Influencer Marketing Examples for SMBs


We encounter influencer marketing examples everywhere—sometimes without even realizing it. Influencer marketing comes in many forms. It is a versatile and effective strategy for Brand growth and promotion. For small and midsize businesses (SMBs), influencer marketing can hold the key to greater profitability, visibility, and credibility.

Throughout this guide, we’ll showcase and assess influencer marketing examples for SMBs. We’ll cover influencer marketing examples per campaign type, social media platform, and industry. We’ll also explore case studies native to Glewee and demonstrate how you can use Glewee to launch influencer marketing campaigns for your small or midsize business.

Ready for insight and inspiration? Read on.

Decoding Influencer Marketing

Most of us see influencer marketing examples daily, whether scrolling through social media or engaging with our favorite influencers. It has permeated many avenues of our lives and shaped the experience of eCommerce, especially social commerce, or selling goods and services through social networks.

By blending into our daily feeds, influencer marketing can bypass the many roadblocks associated with traditional advertisement. On one hand, you gain access to warm leads and a warmed-up target audience. On the other hand, you can authentically promote your small business.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of digital marketing in which Brands collaborate with influencers and content creators to promote their products or services to their target audience across social media. It is a strategy to connect businesses with their target audience directly and authentically.

How Can Small Businesses Benefit from Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing can produce results for small businesses. Standing out is challenging in a hyper-saturated market and a world in constant competition for our attention. While social media may have exasperated the demand for our attention, it has opened new avenues in which to direct it.

It no longer serves Brands to remain strictly in their digital or physical storefronts. More and more, Brands are injecting themselves into the cultural zeitgeist and conversations. Brands are positioning themselves as relevant players within the digital landscape. Brands must find their communities on social media to be considered authentic voices.

Whether small or conglomerate, businesses want to be holistic parts of culture. To achieve this, Brands strike diverse partnerships and seek unique collaborations with influencers. Hyper-targeted partnerships let Brands embed themselves in communities they otherwise can’t access. These partnerships cement Brands as legitimate community members and expand their presence to other communities.

What Is an Influencer Marketing Campaign?

An influencer marketing campaign is a strategic plan of action and planned activities designed to promote a Brand and engage its target audience through influential figures on social media. Influencer marketing campaigns are suited to every budget and industry. They harness authentic and relatable content produced by influencers to gain the audience’s trust, boost Brand credibility, and convert consumers into loyal, returning customers.

Influencer marketing campaigns allow flexible collaboration between the Brand and the Content Creator. The Brand provides the Creator with a brief, guidelines, and content deliverables for one or more channels, typically on social media. Influencer marketing campaigns do not exclusively result in content for use on social media. Brands can use influencer marketing on their websites, email marketing campaigns, and even within their brick-and-mortar establishments.

What Are the Goals of an Influencer Marketing Campaign?

You must establish your influencer marketing campaign goal(s) before launching it. These goals can be content, conversions, and awareness. Pick one, two, or all three. Be aware that your choice will influence your choice of influencers and the content they produce.


Suppose the sole goal is to generate content for Brand use. In that case, your influencer marketing campaign will center around creating relatable content that showcases your products or services and engages your target audience.

Influencer marketing campaigns’ content is versatile; You can repurpose, reuse, and redistribute it across your marketing channels. Because content is the focus, select influencers or content Creators who align with your Brand’s identity and audience.


If your goal is to generate conversions, your influencer marketing campaign will center around driving actions from your target audience. These actions include purchasing products, following Brand accounts, signing up for services, downloading apps, or subscribing to a newsletter.

While every successful influencer is persuasive, small businesses often do better when partnering with micro influencers for conversion campaigns. Micro influencers have higher engagement rates than their larger counterparts. They also have access to a niche and dedicated audience.


If you are to generate Brand awareness, your influencer marketing campaign will boost visibility through strategic partnerships with influencers who can amplify your reach and reach your target audience.

Many Brands partner with macro or mega influencers for their reach. While you may not get higher engagement rates from these influencers, you will get mass visibility. Big influencers have the greatest reach but sometimes this comes with a cost of lower engagement.

