Threads from Instagram: The Next Big Thing

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The Threads rollout has everyone talking—on Threads. As the latest player in social media, it’s broken historical records by being the most downloaded application in history. Positioning itself as a playful and positive space for conversation, Threads has overtaken Twitter within days of its launch, earning the title of “Twitter Killer.” But has Threads actually killed Twitter, or has it opened the door to a different kind of dialogue, one that is community-driven and easy to join? As a Creator on Threads, you have another avenue to produce content for an existing audience. As a Brand on Threads, you can connect with consumers in a Brand-safe, novel environment with greater access to user data than ever before. With Twitter unraveling and Threads weaving a revised textual landscape, online conversations are getting a whole new spin.

A Word From Mark Zuckerberg

Many of the Instagram features users rely on heavily today, such as Direct Messaging, Boomerang, and IGTV, originally began as products. However, their failure to fully launch relegated them to inferior positions within the Instagram app itself. As the latest addition, Threads was not only robust enough to become its own platform, it did so at the most opportune time: during the downfall of Twitter. Pitched as a “Friendly, open space for conversation” by Mark Zuckerberg, Threads is strategically situating itself as the space to converse.




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The App That Broke Internet History

While Threads is only available in some regions, including the US and UK, it has shaken the global stage by hitting two million downloads in the first two hours. Its rapid rise was made more impressive by its lack of promotion. It all happened organically thanks to the ease of account setup. The only requirement for a Threads account was having a preexisting Instagram profile. Instagram users were quick to download the app and watch their information carry over, information that included handles, followers, and bios. As a result, Threads has claimed the title of the fastest-growing app in history, surpassing 100M users within the first five days.




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A post shared by Mark Zuckerberg (@zuck)

Empower Yourself With the Web3 Power Shift

Web3 is revising the internet as we know it and introducing a decentralized ecosystem in which users are empowered and corporations are dethroned. Web3 is the most recent evolution of the internet, boasting greater privacy, deeper connectivity, and increased protection. The transition from Web2 (the user-generated web) has already begun for many in the NFT and cryptocurrency communities. For the everyday user, Web3 introduces a democratized model driven by open-source blockchain technology and user autonomy.

Threads is amongst the first commercial exposure to Web3 philosophy and usage. On a minor level, this has been demonstrated by the follower carryover from Instagram to Threads that allows users to retain their audience. On a macro level, Threads allows lesser-known artists and NFT Creators to share work freely with a hyper-engaged audience. As of yet, Threads does not support ActivityPub (a protocol for Web3 that allows you to take your audience from one platform to the next), but it plans to introduce it in the coming iterations.


Tailor New Content to Threads From Instagram

Threads encourages a nonchalant approach to conversations, embodying a stream-of-consciousness model designed to get and keep the conversation going. This presents an opportunity for Brands and Creators alike to cement their presence on Threads and use their voice in newly impactful ways. Rather than recycle old content from other platforms, Threads offers users the opportunity to start anew and connect on a deeper level. This community-centric approach fosters a supportive environment for Brands, Creators, and personal expression. Many Brands have celebrated the move to Threads with exclusive drops for users of the platform. These campaigns have generated a lot of interest for users, luring many over to Threads for the exclusive drops alone.


Threads Permissions and Data Access

The near-instant Threads account setup made it a convenient transition for Instagram users. However, the data permissions users have granted the app remain dubious to countries outside of the US. Because of its data privacy policies, Threads is not compliant with European laws like the GDPR. As a result, Mark Zuckerberg is tapering the release of Threads to ensure a seamless debut in the European Union. For Brands, however, the data permissions authorized by users are proving to be more valuable than a new space for monetization. The text-heavy nature of the app lends itself to improved data collection as well. Marketers can glean more specific and highly relevant information from the written word than from photos or videos alone. For users, this translates into an ultra-personalized algorithm.

Threads by Instagram data linked to you screen.


Promoting a Positively Playful Culture

Although marketing efforts for Threads were not sensationalized, they were quite sensational in execution. Through the use of quiet promotion, the introduction of Threads was heard all over Instagram. It created a user frenzy within the first hour of its launch with Brands and Creators scrambling for a spot in the first million downloads. Their reward was a numerical badge of honor on their Instagram profiles which in turn enticed other users to join for fear of missing out. It was an exclusive Instagram experience that was shared everywhere. Moreover, looking up the word Threads on Instagram produced a clickable ticket emoji 🎟️ in the search bar that doubled as a personal invitation to the new platform. This playful atmosphere teased the culture Threads has come to boast and support: one of positivity.


Threads invitation screen on instagram.

Killing Twitter With Kindness

Because Twitter is privately held, insights are not readily available. However, since Threads’ disruptive drop, web analytics firm Similarweb has reported a noticeable decline in Twitter’s web traffic. Although Twitter has been on a downward spiral, the release of Threads seems to have had a detrimental effect, decreasing web traffic by 5% and 11% respectively on the first two days of Threads’ release.

While there are many similarities between the platforms—so much so that a lawsuit is looming on the horizon—they are quite different culturally. Twitter is dominated by politics and has come to be the go-to platform for journalists and politicians. Threads has taken a clear stance against this, with the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri stating, “The goal isn’t to replace Twitter. The goal is to create a public square for communities on Instagram that never really embraced Twitter and for communities on Twitter (and other platforms) that are interested in a less angry place for conversations, but not all of Twitter.”


An Interface With New Influence

From a display of digits on your Instagram profile to seamless integration with your account, Threads has paved the way for a new platform experience. Its integration with Instagram allows cross-platform sharing and the ability to sign up for a Threads account directly from someone’s Instagram story. Simpler than Twitter, it’s easier to use and boasts an easy manner of communication. This easygoing conversation is supported by AI filtering of abusive and vitriolic language. While some may view this as censorship, others may view it as a welcome relief from the constant bullying and aggression that accompanies many online spaces. Most importantly, it’s granted non-Twitter users the opportunity to flex their language skills in a new setting.


Weaving Through Threads From Instagram

Because you need an Instagram account to register for Threads, there has been little to no bot activity on the platform, which has been a point of attraction for many users migrating from Twitter’s bot-filled landscape. Threads has not fully developed its capabilities as the app is still in its infancy. That said, its simple design makes it very user friendly. Unlike Twitter, Threads’ users can post updates with up to 500 characters that include links, photos, or videos no longer than 5 minutes.

Threads is also free to use and allows unlimited posts from users, unlike Twitter which limits the number of free posts you can make per day. At this moment, the Threads feed is not customizable or chronological, with posts from the community and those you follow being displayed in unison. While you can deactivate your account, deleting it is not an option at this stage given its link to Instagram.



Get Branded Content for Threads

The launch of yet another social networking platform may be daunting for social media marketers, but launching campaigns on Threads does not have to be. By partnering with pre-vetted Creators on Glewee, Brands can launch and manage end-to-end campaigns with Instagram and Twitter’s biggest stars. Whether you’re seeking Instagram aficionados or Twitter connoisseurs, Glewee Creators are well-versed in social media speak and know how to get the conversation started—and keep it going. As an all-in-one influencer marketing platform, Glewee has the tools and talent your Brand needs to succeed in any space on social media.

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