Glewee’s Q3 2023 Snapshot Report


The number of campaigns in the third quarter was 250% higher than 1Q 2023, which suggests that Glewee is getting its fair share of market growth…and then some.

  • The platform saw a marked shift in demand for campaigns with larger numbers of smaller influencers. Specifically, the biggest increase in the number of campaigns in the third quarter occurred in the Nano, Micro and Mid-Size Influencer categories. Additionally, cost per influencer per campaign increased robustly on average 27% 3Q/2Q for Nano, Micro and Mid-Size influencers.
  • Concurrently, the number of influencers per campaign increased on average 51% for campaigns with (1-3), (4-6) and (7-9) influencers.


Data showing Glewee's Q3 2023 growth with 250% increase on the right side of the UI/UX platform elements


These stats paint an interesting picture in combination: Brands are experimenting with campaigns using multiple influencers with smaller followings.

Glewee’s growth pattern correlates well with Matter Communications’ 2023 study’s findings, where 61% of consumers find relatable influencers most appealing. (Relatable influencers were later defined as those who communicate and behave in ways that are most like their followers.)

The Matter Communications study also found that only 11% of consumers studied found celebrity influencers appealing/relatable. The days of big companies hiring expensive celebrities to sell aftershave in broadcast television ads have largely disappeared.

It is perhaps no surprise that HubSpot’s 2023 Social Media Marketing Report lists a number of benefits brands enjoy when working with small influencers/creators (under 100K followers) compared to Mega (often celebrity) influencers.

  • Less expensive
  • Easier to establish long-term partnerships.
  • Better access to more niche, tight-knit communities
  • Small influencers/creators more open to feedback
  • Higher engagement with content
  • More trusted by their followers/subscribers

Third-quarter results strongly suggest that Glewee’s influencer base is well-positioned to meet the needs of brands and consumers who increasingly rely on smaller, more relatable influencers with engaged niche communities.

Influencers Applying to Glewee’s Platform

Influencers seem to be well aware of the market’s evolving needs. The strongest growth in newly vetted influencers accepted to Glewee was in Nano, Micro, Mid-Size and Mega categories during the third quarter.

Overall, the number of influencers accepted following Glewee’s stringent vetting process continues to pick up steam: up 24% Q2/Q1 and 31% Q3/Q1.

Industries Using Glewee

Brands seeking beauty and fashion influencers remain stable and important contributors to overall campaigns.

The surprise category in the third quarter was fitness, up 79% with impressive numbers.

Additionally, the emergence of a lifestyle category in the third quarter, representing a full 30% of all campaigns, is yet another example of how fluid the influencer marketing market is as of late 2023.

The chief takeaway is that Glewee’s influencer base is both broad and deep, able to deliver messages to most target audiences for brands even as the marketplace adapts and changes rapidly.

Most Requested Social Media Channels for Glewee Campaigns:

  • Instagram continues to lead, accounting for 70%, 55% and 60% of all platform requests in Q1 – Q3, respectively.
  • Coming in second is TikTok, accounting for 25%, 35% and 30% of all platform requests in Q1 – Q3, respectively.
  • Finally, YouTube accounted for just 5%, 10% and 10% of all platform requests in Q1 – Q3, respectively.

According to HubSpot’s 2023 Social Media Marketing Report, influencer marketers see the highest ROI through Instagram.

Clearly, the Glewee influencer base delivers engaged audiences across all the major and many minor social media platforms, contributing to Glewee’s ability to deliver in this dynamic market.

Four Key Takeaways to Third Quarter Snapshot:

  1. Market Alignment: The fact that Glewee’s growth trends strongly correlate with market trends not only validates its business model but also suggests that Glewee is well positioned to serve demand in the current dynamic market influencer market space. Brands looking to capitalize on growth sectors (note the surprising growth of 79% in the fitness category) should consider Glewee.
  2. Consumer Trust Insights: Glewee’s third-quarter results validate the market shift to focus on smaller influencers and reflect a significant shift in who consumers trust to influence their buying behavior. If consumers want more personally relatable influencers, brands will want those influencers and Glewee provided them. Glewee’s data clearly supports the growing focus on smaller, more relatable, higher-engagement influencers and campaign designs.
  3. Versatility and Reach: Given Glewee’s proven influencer base depth and breadth that can deliver value to diverse industries, it has proven itself to be a scalable and reliable solution for influencer marketing.
  4. Business Strategy: The rapid growth in the number of campaigns and the increase in cost per influencer validates Glewee’s business model and execution.

For more information on Glewee or to schedule a live demo or create a free account, please visit glewee.com. Creators and influencers who want to join the opt-in Glewee creator community should visit the Apple App Store or Google Play, download the Glewee app and apply.

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Glewee, the easiest and fastest all-in-one influencer marketing platform, is changing how agencies and small and midsize businesses (SMBs) do influencer marketing. By offering the most reliable opt-in creator marketing platform, Glewee makes it possible for SMBs and creators to connect, collaborate and execute influencer marketing campaigns through social media to drive sales and reach new audiences. Most recently, Glewee unveiled its starter-level option, which empowers SMBs to create and execute customizable campaigns within Glewee’s easy-to-use interface with no monthly platform fee. Glewee’s self-service web-based platform and iOS creator app connect brand marketers and advertisers with thousands of pre-vetted authenticated influencers that collectively bring more than 2.5B net social media followers to the table. Through its cloud computing platform, Glewee guarantees that brands will be matched with the best-fit creator team every time, often within minutes of launching a campaign. Glewee’s intuitive in-app experience enables brands and creators to communicate one-on-one and create real-time authentic relationships. Glewee’s smart step-by-step process makes it easier than ever for brands to execute compliant end-to-end content marketing campaigns, making it the most efficient content generation platform on the market. Brands and agencies can create an account on Glewee’s influencer marketing platform at app.glewee.io. Content creators can download the Glewee app at the Apple App Store or Google Play. For more information on Glewee, please visit our website at glewee.com.

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