaign Products/Services:

This section should include any notes about the products, items, or services required to participate in the campaign.

Influencer Campaign Posts:

In this section, brands must clearly state what details must be included in their posts. This is critical, so creators know exactly what the brand is looking for. Post details may include, but are not limited to, the platform brands want to optimize for the campaign (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Etc.), a basic caption they can play around with, hashtags to include, links or other essential pieces of info.

Hashtag Tip:

Brands can create hashtags to help boost a campaign, track it on social media and end up with a trending hashtag everyone is willing to use (think #icebucketchallenge). Trending hashtags could raise awareness among users who wouldn’t necessarily be on the page if it wasn’t for the trending hashtag.

Once a platform has been chosen for the campaign, the following post details can be used and vary based on the social media outlet of choice:

  • For TikTok, brands should determine if they want influencers to make a 15, 30 or 60-second video. Videos of up to three minutes can be posted; however, over one minute is typically considered too long. Then list if any accounts must be tagged, any specific hashtags should be included, or an audio track should be used. Also, include a post title and description if this is something that the brand wants control over.


  • For Instagram, a brand must decide if they want the influencer to post an in-feed image, a reel or an Instagram story. Brands will also need to clarify if there is a specific caption, location, hashtag, or account tagged either on the post or in the caption. Brands may also need to specify how long they want their video content.


  • For YouTube, the brand needs to clarify if they want the influencer to shout out the product in the video, dedicate the entire video to the product or add a link to the description.


  • For Twitter, the brand would need to clarify if they’re looking for a tweet, retweet, quote tweet, video, or image to be posted. Like the other platforms, it should be clear if accounts need to be tagged, if caption details need to be pre-written or approved before publishing and whether hashtags need to be used.


  • For Facebook, determine whether the post should be a photo, video or repost. Also, note to the influencer if any links, tags, or details need to be added to the caption.

Campaign Budget:

Every campaign comes with a budget. To keep track of any monetary expenses, brands should list their total budget for the campaign, which includes the influencer’s payment along with payment for supplies, services or additional costs the influencer would need to purchase to complete their content creation for the campaign. Additionally, if a brand requests the influencer promote their posts, this fee must be included. A brand’s budget may also want to include packing and shipping costs if they’re sending any products to influencers.

Influencer Demographics:

This is where brands filter and fine-tune their audiences to ensure they match with the influencers most beneficial to the campaign. Typical demographic details include:

  • Geographic location
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Age range
  • Follower minimum
  • Follower maximum

Content Review Process:

This is where brands list the amount of time they need to approve the creator’s social media posts before they go live. Brands can also note how much time the influencer has to create content and publish their content after it has been reviewed and approved.

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Other Influencer Marketing Campaign Template Considerations


Whether brands choose to include these influencer marketing template details is determined by the brand. However, the more information provided to creators, the better their chances for success. A few more things brands should consider having in their influencer marketing campaign template when launching a new project include:

  • Contracting – Contracts are an essential part of any partnership. The influencer’s contract should be provided upfront and helps lay out expectations. The contract helps both parties avoid misunderstandings of what is expected from both the brand and the influencer.
  • PaymentInfluencer marketing is growing and expanding every day. To some influencers, content creation is their full-time job. The influencer has likely spent significant time building their following and earning their followers’ loyalty. This makes it necessary to compensate them fairly when partnering with them on a campaign. Brands should be apparent when the influencer will be paid.
  • Influencer Codes – Most influencer marketing campaigns aim to increase overall sales, awareness and consideration and focus on conversions. One way brands can track ROI is through influencer-specific coupon codes. Overall, tracking ROI is how the brand justifies its spending and budget for ongoing or future campaigns.

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Why Glewee’s Influencer Platform Helps Make Campaigns More Successful


When the specifications of the influencer marketing template are determined, now it’s time to plug and play the info into Glewee’s influencer platform. After logging into Glewee and starting a new campaign, the easy walk-through guide allows brands to input content from their template into the system, build out the campaign and create a “listing” that influencers can engage with if they’re interested in applying to participate. Glewee’s platform makes it easy for brands to connect their specific campaigns with the right influencers, providing everything a brand needs to run its campaign effectively. In addition, its ease of use offers brands a unique alternative to executing the entire campaign.

Because brands are always looking for ways to be more efficient with their influencer marketing strategies, Glewee’s platform offers unique benefits. It exists to assist brands in their social media marketing needs by centralizing the campaign template, influencer research and execution all into one platform. In fact, Glewee is one of the only platforms in the industry to offer these services bundled together.

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of using Glewee’s all-in-one influencer platform:

  • Time savings: With an all-in-one platform, brands won’t need to spend time executing their marketing template in-house. Instead, they can use the platform’s existing campaign listing to input initial marketing campaign details, then customize it to fit their needs. This can save hours and allow brands to quickly get a marketing campaign up and running.


  • Cost savings: In addition to saving time, using an all-in-one platform can save brands money by reducing the research aspect of a campaign—no longer will an internal team member need to research influencers to build a list or buy expensive pre-made lists. This can help brands reduce marketing costs and get the most bang for their buck.


  • Better results: When it comes to marketing, results matter most. Luckily, Glewee’s platform can provide better results than stand-alone tools. That’s because Glewee includes everything in one place, is more user-friendly and offers exclusive features. As a result, brands can get the most out of their marketing campaigns and see better results overall.

Glewee allows brands to connect, collaborate, and execute influencer marketing campaigns in one place. While this is a simplified version of how Glewee works, here’s an overall breakdown of how user-friendly the site and iOS app is for brands in need of influencer marketing:

  • Create the Influencer Marketing Template: The most critical aspect of any influencer marketing campaign is establishing its parameters. A campaign needs strict details to understand why it’s happening, the goals and how they can be achieved. Other information can include target audience, social media platforms and the products/services up for promotion. TIP: Before brands complete their influencer marketing template, it helps if the brand knows exactly why they want to work with an influencer. The why can helps establish a brand’s goals and objectives.

  • Start the Brief: After signing up and being approved as an official brand partner with Glewee, companies can input their influencer marketing template content into the creative brief. This builds out the campaign’s details and creates a “listing.”

  • Connect with Influencers: Once the brief is submitted and approved, influencers can request participation in the campaign. Brands will have the option to sort through applications to determine which influencers they want to work with.


  • Signed Agreements: Once influencers are chosen, contracts are managed within the Glewee platform to ensure influencers receive their contracts and companies can manage the agreements they have on file. Contracts are binding agreements that ensure brands receive the content they’ve asked for while agreeing that influencers will be compensated based on specific conditions.

  • Campaign Start: At this time, influencers can submit content for approval. Once it’s given the green light, they can post their content publicly for the world to see on behalf of the brand.


  • Monitoring and Statistics: To establish whether the campaign was successful, Glewee provides brands with statistics and relevant numbers to determine success and the ROI.


The benefits of using an all-in-one influencer platform like Glewee are extensive and offer brands a unique alternative to influencer marketing. While traditional marketing tactics are still considered necessary in the social media landscape, with new improvements making marketing goals easier to achieve, it will undoubtedly revolutionize the way resources are utilized, initiate significant partnerships with influencers and condense the time and money it takes to run a successful campaign.


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