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With the Big Game just under two weeks away, the advertising industry is ramping up for their largest event of the year. As we approach the showdown between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the San Francisco 49ers we must look at a few big numbers at play: 400,000,000, 22,000, 7,500, 5.6, and 1.

Amidst a global pandemic there will still be a Super Bowl to take place in Tampa, Florida. The NFL host committees estimate that hosting the Super Bowl brings an approximated $300M – 500M to the city, so we’re looking at the opportunity revenue cost to be right in the middle at $400M. Though, in times where only 33% of the stadium will be filled, the city is looking to makes money in other ways than directly through tourism.

As we’ve seen an increasing number of fans allowed into stadiums across the country over the duration of this season, the National Football League has stated that they will be allowing 22,000 fans into Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium. Of those total 22,000 fans will be 7,500 healthcare professionals from surrounding areas that will be given tickets for free by the commission’s office.

Ad Pricing

But, just how much money are the big brands going to be shelling out to get some playtime during the Big Game itself? With media consumption at an all time high this year and viewership up 3.9% on the year comes another increase in Super Bowl Ad Pricing.

This year, a 30 second TV commercial spot in Super Bowl LV will be costing brands $5.6 million dollars. This is up $300K from last year’s $5.3 million per 30 second ad spot pricing.

To break that down we’re looking at $186,667 per second, and that’s just to air the commercial. Now think about the cost of production, endorsements, features, etc. These are the highest priced commercials to air all year.

What Brands Are Playing?

A majority of the life-long Super Bowl ad players will be seen again this year. Doritos has locked in two 30 second spots (one of which is loaded with celebrity endorsements and NFL players). Frito-Lay chips locked in two spots one of which is for Cheetos. Anheuser Busch will likely one-up itself, running 5 ads this year (one more than their 2020 record of 4 ads) showcasing their alcohol beverages and shining a new importance on their seltzer lines. And of course brands like Chipotle and M&M’s have some tricks up their sleeves with the spots they have this year.

As we near closer to the game we will begin to see brands releasing commercials ahead of time. The purpose of this is to allow various different rollout strategies to initiate before the game, so that when viewers see the ad during Game Time they recognize it and can connect it back to the brand with ease. Here are a few of the already released advertisements:

With a year of many firsts comes Super Bowl Ad debut spots from brands like Fiverr, DoorDash, and Vroom. These are some of the few companies who saw tremendous growth in users, activity, and revenue due to 2020 being the Year Of Being At Home.

We all look forward to seeing our favorite brands put all their creative brain power together to bring us Super Bowl ads to remember. But, it’s also amazing to see new brands having the ability to break into the spotlight and showcase their very first SB advertisement. These brands lead by example and shine light towards largely growing tech companies that have been able to exceed by offering technology based solutions to real life problems, especially problems that arose amidst the pandemic.

Who Isn’t Playing?

It was rather large news earlier last week to hear that for the first time in 37 years, Budweiser will not be running a Super Bowl Ad. Just hearing Budweiser and Super Bowl in the same sentence seems normal. All the years of commercials with horses and the commercial battles between Budweisers’ red and Bud Lights’ blue battling it out to be the Beer of America.

But, this year they are taking a different approach to their ad spend. Instead of spending $5.5 million on a 30 second commercial spot, Budweiser is teaming up with the Ad Council and The Covid Collaboration to raise awareness of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Budweiser looks to set an example with this play. With millions of people laid off due to the pandemic, not every company needs to shell out $5.6M to get some screen time.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo both came out and said they will not be paying the $5.6 million to play for 30 seconds this year. The soft drink brands both feel as if they can be spending their dollars in better ways such as reconfiguring staffing and allocating towards funds used to benefit workers.

Yet Another Unexpected First

For the first time in history, one of two teams playing in the Super Bowl will be playing at their home stadium. That being said, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the potential to be the first team in NFL history to win a Super Bowl at home. Following the past year of so many “wow” moments, it seems like it would just make sense. Tune into the Big Game next Sunday to not only watch the two teams battle, but some great advertisements too. Don’t look away for too long, a brand spent $5.6 million just to get your attention for half a minute!


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