Glewee Is Now Available on iOS + Android!

After months of development, growth, and many many iterations of the idea boards – Glewee is now formally live on Web, iOS, and Android! With our Web app designed primarily for Brands to create campaigns, engage with Creators, and track post metrics; we focused our efforts on developing the iOS + Android version of Glewee exclusively for Creators. Creating a Glewee profile, linking social media accounts, applying for campaigns and staying organized while monetizing your following has never been easier.

If you’re reading this on a mobile device, click the button below to see our live application on Apple’s App Store or The Google Play Store!


A Glimpse Of The Glewee App Capabilities


Creators have the ability to browse and explore all of the current brand deals and campaigns that Brands have posted to the Glewee platform. From here, Creators can engage with campaigns that they qualify for – based on gender, age, follower count, and category. Being able to view campaign outlines, goals, specifications, and parameters allows the Creator to understand the brand ask and brief before they apply to be a part of the social media campaign.


Creator Profiles

While setting up a Glewee Creator Account, each user must authenticate their social media accounts. This allows us to pull in profile metrics like follower count and engagement rates, as well as post metrics such as impressions, likes, comments, and shares. We use this data to display it back to the Brands that each Creator works with in order to show them how good the posts are doing in a campaign deployed by the Brand. For the Creator, this is the perfect page to display a users’ total follower count across all their social media accounts in real time. Once a Creator has worked with various Brands on the Glewee platform, this page will act as their portfolio – displaying total Estimated Content Value data points, total cross platform follower count, and showcasing the work the Creator has published to social media on behalf of brands on Glewee.



Creator Wallet

Teaming up with Stripe, we have a full Creator Wallet dashboard. This is perfect for the everyday Creator who is generating revenue through their social media accounts and wants to keep track of their past contracts, pay out to their bank accounts, and see how much money they have pending from active and current brand deals. With the click of a button a Creator can pay out money from Glewee to their intended bank account that they’ve hooked up with Stripe. Monetizing your following just got a whole lot easier and more organized!




Content Calendar

Once a Creator has been accepted or invited into a new Glewee Brand Campaign and the Brand has selected the intended post date for the Creator all of the information appears in the content calendar. We know how hard it is for Creators to juggle between various brand deals at a time and organization is the solution to this. With Glewee’s Content Calendar, our users are able to stay on top of their tasks and active deals. Not sure when you have that next branded IG story due? Check your calendar, it’s right there!



We don’t want to spoil the entire fun of the platform, so we’ll leave you with just a few peaks into Glewee’s Exclusive Creator Marketplace. If you would like to apply for an account, make sure to download Glewee on iOS + Android and go to “Apply For Glewee”. We’re excited to see where this will take us, our users, and the entire Creator Marketplace. Welcome to the Glewee App: Version 1.0


Thank you to our team, users, and extended followers throughout our journey thus far.

– The Glewee Team









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