Components of Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Clear Objectives

Establishing clear objectives is the cornerstone of a successful campaign. Before embarking on any collaboration, it’s essential to define what you hope to achieve. Are you aiming to boost brand awareness, drive sales, or foster a specific brand image? Having a precise understanding of your goals not only guides your influencer selection but also shapes the overall strategy. Clear objectives serve as the North Star, ensuring that every aspect of the campaign aligns seamlessly with your brand’s mission and vision.

Brand-Fit Influencers

The careful selection of influencers who resonate with your Brand is one of the most important components of successful influencer marketing campaigns. Authenticity is key. Look beyond mere follower numbers and delve into an influencer’s content, values, and engagement.

A successful partnership hinges on a natural alignment between the influencer’s personal brand and your product or service. Choose influencers whose audience mirrors your target demographic, ensuring that your brand message reaches those most likely to be genuinely interested. It’s not about the biggest names; it’s about finding the right influencers who embody your Brand’s ethos.

Authentic Content

In the age of discerning consumers, authenticity reigns supreme. Authentic content not only captivates audiences but also builds trust. Encourage influencers to infuse their unique style and voice into the promotional material. Whether it’s a review, tutorial, or storytelling post, the content should seamlessly integrate your Brand message without feeling forced.

Authenticity fosters a genuine connection between the influencer and their audience, enhancing the likelihood of meaningful engagement. Remember, the more authentic the content, the more impactful and lasting the impression on your target audience.

Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The main components of an influencer marketing campaign are the Brand and the influencers. Influencer marketing is a versatile medium that produces diverse and versatile content that can be repurposed and reused across multiple platforms and channels so long as you secure usage rights. While influencer marketing is ever-evolving, there have been some mainstay campaign formats. Here are some of the most common influencer marketing campaign types:

  • Sponsored Posts: Sponsored posts are advertisements on social media. Brands sponsor influencers to create content that promotes their product or services. Once approved, the influencer shares the content with their followers. Sponsored posts will contain a paid partnership label to distinguish them from organic content.


  • User-Generated Content: User-generated content (UGC) traditionally refers to third-party content that organically reviews a product or service. Because UGC is a popular content form on social media, Brands will pay influencers to promote their products or services in that style.


  • Brand Activations: Brand activations are immersive and interactive experiences that promote a Brand’s products or services. Brands will host events that influencers attend and document for their following. These activations engage consumers through experiential marketing.


  • Unboxings: Unboxings are promotional videos that capture the first impressions of an influencer opening a product or PR package from a Brand. Unboxings are popular during product launches and capitalize on the reaction of the influencer.

  • Collaborative Posts: A collaborative post is a feature currently exclusive to Instagram that allows two users to co-author a post. It has become a popular choice among Brands and Creators partnering on the platform. Collaborative posts provide double the exposure and engagement.

  • Product Collaborations: Product collaborations occur when a Brand partners with an influencer to develop, create, and launch an exclusive product. Product collaborations are limited-edition releases that harness the traits and talents of the influencer. The Brand and influencer will co-create a product that merges and highlights the unique selling points of each.

  • Product Hauls: Product hauls are videos in which influencers showcase the contents of a recent purchase. The products in product haul videos can come from one or many Brands, online or in-store. For instance, a beauty influencer may share different makeup from a Sephora haul, or a fashion influencer may try on clothes from a Ganni haul.


  • Giveaways and Contests: Giveaways and contests are social media staples that incentivize action with free or discounted products or services. Many Brands partner with influencers to promote their giveaways and contests and drive action from the influencer’s followers.

Influencer Marketing Examples for Every Campaign Type

Let’s explore influencer marketing examples for every campaign type now that we’ve defined them. We’ll examine some of the best influencer marketing examples across industries and social media platforms for Brands big and small.

Influencer Marketing Examples: Sponsored Posts

Mirta Miler x SHEGLAM

@mimiermakeup Full face of my @SHEGLAM November Sale recommendations✨💅🏻 available on “sheglam.com” and everywhere else SHEGLAM is sold #SHEGLAM #SHEGLAMHAUL #FULLFACEOFSHEGLAM #sheglampartner ♬ original sound – Mirta Miler

Key Insights

Crafting a TikTok sponsored post for SHEGLAM demands authenticity, strategic hashtag use (#SHEGLAM), and a clear call-to-action directing viewers to SHEGLAM’s website. Visual engagement is key—showcasing the influencer, mimiermakeup’s favorites with dynamic transitions and upbeat music not only drives sales but also fosters a genuine connection within the SHEGLAM community.

