10 Beverage Influencers to Follow in 2024


No occasion is complete without beverages. They are at the heart and soul of every event, whether a night out, barbecue, or wedding. So, if you’re a beverage enthusiast, you ought to know the most influential beverage influencers in the industry who regularly share inventive cocktails and beverages with their followers. Read this blog to learn about some influencer marketing examples that various beverage influencers have completed.

After highlighting top influencers in the fashion, fitness, and lifestyle sectors, today, we turn our focus to beverage influencers.

Top 10 Beverage Influencers to Follow

Here is our pick of the top 10 Beverage influencers to follow in 2024.

1. Kevin Kos


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A post shared by Kevin Kos (@kevin_kos)

Get to peek into the world of drink-making with Kevin Kos. He should be considered an influencer and educator, and entertainer who brings the world of beverages to life through his engaging content.

On his YouTube channel, “Cocktail Time with Kevin Kos,” he showcases his skill in crafting signature cocktails and reviving classic favorites with a unique twist. Kevin is known for his expertise in mixology and shares his knowledge with his followers.

Kevin offers educational and entertaining content and wants to ignite a passion for mixology amongst his followers. This creative blend of instruction and entertainment makes his platform informative and engaging.

With Kevin, you’ll see making cocktails as more than just mixing drinks. He likes to think of it as a journey of flavors and craftsmanship. His style and entertaining videos have gotten him over 150k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

2. Olivia


Olivia, known on Instagram as Liv Yah, is an up-and-coming beverage influencer who loves to share her creative and unique cocktail recipes on Instagram and TikTok.

Olvia likes to mix things up by incorporating themed beverages into her recipes. She also makes it a point to celebrate different occasions with inventive cocktails and fun. Her creations are a work of art and extremely easy to make.

Occasionally, Olivia shares her fashion styling with her 429K and 411K followers on IG and TikTok.

3. Mandy Hickman

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Mandy Hickman is a food and beverage influencer who stands out for her healthy approach to creating nutritional and nutritious recipes.

Her website, Dash of Mandi, shares her passion for easy and creative recipes. Mandi’s content reflects her journey which centers on weight and calorie count for a healthier lifestyle.

But her content isn’t just about eating clean but about feeling good mentally and physically. She wants others to learn from her journey and focus on nutritional and energizing food and beverages to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

Mandy is not afraid to experiment with her recipes “even if it looks like a bomb went off in my apartment by the end of the day”, she says on her website. She goes to lengths to create customized recipes with various diets to cater to her followers.

This is why her recipes cater to a diverse audience, including busy moms, students, and professionals. Mandi’s moderation and focus on a balanced lifestyle make her a unique and popular content creator.

4. Kristiana Pelizzoli

Kristi is a budding beverage influencer on Instagram. Kristi started posting in May of 2023, and in just nine months, she has managed to grow her follower count to 24.5K. Wow, right!

She owes this growth to her love of bartending and mixology and community support. With no experience in the field, she launched her page (with encouragement from her fiancé) to create a space where she could showcase her experiments with different flavors—which she did for her family and friends at intimate gatherings.

She usually experiments with seasoned and fruity cocktails and unlikely combinations that look and taste amazing. She also gives her creations creative and unique names, making her style more captivating and fresh.

Her recipes are extremely easy to make, and her presentation skills are to die for. She loves connecting with her followers and enjoys a highly engaged following. Kristi mentions that she plans to one day have a small cocktail bar and maybe even create fun cocktails for other brands and bars.

5. Kelly Sparks

Kelly Sparks, the founder of Queen Bee Mixology, ventured into mixology out of her love for high-quality video production and delicious cocktails.

Queen Bee Mixology, which Kelly launched in 2017, reflects her love of cocktails. Kelly emphasizes making great cocktails accessible to everyone, irrespective of their living situation or budget. This inclusive approach makes us love her even more.

Kelly wants her followers to explore the world of cocktails without feeling intimidated; she truly believes that creating delicious drinks doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy.

Kelly believes in trying, tasting, and exploring new things regarding cocktails. She even offers step-by-step instructions for making cocktails at home on a weekly KOMO TV segment.

6. Sean Briggs


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A post shared by Sean Briggs (@itscocktailhour_)

Sean Briggs, who shares his creations through the Instagram handle “The Cocktail Hour,” is one of the top influencers known for his engaging content in the world of cocktails and mixology.

Briggs has a deep love for making cocktails and a remarkable talent for showcasing them. His recipe videos are not just informative but also visually stunning.

He loves exploring innovative cocktail recipes that blend traditional methods with contemporary twists. Sean then shares these creative recipes with his followers through IG reels.

Sean simplifies complex mixology techniques, making the art of cocktail crafting accessible to amateurs and pros. This is why he has over 183K followers on Instagram.

7. Chelsea Wynn

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A post shared by Chelsea Wynn (@mrsheadline)

Chelsea Wynn, known as Mrs. Headline, is a beverage influencer who stands out for her artistic approach to drink presentation. Each of her creations is not just a beverage but a visual masterpiece.

Follow Chelsea Wynn if you want a fresh and vibrant approach to mixology. Her cocktails stand out against thoughtfully curated backdrops, showcasing Chelsea’s dedication to her trade.

Chelsea loves experimenting with unconventional ingredients and fusion recipes. What we love about her is her down-to-earth persona, making her a one-of-a-kind influencer in the beverage industry.

8. Matthias

Matthias is challenging the traditional norms of the beverage industry. Though he isn’t a professional bartender, his passion and creativity have won several cocktail competitions. Matthias’ approach to mixology is refreshing and fun.

On his blog, ‘Served By Soberon,’ and his social media channels, he provides his followers with recipes, product reviews, and event summaries. He shares a new cocktail daily on Instagram, complete with detailed instructions for recreating it, and he never forgets to credit the creator of the recipes.

Matthias’ passion for beverages extends beyond the online sphere. He has contributed to printed magazines, provided consultancy for brands and distilleries, and judged cocktail competitions alongside renowned chefs and mixologists.

9. Phil from Phil’s Drinks


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A post shared by Phil (@philsdrinks)

Phil invites his followers to join him on a journey of crafting simple drinks at home. His Instagram page is filled with colorful and beautifully captured images of drinks, showcasing his splendid and creative style.

The artistic backdrops and thoughtfully designed thumbnails on his page are attractive and stir a thirst in his followers.

Phil shares recipes for simple cocktails and compellingly and informatively presents historical facts about the origins of these beverages. His presentation skills are as creative and elegant as his approach to simplifying recipes, making them (and him) irresistibly easy to follow.

10. Stephanie Whaler


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A post shared by Stephanie Wahler (@bevsbybeverly)

Stephanie, or as she is known on social media, Bevs by Beverly, is a rising beverage influencer. Her engaging and creative content revolves around her passion for making delicious and simple cocktail and beverage recipes.

Followers connect with Stephanie over their passion for beverages and learn to create visually stunning and flavorsome cocktails with her.

Her easy-to-replicate recipes appeal to both beginners and seasoned cocktail enthusiasts. On her social media, you’ll find informative and visually appealing videos in which she showcases her cocktail presentation skills.

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