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“Who’s Bobbi Althoff?” is the question in everyone’s Google search history. Who is the deadpan interviewer making guests uncomfortable in unconventional settings? Who is the host sparking conversations over periods of awkward silence? Is she an industry plant, an Illuminati puppet, or TikTok’s latest breakout star? Bobbi’s origin may appear to be a mystery, but her cringe-worthy exchanges with celebrities have become an internet mainstay. From influencer to influential podcaster, Bobbi has entranced the internet with her irreverent interviews and prolonged pauses. Here’s everything you need to know about Bobbi Althoff, the talent giving us second-hand embarrassment and first-rate content.

Taking Off on TikTok

Bobbi began posting TikTok videos in 2020 as a mother of two. Despite the initial success of her content, MomTok was not so kind. In response to the negative commentary directed at her children, she pivoted away from mommy vlogging into parody mommy vlogging. While it was a rocky transition at first, it was the foundation she needed to set the (dry) tone for her content to come.

@bobbialthoff #breastfeedingmom #momlife ♬ big weenie – ❁ཻུ۪۪♡ ͎. 。˚ °


Her comedic mommy vlog was successful enough to grow her following substantially, but it was not the content that catapulted her into overnight stardom. Inspired by Jenna Palek’s video about the lucrative nature of podcasts, Bobbi launched a self-funded podcast of her own. On the hunt for celebrity guests, she told Cosmopolitan, “I made a video on TikTok saying that I would give $300 to any person who successfully connected me to a celebrity for a podcast.” As a result, one of her followers put her in touch with comedian Rick Glassman, and she promptly sent them $300.

@bobbialthoff Find the rest of my interview with @rickglassman from #notdeadyet ♬ original sound – Bobbi


The Really Good Podcast

Following her TikTok celebrity talent search, 26-year-old Bobbi launched The Really Good Podcast. In its debut episode, she interviewed Rick Glassman, whose comedic style perfectly complemented her tongue-in-cheek delivery. After its viral release, another follower pitched YouTuber Funny Marco as the next guest. Bobbi seized the opportunity and sent another $300, explaining:

“I took a screenshot of the comment, posted it on my Instagram Stories, and tagged him, saying, “Marco, if you want to make this girl $300, DM me.” He had over 4 million followers at the time, and I only had 500,000. I was like, He’s not going to see this. But he replied, like, a second later. So I sent the girl $300 and he came on the podcast.”

Since the launch, Bobbi has gone from influencer to popular podcast host, amassing over 6 million followers on TikTok, 2 million on Instagram, and over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube. These numbers pale in comparison to the views she gains per video—she has surpassed 100 million views and received 200 million likes from fans across social media. For someone at the beginning stages of her career, Bobbi has skyrocketed to the top overnight, claiming her position as the next Alix Earle.


@bobbialthoff I interviewed @FunnyMarco ♬ original sound – Bobbi


Dry, Deadpan, and Drake

While her sudden rise to fame remains a topic of controversy and speculation, the story goes that Drake had seen her viral video with Funny Marco and was amused enough to follow her. Bobbi wasted no time: she slid into his DMs and asked for an interview. He agreed. The rest is internet history. Impressively, this was only Bobbi’s fourth episode and one of the rare times Drake has agreed to be interviewed.

The episode takes place between the sheets and shows Drake with a cocktail in hand and Bobbi with a deadpan expression on her face. Maintaining her emotional neutrality, Bobbi posed unnerving questions like, “Do you think it’s funny when you reference your own songs?” The interview exploded online, grossing 55 million views and ranking third on Spotify’s comedy podcast charts. This push-Drakes-buttons parodic pillow talk sprouted viral clips on every platform, most infamously one in which Drake plays Tyga’s Rack City for her. Befittingly, Tyga has since appeared on her podcast along with Lil Yachty, Mark Cuban, and Armani White.

@much Shoutout to #Tyga one time🔥 [via @Bobbi] #drake #interview ♬ original sound – MuchMusic


As of today, Drake and Bobbi have unfollowed each other and the viral interview has disappeared from social platforms, birthing a new conversation altogether. Are they fighting, or is it a publicity stunt to win more views? Only Bobbi and Drake can tell. Playing into the rumors, Bobbi recently teased fans and fanned the flames of mystery with a video of herself looking sorely out of place at Drake’s concert in Los Angeles.


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Industry Plug or Internet Personality?

The internet may be convinced Bobbi is an industry plug—or as others have put it, an “Illuminati puppet planted to control the youth”—Bobbi insists she just has really good management: William Morris Endeavor. Other online conspiracy theorists have labeled her a “nepo baby” in response to a claim that her father had worked for Snoop Dogg. However, Bobbi was quick to debunk this, clarifying that although her dad did work for Snoop Dogg, he worked for him as a handyman. Bobbi is adamant she has no insider connections that could have plucked her out of obscurity and positioned her at the top of everyone’s social feeds.


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Identifying more as an entertainer than a journalist, Bobbi explains that the appeal of her podcast to celebrities is the lack of hard-hitting questions and the abundance of soft-sounding egoic hits. It’s a parody of a podcast and a space for celebrities to be themselves while fielding Bobbi’s stiff, self-assured sarcasm. The persona she puts forth is not fabricated, but one that is authentic to her on many levels. While she naturally has a dry sense of humor, she’s also deeply insecure about being socially awkward. Rather than have this hinder her, she based her persona on a hyperbolic, yet empowered version of these traits. In her words, “It’s a fun way to take control of this thing that’s been horrible for me my whole life.”


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A Juxtaposition of Characters

Part of Bobbi’s charm is her fish-out-of-water shtick. Her languid Laguna Beach demeanor sharply contrasts with the dominant personalities of her A-list guest roster. The use of visual, cultural, and tonal juxtaposition amplifies the character she never seems to break and accentuates the dryness of her humor. Employing an ASMR-style voice further enhances her soft (albeit awkward) on-screen persona.

Whether it’s the persona or the subtle parody, Bobbi’s deadpan humor shines a light on her guests’ personalities. Viewers have praised her for humanizing her co-hosts through these interviews, with one subscriber writing under her episode with Tyga, “Tyga is about to trend after this. He just shook the world up with his personality. I’m mind blown, completely shocked.” The absurdity of the setup and the juxtaposition of personalities are indeed enough to make her guests trend and appear more like friends than famous figures.

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Bobbi Althoff sitting at the end of a couch.

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