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Decisions around your brand’s influencer marketing strategy can leave little room for mistakes. The potential to err can be costly. The risk-to-reward ratio can be tempting. As such, aligning with the right creator can present a challenge for brands who don’t know what to consider. Brands who work with creators must be aware of factors beyond follower count and engagement: they must also verify that a creator’s followers match the brand’s target market and that the content created will lead to brand engagement. To avoid any misaligned collaborations, brands can empower themselves through insights—audience insights to be exact. Brands must know their audience and the audience they seek to engage before launching creator campaigns.

Influencer Metrics Matter

The basis of creator collaboration is brand expansion. While many elements are taken into account when working with creators—such as product category and quality of engagement—audience insights can carry a lot of weight when grounding a brand’s selection of creators. Collaborating with the right creator means connecting with the right audience. Determining the appropriate audience is achieved through insights. Audience insights help guide brands during the decision-making process and illuminate the most relevant creators for each campaign.

Understanding Audience Insights

To know your audience is to understand what drives them. To understand what drives them drives sales. Audience insights are data used by brands to better understand their target market. Two sets of data feed audience insights: demographics and psychographics. Demographics define an audience through traits such as age, gender, and income. Psychographics break down an audience by more abstract factors, such as preferences, interests, and values. Both sets of data are necessary when forming a functional picture of a brand’s target audience.

Glewee Offering Audience Insights To Show Brands Why They Should Work With Specific Influencers

Leveraging Audience Insights

Audience insights are a crucial component of developing a creator marketing strategy. Knowing the demographics and psychographics of a creator’s followers allows brands to launch targeted campaigns and make informed decisions about which creator to choose for these campaigns. Although brands can glean rudimentary insights from a creator’s media kit or public profiles, this is not enough to determine the compatibility of a creator’s followers with a brand’s target audience. To acquire high-level insights, brands can use an influencer marketing platform with pre-vetted creators. For authenticated creators and their accompanying insights, brands can turn to Glewee—the fastest-growing influencer marketing platform.


Types Of Audience Insight Data Points

When collaborating with creators and influencers, you should be aware of who their followers are. On Glewee, you are able to see the following data on the audience of the influencers you are working with:

  • Audience Primary Age (Range)
  • Audience Primary Gender
  • Audience Primary Ethnicity
  • Audience Native Language
  • Audience Marital Status
  • Audience Education Level
  • Top Audience Likes & Interests
  • And Many More!
Influencer Audience Insights on Glewee

Brands on Glewee can view audience insights for every qualifying Creator. These insights include the age, gender, location, native language, family status, education level, occupation, industry, personal income, and likes and interests of a Creator’s followers. Equipped with this knowledge, brands can make strategic decisions around the Creators they form partnerships with and the type of content they commission from them. If you’re a brand interested in elevating your creator marketing strategy, Glewee is the platform for you.

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