Using AI Tools to Boost Your Social Media Strategy


Success on social media is heavily dependent on consistency. The algorithms are pleased when you consistently produce high-quality material each week, and this increases the visibility of your business. Even with a standard social media management system, it might be difficult to create content and figure out what your audience wants to read.

However, AI is altering the game. By providing content creator, sentiment analysis, and big data insights, it will complement your social media strategy. You’ll be able to make wiser decisions, comprehend your audience, and have more time to focus on other tasks of higher value as a result of this.

AI tools for managing social media offer a wide range of practical alternatives. There is a tool for every situation, from smart productivity enhancement procedures to data deep dives. The top AI tools for managing your social media are listed below.

What Exactly are Social Media AI Tools?

AI tools for social media are pieces of software created to assist users in developing, managing, or optimizing social media strategies and content.

Social networking tools have existed for almost as long as the apps themselves. We’ve all used third-party applications to repost content on Instagram and photo-editing tools to take perfect selfies. However, things are going quickly now that AI has joined the chat.

The Best Social Media AI Tools


Screenshot of the HootSuite Homepage

This tool is the jack of all trades of social media AI; it can do everything. For those who simply can’t think of another social media caption to post, Hootsuite provides a free caption generator. You can use voices like the Queen of England, Slytherin, and the Optimistic Soccer Coach to produce social media messages. Every company will find something they like.

OwlyWriter AI is also available in HootSuite. Only the greatest in-app AI writing tool claims to free you from writer’s block and save you time. OwlyWriter allows you to write social media captions, create material based on links, come up with post ideas, and more. The greatest AI social media post generator is Hootsuite.

ChatGPT (OpenAI)

A screenshot of the OpenAI / ChatGPT website landing page

If ChatGPT is unfamiliar to you, you’re probably living in a cave. The globe was captivated by this AI technology, which even inspired a South Park episode with ChatGPT as a co-author. What a crazy world it is.

Content creators have used ChatGPT to generate captions and lengthy posts. However, it has its limitations. Without very explicit directions, it can be challenging to achieve the proper tone, and frequently, your audience will be able to identify that it was produced by AI.

Make sure to alter the ChatGPT outputs to reflect the appropriate tone and your brand’s voice. You can be lied to using ChatGPT as well, so always double-check your facts when writing.


A screenshot from the Summarizing.io homepage showing how AI can summarize information

Using an efficient text summarizer makes summarising simpler. Any form of content can be made brief with the help of AI algorithms.

Any form of content’s length is shortened by it. By uploading the content, you can summarise an entire article and get a flawless summary.

You can acquire a version of your content that is simpler to read with only a few clicks. This summarising tool is ideal for quickly condensing lengthy text.

If you find it difficult to construct an abstract, you can create one using a summary generator. Knowing what to write in the abstract and how to express it will become easier for you.

Magic Studio

A screenshot from the Magic Studio AI homepage

Magic Studio is a brand’s dream if it wants to step up its visual game. You can make product images with stylish backgrounds in a few different themes with the aid of this AI tool. Additionally, it is simple to eliminate unwanted backdrops and objects from your images. It is fantastic news for brands and influencers who use outdoor photography.

Magic Studio creates images from your written commands. It can help you come up with a fairly amazing profile picture. Social media’s visual interface is altering as a result of AI, with an increasing number of profiles displaying AI-generated graphics. Now is the time to consider what tools like Magic Studio can accomplish for your company.

Several Benefits of Employing AI in Social Media

Social media marketers can take advantage of a number of benefits associated with using AI in social media to improve client outcomes. Here are a few of the main advantages:

Increased Effectiveness and Precision

Social media organisations may provide content more effectively and accurately while analyzing data by utilizing AI.

AI-powered technologies can automate a variety of functions, including idea generation, content development optimization, and performance analysis. They can not only save your marketing team valuable time, but they can also help you overcome creative hurdles.

Audience Analysis

The focal point of whatever you do is your audience. Your efforts will be in vain if your social media marketing plan or message doesn’t resonate with your target demographic.

Better audience targeting is a benefit of employing AI in social media. To determine the most appropriate audience, AI-powered systems can analyze user behavior.

You need to be aware of what your target market enjoys, and engages with. Thus, conducting audience analysis is essential and must be as exact as possible. AI can speed up this process and provide you with thorough audience statistics. This implies that companies can provide material that will more likely appeal to their target market.

Creating and Managing Content

You can utilize AI to create content based on data analysis rather than just what you have read in articles. One of the best types of material that gives the audience interesting and useful advice is data-driven storytelling.

You will understand what is more likely to be engaging by using machine learning predictions. AI aids in the analysis of the available data to provide insights on the best kind of content. AI is another tool you may use to improve your content. Grammar mistakes, word recommendations, and even the tone of the writing might be highlighted. Overall, this improves and makes your content development process easier.

Bringing It All Together

No longer must marketers or business owners rely on their assumptions and hunches to get things done. Employing AI in your social media marketing plan is now a requirement, not a choice, for you as a social media marketer. AI can increase the social media presence of your company.

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