Influencer Marketing Examples: User-Generated Content

Danimarielettering x Stanley 1913

@danimarielettering Thirsty after you catch on fire? @Stanley 1913 is like no problem i gotchu #fyp #carfire #accident #stanleycup ♬ original sound – Danielle

Key Insights

In the TikTok post showcasing the Stanley water bottle surviving a car fire, the influencer, @danimarielettering infuses a humorous tone and cleverly employs hashtags like #fyp and #stanleycup for increased discoverability.

Visually showcasing the product’s durability amidst the playful narrative and including a strategic call-to-action fosters audience engagement. This approach not only highlights the water bottle’s resilience but also cultivates brand recognition within the TikTok community, leveraging humor and creativity for impactful storytelling.

Influencer Marketing Examples: Brand Activations


@sierrarenas literally gave myself 2 go home passes this whole tripped, used one on the first night 😂😂😂😂 byeee #ghana #dettydecember #topicalsgonetoghana ♬ original sound – SIERRA RENA

Key Insights

Through a brand activation in-person event for Topicals, TikTok influencer sierrarenas forms a profound emotional bond, driven by the brand’s meticulous care and attention to detail. Sierra not only attends but becomes a genuine advocate, resonating with the elevated level of care infused into the event.

This emotional connection serves as a testament to Topicals’ commitment to creating meaningful and memorable experiences, effectively translating into authentic influencer endorsement and fostering a deeper connection with the brand among the event attendees and the influencer’s audience.

Influencer Marketing Examples: Unboxings

Jihoon x Gentle Monsters

@jihoonSo cute 😭♬ Elegant and gentle, Boccellini’s Menuet – Kohrogi

Key Insights

In a TikTok unboxing by influencer Jihoon, the allure of Gentle Monsters’ stylish glasses is magnified by their uniquely creative packaging. The anticipation builds as the packaging, resembling giant gummy bears, cleverly conceals the actual eyewear inside.

This innovative presentation not only adds an element of surprise and delight but also establishes Gentle Monsters as a brand that seamlessly merges style with a playful and imaginative touch.

Jihoon’s unboxing experience becomes a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering not just eyewear but a distinctive and memorable journey, creating a lasting impression on both the influencer and their audience.

Influencer Marketing Examples: Collaborative Posts

lukefoods_ x how.kev.eats x Boo’s Philly


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Luke Collins (@lukefoods_)

Key Insights

In an Instagram collaboration, Lukefoods reviews Boo’s Philly, renowned for their delectable Philly cheesesteaks, by joining forces with food enthusiast how.kev.eats. This strategic partnership not only broadens the exposure for Boo’s Philly but also introduces a dynamic and engaging narrative to the review.

By pooling their individual audiences, Lukefoods and how.kev.eats create a synergistic effect, generating heightened visibility and authenticity. The collaborative post becomes a powerful tool, showcasing Boo’s Philly to a wider audience and leveraging the influence of both content creators in the realm of food exploration and appreciation.

Influencer Marketing Examples: Product Collaborations

Barbie Ferreira x Levis


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by barbie ferreira (@barbieferreira)

Key Insights

In a strategic collaboration, influencer Barbie Ferreira seamlessly integrates Levi’s new denim collection into her Instagram feed, amplifying the brand’s reach through a paid promotion. By tactically tagging Levi’s in both the post and caption, Barbie not only enhances the visibility of the partnership but also establishes a direct connection between her fashion-forward audience and the iconic denim brand.

This intentional tagging strategy not only boosts brand recognition but also invites followers to explore the featured collection. Barbie Ferreira’s post serves as a potent catalyst for driving engagement and interest in Levi’s latest denim offerings, creating a harmonious blend of style and brand promotion.

