Meta’s API Updates Set Back Many Influencer Marketing Platforms

Changes to Meta’s API Disrupt Database Platforms

Meta’s latest API and service guidelines have adversely affected influencer marketing platforms like Grin and CreatorIQ. Not only has this impacted the way database platforms operate, but it has also limited and revoked what they can offer. Meta’s updated API now requires influencers to opt into platforms and use OAuth to authenticate themselves. As a result, unauthenticated accounts have been deleted from such platforms, along with their content and campaign partnerships.


Brands on database platforms received urgent mandates to download their data in two-days time. Despite this warning, many have lost content, connections, and financial investments. Others have been manually authenticating users to restore partnerships and repair damages. None have received further communication from these platforms. Meta has also removed its features from database platforms, causing a 50% reduction in functionality. This includes features like Instagram Creator Search and real-time Meta reports.


Glewee Meets Meta’s API and Service Guidelines

Glewee guarantees the authenticity of its Creators and is unaffected by Meta’s API and service-guideline rollout. We use an opt-in platform, not an AI-generated database. This means influencers who apply (or opt-in) to our platform must permit us to access their data. Creators on Glewee are authenticated by Meta, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter and authorized to work with Brands on paid campaigns. With a 35% acceptance rate, Glewee employs a rigorous vetting process to ensure the security and legitimacy of all participating parties. We do not remove content, partnerships, and campaigns—active or archived.


The Difference Between Database and Opt-In Platforms

Database platforms scrape user data to populate their influencer Rolodex. This practice is unethical and done without user permission or Meta verification. Opt-in platforms require influencers to register to belong to the network. Influencers who opt into a platform autonomously provide information about themselves.


As an opt-in platform, Glewee does not engage in dubious practices to double its database. Our platform is protected against Meta’s API changes because we operate within its guidelines: we host opted-in Creators who are authenticated by all major social media platforms and pre-vetted by us.


Safeguarding Against Influencer Marketing Fraud

Influencer fraud can occur in a variety of ways, including creating fake social media accounts or buying followers, likes, or comments to falsify a following. Fake influencers can be challenging to detect, as fraudulent accounts can be designed to look real. This poses a risk for brands who seek influencer marketing services. However, there are a few things that brands can do to protect themselves, such as checking an influencer’s engagement or using a verified creator management platform like Glewee.


Brands, Creators, Content, and Campaigns Are Safe on Glewee

Because Glewee is For Creators, By Creators, authenticity is embedded in our ethos and software. As an opt-in platform with pre-vetted Creators, we are authorized to supply our users with real connections and real-time analytics. We have a first-party relationship with Creators and support a creator-first economy. Brands on Glewee can safely leverage Creators for campaigns. Creators on Glewee can create with confidence knowing they will be unaffected by future changes to Meta’s API. Content on Glewee is secure and will never be at risk of loss or sudden change.

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