Ms Rachel: YouTube’s Fastest Growing Education Teacher

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Infants and toddlers are turning Ms Rachel into an influential internet sensation. With followers from all crawls and walks of life, Ms Rachel is leading the language development of little ones with song and specialized skills. Songs for Littles—Rachel’s YouTube channel—employs a combination of music, speech therapy, and early childhood teaching techniques to encourage speech development in toddlers and babies. She features a diverse cast and sings to a globally diverse audience, including sign language in her videos. With an equally fawning fanbase on TikTok, Ms Rachel is making waves while teaching Littles how to wave, sign, and speak. For those unfamiliar with the channel, meet YouTube’s fastest-growing education teacher, Ms Rachel.

Who is Ms. Rachel?

Rachel Griffin Accurso is known lovingly by fans aged four and under as Ms Rachel. With a master’s degree in music education from New York University, Rachel was a preschool teacher before becoming YouTube singing-teaching sensation Ms Rachel. An award-winning musician, Rachel is married to an equally prominent figure in music, Broadway composer Aron Accurso. The creative partners and parents write music and scripts for Rachel to perform to 3 million subscribers, building a video library with over 1.5 billion views.

When writing this, Ms Rachel’s YouTube page is the 905th highest-ranking YouTube channel in the world, growing an average of 22,000 subscribers per week and averaging over 7.5 million weekly views.

Ms. Rachel Before Youtube

Before her rise to YouTube fame, Ms. Rachel, whose full name is Rachel Griffin Accurso, was a preschool teacher in New York City. Her experience in early childhood education provided a strong foundation for her engaging and educational YouTube content. As a dedicated teacher, she emphasized interactive and hands-on learning experiences.

Ms. Rachel also pursued her passion for music, earning advanced degrees in music education from New York University. This background honed her musical talents and equipped her to create captivating educational songs and activities.

Miss Rachel’s age is 40, and she has kids, which inspires much of her content aimed at helping young children learn and grow. Her journey from the classroom to YouTube was driven by a desire to reach more children and parents. Recognizing the potential of digital platforms to provide valuable educational content, Ms. Rachel launched her YouTube channel, “Songs for Littles – Toddler Learning Videos.”

Her prior teaching experience shaped her content, ensuring it was entertaining and developmentally appropriate. The Ms. Rachel cast includes other talented educators and performers contributing to the channel’s success. This transition allowed her to continue her mission of fostering early childhood education on a larger scale.

Born of Necessity

Rachel’s brand is authentic and arose from a genuine need to aid her son, “As a parent, you want to do anything you can to help them, and it’s not our fault when our child has a speech delay. A lot of things I teach are things I wish I had known for my son,” Rachel told the TODAY show. After failing to find a show that catered to language development in children, she developed Songs for Littles for her little boy Thomas, and the rest is YouTube history.

Ms Rachel for Bigs and Littles

Many children across the internet and the globe have said their first words with the help of Ms Rachel. This has caused some parents to express gratitude and others to laugh at sounds gone awry. TikTok aside, her largest fanbase remains YouTube, with some videos acquiring upwards of 251 million views. Rachel has also become an advocate for parents seeking emotional support. In a voice similar yet lower in pitch, she validates the struggle of moms and dads as parents and people alike, offering them tools to cope and songs to soothe their anxiety.


Ms Rachel for grown-ups! #msrachel #anxiety #ocd #mentalhealth

♬ original sound – Ms Rachel


Parenting with Parentese

Speech therapists seem to approve, too, with a plethora reacting to her videos on TikTok, spouting their certified support. Ms Rachel employs a style known as parentese to spur speech development in preschoolers and babies. Colloquially referred to as “baby talk,” parentese (or infant-directed speech) relies on stretching words vocally and pronouncing them in a high-pitched, sonorous manner. It is a proven method for boosting a baby’s brain power. As one of the most influential creators, however, Rachel is not without her loyal band of trolls. Often, she is combating comments that mock her tone of voice. Rather than succumb to the hate, she uses them to educate adults on the science behind her creative techniques.

Low-Tech, High-Value

Filmed in her one-bedroom apartment in New York City, Songs for Littles has little in the realm of high production value. It is, however, high in educational value. Parents play Ms Rachel for their children’s language development and not for their visual stimulation. It’s unlikely that an infant would have the cognitive ability to judge the quality of an at-home video. Her YouTube videos use stock footage and photography in addition to run-of-the-mill titles and graphics.

This style is explored further on TikTok, where she leverages features like Duets to promote her content and its positive impact on children under 4. With 2.4 million followers on TikTok, her strategy is effective and suited to the “low-tech, high social and educational value” videos the platform promotes. Like Ms Rachel, you don’t need a RED camera to get your message across—you just need a message worth sharing.


This will help your baby talk! #babies #babyteacher #youtubekids #howto #milestones #momsoftiktok #toddlermom

♬ original sound – Ms Rachel

Regulating Screen Time and Ads

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) does not recommend screen time for children under 18 months old nor condone screen times of an hour or more for children. While language development is crucial, it’s best acquired through human interaction, not the screen. Although an episode of Songs for Littles runs for an hour on average, Ms Rachel does not recommend screen time for children either. She encourages caregivers to get hands-on with children and use her channel as an interactive learning experience for all. Parents are backing Ms Rachel too despite the AACAP’s recommendations.

While Ms Rachel may not be the type of YouTuber to run sponsored spots on her channel, her channel is still monetized. Although most streaming services and television networks for children eliminate ads, YouTube is larger than any channel and does not adhere to those guidelines.

In spite of this, any ads shown on Songs for Littles appear at the beginning of each episode and can be easily bypassed with the “Skip Ad” feature on YouTube.

Ms Rachel’s Rapid Growth

With 101 videos on her channel, Ms Rachel offers content between 30 minutes and 2 hours long. The average watch time and re-watch rate continue to teach YouTube’s algorithm the value of videos. With her audience engaged in long-form content, YouTube promotes the channel to millions of new viewers on a global scale. Ms Rachel’s channel has grown exponentially in the past months and continues to grow by the second (literally).

Ms Rachel’s Net Worth

Ms. Rachel is estimated to be worth around $10 million. As of 2023, her channel had about 7 million viewers, and she had produced roughly 105 videos. It’s estimated that she earns between $80,800 and $1.3 million per month from her YouTube channel, which amounts to $970,000 to $15.5 million annually.

In 2019, her net worth was $5.5 million. Her diligent work increased her wealth significantly, reaching $6.5 million in 2020 and $8 million in 2021. By 2022-23, her net worth rose to $10 million, with daily earnings between $2,500 and $40,000.

Ms. Rachel has kids, and her experience as a mother inspires much of her content, which aims to help young children learn and grow.

The words/phrases used include “Ms. Rachel,” “before YouTube,” “Miss Rachel,” “age,” “Ms. Rachel has kids,” and “Songs for Littles—Toddler Learning Videos.”

Meeting Needs Virtually

By providing parents with learning materials, Ms Rachel fosters youth’s growth outside of the school system. Moreover, she is empowering them through free online resources. The success of Ms Rachel demonstrates that influencers and creators are not limited to one type of character and do not appeal to any one audience. There are limitless opportunities to reach every demographic through social media instead of traditional marketing. There are also unlimited influencers for every niche, brand, and industry. If your brand or agency is interested in gaining influential representation by working with Creators like Ms Rachel, Glewee is your platform for connections, collaboration, campaigns, and content.

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