How To Find The Right Influencer For Your Brand

The Importance Of Finding The Right Influencer To Represent Your Brand

As social media becomes the way of the world, users are becoming smarter, and more aware of what is/is not a brand campaign. As a result, when users see brand campaigns, they are scrutinized and put under a microscope, which is typically proportionate to the brand’s size. Finding the right influencer for your brand has never been so important.

While some campaigns and ads are good, some are also bad. Given the surplus of influencers with inflated follower amounts, brands are working with “the person with the most followers for the least amount of money”, rather than finding the right influencer to represent their brand.

In this blog, we break down how to find the right influencer for your brand, and what to look for in the influencer selection process.

Follower Count Is Not Everything

In today’s world, being an influencer is an incredibly popular career path. Like every career path, someone somewhere monetizes it. In this circumstance, it is very easy to go buy hundreds of thousands of followers to make a profile look bigger than it is. What you actually want to look for is the influencer’s engagement rate. The engagement rate is the number of followers who actually engage with an influencer’s content, and these are the people you would actually be selling your product to. For demonstration purposes, we broke down two scenarios, and how follower count can be misleading.

Scenario A: Followers Galore

Let’s say a user has one million followers on TikTok. Their videos get 100,000 views on average, and they have a total of 10,000 engagements on the average video.

The engagement rate here is 1%. So, although they have a million followers, they only have a 1% engagement rate on their content, which makes them a bad buy.

Scenario B: Small, but Engaged

This user has 100,000 followers, and their videos get an average of 75,000 views, BUT they get 50% of their viewers to engage at a rate of 32,500 engagements per video.

The engagement rate on this profile is 32.5%, which means that although they have fewer followers, their following is more loyal and more likely to be influenced by them, which makes a campaign with this influencer a good buy.

How To Calculate Engagement Rate On A Video:


Likes + comments + shares per video (if available)

Views per video


Niche Matters

As we have written in the past, a creator’s niche is very important. For example, there are influencers who specialize in sports, fitness, fashion, music, etc.

If you are a fashion brand trying to get their names out there by using influencers, you don’t want to revert to the strategy of just picking whoever you can afford with the most followers. Instead, follow these steps to select the perfect influencer for your brand.


Find An Influencer In Your Niche

Find an influencer who has influence over people interested in your products. A sports influencer’s following isn’t interested in fashion, so keeping niche in mind is important to run a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Stick To Your Budget

Know how much you can dedicate to a campaign, and stay within that budget.

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