Influencer Marketing Examples: Product Hauls

Sofie.vollan x NA-KD

@sofie.vollan ad/ Idunn and Emma rating my new outfits from @nakdfashion ♬ original sound – SOFIE VOLLAN

Key Insights

In a dynamic TikTok product haul, influencer Sofie Vollan collaborates with NA-KD, transforming the fashion showcase into an engaging experience. By incorporating her friends’ live reviews, ranging from 0-10, Sofie adds an entertaining twist to the haul, making it more relatable and interactive.

The strategic sharing of her affiliate code not only incentivizes her followers with a 20% discount on NA-KD items but also tracks the effectiveness of her influence. Sofie’s video becomes a blend of entertainment, honest reviews, and a direct call-to-action, effectively turning her followers into active participants in the NA-KD fashion journey.

Influencer Marketing Examples: Giveaways and Contests

Amber Vittoria x Speks


View this profile on Instagram


Speks (@getspeks) • Instagram photos and videos

Key Insights

Influencer and artist Amber Vittoria collaborates with Speks for an Instagram giveaway, creating an engaging opportunity for her followers. By hosting a giveaway featuring her unique paintings and Speks fidget toys, Amber seamlessly merges her artistic expression with an interactive experience.

The simplicity of the entry requirements—following both accounts, liking the post, and tagging two friends—encourages widespread participation and fosters a sense of community. This giveaway not only enhances brand visibility for Speks but also positions Amber’s artwork as a coveted prize.

Industry-Specific Influencer Marketing Examples

As mentioned, influencer marketing is malleable. You can adapt it to any industry and find influencers in every niche. For the sake of being succinct, we will go over influencer marketing examples in six distinct industries:

Health & Wellness

“Eight Holistic Wellness Habits to Try” by Lavendaire




MyPawfectFamily (Sahana) x Sally Beauty

@mypawfectfamily To the color mixture, we also added some squirts of the bondbar Bonding Booster and prepped the hair with the Bonding Primer @Sally Beauty #sallybeautypartner #bondbar #maroonhaircolor #hairtransformation #momglowup ♬ original sound – MyPawfectFamily (Sahana)


Madelinesmodelling_ x Boss


mak x eberjey

@makena.lynnnn spring morning routine ⛅️💕 #selfcare #wellness #selflove #morningroutine #morningvibes #minivlog #fyp #foryou #romanticizeyourlife #happysaturday #gratitudejournal #5minutejournal ♬ som original – ana 𔘓

Food & Beverage

Morgan Raum x Potluck Club

@morgan.raum much love for this chinatown restaurant 🥡🙏🏼 #nyclife #nycfood #nycrestaurants #nyc #chinese #chinesefood #chinatown ♬ There’s Nothing Too Good for My Baby (Brunswick 6220) [Recorded 1931] – Ben Bernie And His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra

Influencer Marketing Examples by Social Media Platform


iPhone Users x Apple


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by apple (@apple)

eyesrodgers x Belvedere Vodka


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by eyes (@eyesrodgers)

Miraalmomani x Nike


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Mira Al-Momani (@miraalmomani)


Santina x Dr. Miami

@therealdrmiamiCreating masterpieces is in her job description♬ original sound – Oatmilf

Haleyy Baylee x CeraVe

@haleyybaylee Guys run to this pharmacy in BK, I just saw MICHAEL CERA signing bottles!! 😳😳😳I’m a #ceravepartner, and I’m asking @CeraVe what is going ON #nyc #fyp #celebritysighting ♬ original sound – haleyybaylee

Nyane x YSL Beauty

@nyane Lets do my makeup ✨YSL✨ Full face of #yslbeauty FINALLY shot some new content for you guys. What did you think of the final look? 💋 #ysl #temperhair ♬ original sound – Nyane


Lea Elui x Huda Beauty

Michelle Phan x Ana Luisa

Bretman Rock x Curology

Mina La x Squarespace

SMB Influencer Marketing Examples

Beautyspock x Karen Vintage Boutique

@beautyspockMy favourite place in London. I have never seen so many perfect things in one space. Karen Vintage Boutique 📍♬ Città vuota – Mina

Candace x Primarily Pure x ELA SKIN CO.

