Three Times Professional Sports Turned To TikTok Influencers

How Sports Teams are Leveraging TikTok Influencers

In an effort to reach younger fans, more and more sports teams are turning to influencer marketing on social media. One of the most popular platforms for this type of promotion is TikTok—a platform focused on user-generated content with a huge base of Gen Z followers. Here’s how some professional sports teams have been leveraging TikTok influencers in their promotional efforts:

Allison Kuch and The Las Vegas Raiders

TikTok influencer Allison Kuch, the wife of NFL player Isaac Rochell, has recently collaborated on a series of TikTok posts with her husband’s new team, the Las Vegas Raiders. Kuch rose to influencer fame by posting videos about life as an NFL wife and started receiving brand deals from companies like Jordan. Her husband was signed to the Raiders for the last two weeks of the season, and Kuch was also able to collaborate with the Raiders on a series of TikTok videos promoting the team.

@allisonkuchskulls + spikes are in, business suits are out♬ STAY – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

The Golden State Warriors Partner With Jojo Siwa

The Golden State Warriors partnered with YouTube star Jojo Siwa—aka Dance Mom’s Nickelodeon actress—to promote their new ‘Dub Nation’ jersey collection in October 2020. To highlight the merchandise, Siwa starred in a series of videos where she expressed her enthusiasm for the team while showing off her dance moves alongside Dub Nation’s mascot “Roaracle.” This campaign gained major traction online, earning more than 3 million likes and over 25 million views across all platforms.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Join Forces With Addison Rae

The Los Angeles Dodgers worked with TikTok celebrity Addison Rae for their 2020 playoffs campaign. In order to spread excitement about playoff baseball season, Rae posted clips where she showed off her favorite Dodger merchandise along with unique dance moves inspired by players from the team. Additionally, she ran multiple giveaways that challenged users to replicate her moves and post them using specific hashtags in order to win prizes related to the Dodgers organization. Through this collaboration, Rae was able to reach millions of potential customers who may not have otherwise been exposed to the Dodgers brand.

These cases demonstrate just how powerful influencer marketing can be when it comes to connecting professional sports teams with younger fans. As Gen Z continues to play an increasingly prominent role in today’s society, we can expect more and more organizations to turn towards partnerships like these ones as they seek out effective ways of promoting themselves and attracting new audiences online. If you are a sports team, or just want to get going on influencer marketing for your brand, contact Glewee today!

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