October 24, 2022

How To Run An Influencer Marketing Campaign In 2022

  • Adam Guttadauro
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    How To Run An Influencer Marketing Campaign In 2022

    Influencer marketing is one of the most important strategies for businesses. Because there are different campaign strategies for different businesses, it is important to choose one that can help you achieve your goal. However, there are general/common steps marketers should keep in mind to ensure they achieve their goals. In this article, we will share a few tips on how to run an influencer marketing campaign.

    Be Intentional With Your Goals

    You need to find out exactly what you hope to achieve by starting an influencer campaign. You can either decide to focus on one goal or choose several other goals.

    However, you should be more specific with your goals to help you design your influencer campaign and achieve better results. Ensure that the goal of your campaign focuses on increasing brand engagement, brand awareness, engagement and even boosting customer loyalty.

    Choose Your Key Performance Indicators

    After setting your goal, the next step is to choose a key performance indicator that will help you achieve your goals. For each time you aim, KPIs help you measure the campaign to determine your score. KPIs for awareness may include views or impressions however KPIs for conversions include the number of sales, number of subscriptions, and number of clicks.

    Plan Your Strategy

    Now you have your goals and KPIs in place, it’s time to plan how your brand can grow by working with influencers. To achieve this, you should choose your target audience, preferred social media handle, and the type of influencers you want to work with to help create a framework for your campaign.

    Select Your Preferred Type of Campaign

    Now it’s time to choose the type of campaign you want to run. You should carefully consider the content format, influencer compensation, and social media channels. Your preferred type of campaign should have a direct connection to helping you achieve your goals.

    For instance, if you are trying to drive an online sale for a limited edition of body cream, you may decide to have a promo code campaign where influencers have 10% of the profit they generate on each sale. Other types of campaigns you can choose from include; sponsored posts, gift unboxing, affiliate marketing, giveaway, product collaborations, etc.

    Select an Influencer

    At this point, the action begins. You need to identify influencers that can create the kind of content your brand needs. You should focus on the influence that can reach the demographics where you want to find your target audience. A great place to find the right influencer for you is on Glewee’s creator marketplace! You can apply as a brand here.

    To do this, you need to select the right tools for your influencer campaign. This will help you save time and resources, and ensure you invest in the right software while getting the best from your campaign.

    With a shortlist of your most preferred influencers in place, you can now introduce your brand and products using the most convincing value proposition. Do not forget to share the details of your compensation offer.

    Contracts and Briefs

    This process is needed to bring your selected influencers on board. Here you will be sharing your campaign brief, signing contracts, and negotiating compensation.

    To do this, ensure you create a brief that contains every important detail resting to the product content, dos & don’ts, message tone, and of course, the timeline. Your brief should be informative and should also excite the influencer who will be working with your business.

    Produce and Amplify Contents

    Now you have ironed out the final details of your campaign, it’s time to produce the content and amplify it. You should ensure your influences have everything they need to make this possible including the product sample, campaign guidelines, and affiliate links or promo codes. You can also use websites, newsletters, and social media to promote your content so it reaches a larger audience.


    From creating your goals, planning your strategy, selecting influencers, etc, you have everything you need to help you run a successful influencer marketing campaign.