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Meta has announced a new suite of AI features that will slowly trickle into its collection of apps and devices. From AI stickers to an AI studio to AI assistants, Meta has enabled a new era of expression and digital connection and is proceeding with caution. Taking center stage in Meta’s latest release is a cast of characters with relatable personalities and very familiar faces. Meta partnered with a list of famous figures, including Kendall Jenner, Snoop Dogg, and Tom Brady, to bring these AI characters to life. Users on Instagram and Facebook will soon be able to interact with these fully fleshed AI profiles. While Meta’s AI experience is still in beta, here’s what we know so far about Meta’s new AI-powered tools and features.


Co-creating With Friends and AI

Meta's new AI stickers


Meta is harnessing generative technologies to enhance the collaborative and creative experience of its users. It starts small with customizable AI stickers that are generated by text prompts of your choice (within reason and Meta’s guidelines, of course). These stickers can be shared via chat and over Stories on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger.


A gif showing Meta's A--powered image editor


The Meta AI experience then expands to include AI-enabled image editing that lets users retouch, reimagine, and co-create photos. You can edit images with AI by applying visual presets or feeding the AI descriptive prompts.

Similarly, AudioCraft, another Meta AI tool, empowers musicians creatively. Like Meta’s AI image editor, AudioCraft allows users to compose music using text prompts. From creating sound effects to experimenting with songs, AudioCraft is enriching the creative process for musicians and music enthusiasts alike.


May AI Assist You?

A gif showing Meta AI, the assistant chatbot


Simply named Meta AI, this elevated chatbot is available across Meta’s apps and devices, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, and Quest 3. Powered by technology from Meta’s Llama 2 and large language model research, Meta AI interacts with users and provides real-time assistance. Meta AI can even supply users with Bing-backed search results during conversations and create in-chat images based on text prompts from users.


The AI Cast of Cultural Icons

A gif showing the chats with Meta's AI characters


Played by some of pop culture’s biggest players, Meta’s AI characters have stolen the show. Akin to modern-day archetypes, these characters have recognizable personality traits and even more recognizable faces. Meta sought to transcend the robotic nature of AI by partnering with influencers and celebrities. The idea was to give the AI a human touch and a familiar face, encouraging user interaction.

The AI character profiles contain a combination of human and AI content, with many of these famous Creators playing the part by embodying the chatbot. Mark Zuckerberg claimed this new AI experience goes beyond “answering queries” to providing in-platform entertainment for Meta’s users. Designed to capture the attention of younger users, these iconic chatbots provide personalized answers to any questions posed.

Every character has a two-line bio that pitches their personality, and many bios end with the call to action, “Message me to get started.” All profiles contain a “Learn More” link that explains the nature of the AI characters and generative AI. Thus far, there are 28 AI character profiles, with more to be unveiled in the coming weeks.


AI Characters to Watch

Let’s look at some of Meta’s standout AI characters to date. Do you recognize any of them?


Your Sis Billie

Billie, Meta's AI character based on Kendall Jenner

Played by Kendall Jenner



Coco’s Got Moves

Coco, Meta's AI character based on Charlie D'Amelio

Played by Charli D’Amelio



Game on Bru

Bru, Meta's AI character based on Tom Brady

Played by Tom Brady



Comedy Zach

Zach, Meta's AI character based on Mr. Beast

Played by MrBeast



Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master, Meta's AI character based on Snoop Dogg

Played by Snoop Dogg



Amber the Detective

Amber, Meta's AI character based on Paris Hilton

Played by Paris Hilton



Don’t Mess With Luiz

Luiz, Meta's AI character based on Israel Adesanya

Played by Israel Adesanya


AI in the Studio

Meta's new AI features


Slated next in the Meta experiential AI lineup is AI Studio. AI Studio is the same platform Meta uses to develop its AI and will soon be available for use by the general public. This feature allows anyone to develop and deploy AI characters. Brands can use this to communicate with customers through custom AI, and Creators can maintain their virtual presence through AI extensions of themselves. All users have sovereignty over their third-party AI, but it is yet to be seen how much influence AI will have over us. Aware of the latter, Meta is slowly sharing its generative AI features and developing them responsibly.


Partner With Popular Creators IRL

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