Top 10 Travel Influencers on Social Media in 2024


Travel influencers, masters of storytelling, captivate audiences with global adventures. Let’s explore 2024’s top 10 influencers, inspiring wanderlust.

  1. Louis Cole (@louiscole)
  2. Drew Binsky (@drewbisky)
  3. The Bucket List Family (@TheBucketListFamily)
  4. Kurt Caz (@KurtCaz)
  5. Tara Whiteman (@taramilktea)
  6. Kiki (@theblondeabroad)
  7. Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)
  8. Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard)
  9. Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust)
  10. Eva zu Beck (@evazubeck)

Top Travel Influencers on Social Media in 2024

  1. Louis Cole

Louis Cole, a prominent travel influencer with nearly two million YouTube subscribers, is renowned for his daily video blog. Documenting his life and global travels, Cole’s vlogs offer viewers an immersive journey into his adventures.

Following, beyond his travel escapades, Cole’s content reflects a broader ethos centered around exploring a better way of living. Find it all on Cole’s channel, from DIY projects to eco-friendly living, van life, and insights into technology and education. Cole embodies a multifaceted approach to embracing a more sustainable, adventurous, and fulfilling lifestyle.


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  1. Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky has achieved global recognition for his ambitious quest to visit every country in the world. Furthermore, Binsky immerses his audience in the rich tapestry of diverse cultures, and exhilarating adventures in far-flung corners of the globe.

Beyond his globe-trotting endeavors, Binsky’s persona shines through as a scratch golfer, EDM enthusiast, people-person, and holder of two Guinness World Records. Altogether, engaging with his audience on various social media platforms, Binsky invites travelers to join him on his journey.


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  1. The Bucket List Family

The Bucket List Family, a remarkable clan of five, has captured the hearts of adventure seekers worldwide with their extraordinary journey around the globe. Embracing a nomadic lifestyle, they embarked on their odyssey in 2015 after selling everything to pursue a life of exploration and discovery.

As full-time family travel journalists, they chronicle their awe-inspiring escapades through captivating Instagram posts and YouTube videos under the moniker The Bucket List Family. From serene beaches to rugged mountains, their wanderlust knows no bounds as they traverse the world, sharing their experiences, insights, and cherished moments with a global audience. Currently, the Gee family finds themselves off the grid in Antarctica, adding yet another remarkable chapter to their remarkable odyssey.

  1. Kurt Caz

Kurt Caz, a spirited vlogger hailing from South Africa, embodies the essence of adventure as he traverses the globe. With an insatiable hunger for travel and a deep-rooted connection to his South African heritage, Kurt immerses himself in the diverse cultures and landscapes of his destinations.

From the lush jungles of Central America to the vibrant streets of South America, the historical treasures of North Africa to the untamed wilderness of East Africa, Kurt’s journey unfolds as a testament to his nomadic spirit and innate curiosity. Therefore, as he explores each corner of the world, Kurt remains true to his roots as a “South African bushman,” following the call of his DNA to embrace the thrill of discovery and inspire others to embark on their own transformative adventures.

  1. Tara Whiteman

Tara Whiteman, a creative hailing from Sydney, Australia, brings her kaleidoscopic vision to life on social media. She delights her audience with her daily lifestyle videos. With a passion for travel, food, and vibrant locales, Tara’s adventures unfold through a lens of color and creativity.

Despite her youth, Tara has already achieved remarkable milestones, recently completing her Honours degree in Design while simultaneously globe-trotting, working on projects with prestigious clients, and managing her lifestyle blog and Instagram. Subsequently, with a keen eye for the extraordinary and a penchant for partnering with esteemed brands like Canon and Tiffany & Co., Tara’s journey epitomizes the pursuit of passion and entrepreneurial spirit. With over one million followers and counting, Tara’s ultimate goal is to inspire others to seize life’s opportunities and craft their own path to happiness.


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  1. Kiki

Kiki, a California native, embarked on a transformative journey in 2011, leaving behind her career in corporate wealth management to pursue a summer of soul-searching. Dissatisfied with the traditional notion of success, Kiki’s travels through Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, and New Zealand opened her eyes to the empowering freedom of solo exploration.

Over the past decade, she has shared her personal journey and invaluable travel insights with women worldwide, chronicling her adventures across 70 countries. From living in Cape Town, South Africa, to settling back in California, Kiki’s quest for self-discovery and wanderlust knows no bounds, inspiring others to break free from societal norms and embrace the transformative power of travel.

  1. Murad Osmann

Murad Osmann, the visionary behind the viral photo series “Follow Me To”, has ascended to the summit of travel influence with his captivating imagery and creative storytelling. Beginning with a single snapshot of his then-girlfriend Nataly in Barcelona in 2011, Murad sparked a global sensation that has since earned him recognition as one of the world’s top travel influencers by Forbes magazine.

With over 4 million followers on Instagram alone, Murad’s evocative photography has transported audiences from Havana to Kamchatka, weaving together a tapestry of destinations united by his unique perspective. Simultaneously, The Follow Me To project has not only captivated social media users worldwide but has also propelled Murad and Nataly to international acclaim, leading to the publication of a best-selling book and their own travel program on Channel One Russia. As a sought-after partner for influencer marketing campaigns, Murad’s reach offers brands access to millions of dedicated travel enthusiasts.


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  1. Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard stands as a multifaceted force of nature, blending the roles of explorer, photographer, creative director, speaker, and author. He crafts a narrative that celebrates the majesty of Earth’s most remote corners. Roaming the planet year-round in pursuit of untamed landscapes, Burkard’s lens captures the raw power and pristine beauty of nature. Overall, this inspires viewers to forge deeper connections with the world around them and champion the conservation of wilderness everywhere.

Through social media, Burkard shares his evocative imagery with millions. Additionally, he’s collaborated on global campaigns, spoke at TED, designed products, and published acclaimed books. In California, Burkard finds solace with his family. At 36, Burkard’s legacy as a global travel influencer continues to grow.


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  1. Lauren Bullen

Lauren, known to her followers as Gypsea Lust on Instagram, embodies a boundless spirit of adventure and creativity. Despite being only 27 years old and hailing from Northern NSW Australia, nonetheless Lauren has forged a remarkable journey. Together with her partner Jack Morris, Lauren explores the globe, capturing breathtaking moments and sharing them with an eager audience.

Lauren and her partner base themselves in Bali, but travel globally, blending travel, fashion, and lifestyle. Lauren, self-taught in photography, collaborates with diverse clients, crafting unique content resonating globally. As she continues to wander the world, Lauren inspires others to chase their dreams and embrace the beauty of exploration.


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  1. Eva zu Beck

Eva zu Beck, a raw adventurer, embodies a fearless spirit guided by the mantra “the world belongs to the brave.” Currently undertaking Expedition Wild, Eva traverses the length of the Pan-American Highway in her converted 4×4 mini-camper Land Rover Defender.

Furthermore, each week, she shares captivating videos, offering viewers a front-row seat to her solo adventures across the globe.

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