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Does your brand need help finding the right influencers for campaigns? Glewee, the leading all-in-one influencer marketing network, has again revolutionized the industry with its new Audience Insights tool. This comprehensive feature provides brands and agencies greater insight into an influencer’s audience. In addition, this powerful tool allows brands to make data-driven decisions about their collaborations easily.

Audience Insights provides detailed information about an influencer’s followers, such as age, gender, location, interests and more – making it easier for brands to determine which collaborations are most likely to be successful.

Audience Insights is just one of many features that set Glewee apart from other networks in the space. The intuitive Glewee platform makes it easy for brands and agencies to find the right influencers for campaigns quickly and efficiently. The extensive database of over 10,000+ influencers and content creators gives users access to creators across multiple demographics and markets. Additionally, advanced analytics provide real-time insights into performance metrics like views, impressions and engagement rate so marketers can easily track the success of campaigns.

Available Data on an Influencer’s Audience

Glewee has transformed the way brands do influencer marketing by making high-quality content creators easier to find and providing a rich environment supporting business relationship building. With Glewee’s new Audience Insights tool, marketers have even greater control over content creator selection and collaboration, ensuring that each campaign reaches the right target audience at the right time using the influencers’ actual performance marketing data. All of these data points are readily available for Brands & Agencies through Glewee’s Audience Insights tool.

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Influencer’s Follower’s Age Breakdown

Analyzing the age breakdown of an influencer’s followers provides valuable insight into their audience’s interests and purchasing behaviors. By partnering with influencers whose followers match their target customer profile, brands can create relevant and effective marketing campaigns that drive engagement and conversions. This data also allows brands to identify new potential customers and tailor their messaging to resonate with different age groups.

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Influencer’s Follower’s Race Breakdown

Understanding the ethnicity of an influencer’s follower base provides brands an important opportunity to tailor content and ads accordingly, targeting specific races and appealing to their interests and sensibilities.

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Influencer’s Follower’s Education Breakdown

The education level of an influencer’s followers is a valuable data point that allows brands to create marketing campaigns that speak directly to followers’ educational experiences. For example, targets who have earned graduate degrees are often extremely proud of this accomplishment, often including their degree attainment in their business signatures. Marketers can create content congratulating new graduates or use the more advanced copy in messages, thus deepening the relationship between the brand and the influencer’s followers.

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Influencer’s Follower’s Family Status Breakdown

Understanding an influencer’s followers’ family status allows brands to present the products and messages that fit the target audience’s needs. For instance, family status is significant if your brand promotes a dating app, wedding dresses or romantic trips. By knowing an influencer’s audience’s family status, brands can create effective influencer marketing campaigns that resonate with specific audiences.

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Influencer’s Follower’s Native Language

Brands that take the time to research an influencer’s audience and tailor campaigns to their native language can connect with them on a deeper level. Using native language intel, brands can show that they understand their target market. For example, campaigns that are presented in the target’s native language and are designed using region-specific slang or cultural references can help brands create a more meaningful bond with the audience. This allows brands to reach new markets and engage in ways that would have been impossible without understanding the native language of the influencer’s followers.

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Influencer’s Follower’s Distribution by Location (Country, State and City) Breakdown

Knowing an influencer’s follower breakdown by country, state, and even city, brands can tailor influencer marketing campaigns to specific regions, making them more impactful and likely to convert. For example, a franchise brand wanting to sell more franchisees in a particular area could find an influencer with followers in the same region. By leveraging geographical data, brands can ensure their messaging reaches the right people at the right time.

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Influencer’s Follower’s Occupations Breakdown

Understanding the occupational landscape of an influencer’s following allows marketers to develop campaigns that speak directly to the audience’s interests, needs and desires. For example, if your brand sells accounting services to small businesses, targeting SMB owners is spot on. Conversely, engaging with an SMB influencer does not guarantee their followers are business owners. Knowing the occupation of an influencer’s followers will help ensure the success of an influencer marketing campaign.

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Influencer’s Follower Industry Affinity (Including demonstrated Interest) Breakdown

An influencer’s followers’ industry affinity opens up endless message possibilities. By tailoring campaigns specifically to the occupations and interests of target audiences empowers brands to collaborate with influencers that create engaging and informative content that resonates on a deeper level. From targeted product placements to promotional offers, brands can leverage influencer partnerships to widen the brand’s reach and directly connect with potential customers already invested in the brand’s area of expertise.

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Influencer’s Follower’s Personal Income Breakdown

When a brand knows an influencer’s followers’ income level, it can create campaigns that precisely suit the needs of the audience segment. For instance, if the influencer’s followers skew to the high-income segment, then a luxury product or service brand would be a perfect fit. Conversely, if the influencer’s fans skew lower to middle-income, a different brand with lower-cost products or services might be a better fit.

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Influencer’s Follower’s Likes and Interests (Including Music, Sports Followed, Hobbies, TV Shows and Movies Watched) Breakdown

When a brand partners with an influencer with a massive following, it can reach a broad audience. However, it’s not just about partnering with an influencer with a big following; it’s about understanding the influencer’s followers’ likes and interests. By doing so, a brand can create tailor-made campaigns for the influencer’s followers, increasing engagement and ROI. For instance, a brand promoting sporting goods can collaborate with an influencer whose followers love to play basketball or football and create a campaign showcasing the latest sports equipment. This kind of targeted marketing is effective because it speaks to the influencer’s followers in a way that resonates with them.

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Audience Insights are a Game-Changer

Audience Insights is a game-changer for companies looking to maximize their investment in influencer marketing. Brands can now quickly access information that would otherwise take days or weeks of research to uncover. Glewee’s Audience Insights tool provides an overview of an influencer’s audience demographics, enabling marketers to target specific audiences more precisely than ever.

In addition to the robust data available through Audience Insights, Glewee also offers other features that make it easier for brands and agencies to connect with influencers and manage campaigns. This includes streamlining communication, campaign management, analytical tools for reporting on collaborations and payment processing, and legal capabilities for quickly sending payments and contracts.

With this powerful new tool, marketers now have unprecedented access to data that will help them make smarter decisions when it comes time to collaborate with influencers.

For more information on Glewee’s Audience Insights, please visit https://glewee.com/audience-insights/.

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