10 Standout Brands on Social Media in 2023

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Social media is a global stage with countless acts occurring all at once. With a crowded user base, being seen amongst the crowds can seem virtually impossible. In a sea of Brands trying to make a splash online, it can feel like a struggle to stay relevant and afloat. Trends may feel unnatural to a Brand’s identity or values, thereby eroding its essence. In the age of authenticity, however, navigating the waters of social media is less about being current and more about being true to your values while flowing forward with the collective. Brands that stand out online have nothing to hide and everything to share. Brands on social media are socially responsible, ethically aware, refreshingly diverse, and playfully creative. They employ humor, entertain to educate, and inspire conversations that shift the tides in emotionally moving ways. Taking the Glewee stage today are 10 Brands that shine online by shying away from tradition.


Airbnb is putting faces to places. Featuring a mix of real people and influential creatives, Airbnb brings the human element to its rentals. From Lena’s London flat to DJ Khaled’s sneaker collection, there is no shortage of spaces to experience. The Brand balances creative and Creators throughout its page to showcase the breadth of its offerings while building a unique home for its online content. Airbnb marries breathtaking visuals with quirky copy to invite users into their ever-growing categories virtually and physically.


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Apple is globally known for its tech, but a quick look at its Instagram page shows a very different image and tells many different stories. In fact, there is not a single image of an iPhone, but every image featured has been shot on one. Apple’s entire gallery is dedicated to a single campaign that is reiterated in its Brand bio: #ShotoniPhone. Showcasing tagged user-generated content and commissioned content from Creators, Apple puts its users in the spotlight to promote its products and their impressive functionality. While Apple has a large advantage over smaller Brands with its high level of unaided Brand awareness, smaller Brands can take note of a bigger theme at play: putting people before product.


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Burger King

Burger King’s team does social media their way. By employing a healthy combination of topical topics and fast-food features, Burger King serves its followers original content. The color palette of their page may be from the ‘70s, but the media shared is very much 2023. From Gen Z content Creators to millennial humor, Burger King goes all out to stand out. Between its Rule Models series to its Zodiac Forecast, there is no shortage of content to consume.


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Duo, Duolingo’s silent owl mascot, is ruffling feathers on TikTok with his universally understood sense of humor. Duo has mastered social media, serving quick clips and quips that integrate Gen Z culture in unexpected ways. Duolingo’s success transcends the use of trends and is rooted in strong, yet simple concepts. A solid concept can go far. In Duolingo’s case, it has traversed every corner of the internet with its spreadable, shareable viral videos. For fan-favorite extras, be sure to check the comment section to read what Duo has to say.


can’t deny the sexual tension 😮‍💨 #duolingo #imleaving #languagelearning #dulapeep #catchflightsnotfeelings #airplanesrock

♬ kiss it better sped up – xxtristanxo


someones gotta do it #fyp #dualipa #dulapeep #duolingo #languagelearning

♬ sonido original – Viv 🌤️

heaven by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs’ subversive Gen Z clothing line goes niche to go viral. heaven focuses on subculture collaborations to stir cultural conversations online. Past partnerships have ranged from Yung Lean to Michèle Lamy and Ice Spice, resonating with youth and triggering heaven haul unboxing videos across the internet. By doing little in the realm of marketing, they do a lot to garner social media attention through organic third-party marketing amongst Gen Z Creators.


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Liquid Death

Liquid Death brings #DeathToPlastic and metal to water using celebrities, boomers, and Creators on social media. The Brand’s marketing is a testament to the power of brand marketing. In addition to selling water in a tallboy can, they sell sustainability in a death metal voice. Their social presence harnesses irreverent humor and witty wordplay to get the message across using a metaphorical death growl that resonates deeply with their millions of followers.


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Having won multiple Shorty Awards for best use of social media by a government agency, NASA knows how to make stellar content. From their Instagram page alone, you can explore the universe and make pit stops on every planet. NASA appeals to every generation and educates them through insightful captions and out-of-this-world visuals. Some of their content is more down to earth, such as their collaboration with Post Malone for Earth Day. Whatever it posts, NASA proves it knows how to reach and teach people of all ages on social media.


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Patagonia takes a non-heavy metal approach to sustainability while still delivering a strong message on social media. Similar to Apple, Patagonia puts people first and product second. Unlike Apple, they do so to highlight their Brand mission—and not the durability of their clothing: “We’re in business to save our home planet,” reads their bio. Patagonia pairs sublime visuals with everyday people to stand for something bigger than ourselves—Earth. While some of their media are produced in-house, many of the photos and videos shared feature Creators who share Patagonia’s values.


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SKIMS has a skin-tight hold on the attention of women on Instagram. With drops that sell out instantly and partnerships that sell a lifestyle, SKIMS has shaped online body positivity and inclusivity with shapewear designed for every body and worn by everybody. Kim Kardashian features an array of public figures as part of SKIM’s campaign strategy. Whether Team USA or Creator Nessa Barrett, SKIMS seems to be on everyone’s skin. By partnering with cult-favorite photographers and celebrated Creators, Kim Kardashian has used social media to the fullest, creating a viral Brand with a recognizable visual aesthetic.


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Truly Beauty

DTC eCommerce Brand Truly Beauty is spreading true and transparent conversations around skincare all over TikTok. Their videos feature Creators and humor to promote skin health and shave away the body-hair stigma. Empowering women and liberating men, Truly Beauty does not hold back when it comes to once-taboo topics. They shed light on body acne, stretch marks, and shadowed pits in ways that inspire conversation rather than trigger shame. From Gen Z language to colorful reels, Truly Beauty knows how to truly reach the hearts and phones of youth today.


#asmr #beauty #skincare #asmrsounds #shavebutter #swirl #shaveroutine

♬ original sound – Truly Beauty


#coachella #shaving #festival #smoothskin #beauty #skincare

♬ Walker – Official Sound Studio


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