@thrivewithcandice Just water & beef tallow and my skin has never been better 🫶🏼 dry brush is from @Primally Pure and beef tallow from @ELA SKIN CO. #nontoxicskincareroutine #naturalskincare #naturalskincareproducts #nontoxicskincareproducts #beeftallowskincare #drybrushingskin #drybrushingbenefits ♬ original sound – Candice | UGC Creator

Abigail Feehley x IT’SUGAR

@abigailfeehls THANK U @IT’SUGAR for sending 💖💗 #gummycandy #candytok #candyasmr #candyreview #candyshop #candystore #food #candytastetest ♬ original sound – ABIGAIL FEEHLEY

Chameliolix x Simihaze Beauty

@simihazebeauty From day to night ✨✨ @chameliolix EASY LASH Clean Lift Mascara SOLAR TINT Blush Duo in shade Red Moon SUN WASH Bronzing Powder in shade Matte Normandie SUN FLUSH All-Over Face Tint in shade Soft EYE PLAY Dash Pack LUNAR Lip Gel in shade Orbit #simihazebeauty #makeuptutorial #veganbeauty #daytonightmakeup ♬ Lazy Sunday – Official Sound Studio

Launching Influencer Marketing Campaigns on a Budget

You don’t need an endless budget to launch an influencer marketing campaign. Small businesses can launch successful influencer marketing campaigns on any budget with the right tools and know-how. Glewee’s all-in-one influencer marketing platform has the talent and tools to run end-to-end campaigns that suit your Brand and budget.

Influencer Marketing Examples from Glewee Case Studies

Before we delve into how you can join Glewee and create an influencer marketing campaign on the platform, let’s look at Glewee-native influencer marketing examples. We’ll go over four case studies across four industries from the small, midsize, and legacy businesses.


BestBodiesForLife (BBFL) is a faith-based, family-first fitness Brand. BBFL partnered with fitness Creators on Glewee to promote its protein shake powders on Instagram and TikTok. BBFL’s influencer marketing campaign targeted women and mothers seeking healthier protein powders who value clean living.

Soteri Skin

Soteri Skin is a beauty Brand with a skincare focus. Soteir Skin partnered with beauty Creators on Glewee to promote its new skincare line on Instagram and TikTok. Soteri Skin’s influencer marketing campaign targeted individuals with sensitive skin and a predisposition to eczema.

@zonitaapplezum @Soteri Skin #soteriskin ♬ original sound – Onye


The fashion Brand, MOOV, specializes in innovative and functional luxury apparel. MOOV partnered with fashion Creators on Glewee to promote the launch of its “Formula Fashion” bags on Instagram Reels. MOOV’s influencer marketing campaign targeted fashion-forward individuals who were always on the move.


Evian is a legacy Brand known for its natural mineral water and sustainability initiatives. They sponsored a music festival on Miami Beach where they set up their own hydration station for festival attendees. Evian’s influencer marketing campaign targeted popular influencers in Miami to post about their hydration station.

How to Run an Influencer Marketing Campaign on Glewee

Running influencer marketing campaigns on Glewee is highly intuitive and effective. You can build, launch, and connect with qualified Creators for your campaign in under two minutes. Yes, it’s that easy. You can join Glewee for free and launch unlimited influencer marketing campaigns forever. Ready to learn? First, let’s quickly demonstrate how to sign up for Glewee’s free Starter tier. From there, it’s off to the campaigns.

Join Glewee

Sign up here to join Glewee’s Starter tier. The process is simple and outlined below for reference. Glewee’s Starter tier provides a freemium option for SMBs interested or active in influencer marketing. As a Starter tier user, you can launch unlimited campaigns forever.

sign up for glewee

To set up your free influencer marketing account on Glewee:

  1. Go to https://app.glewee.io/signup.
  2. Enter your business email address.
  3. Create your password.
  4. Select Brand.
  5. Click Create Account.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your Brand profile.

Create a Campaign

1: Enter Your Campaign Details

Click +Create a Campaign and enter your campaign details. These details will include:

  • Invite Type: Select whether your campaign will be open to every eligible Creator on Glewee or if it will be a private invitation to a select few.
  • Enrollment End Date: Set a cutoff date for Creators to apply.
  • Content Type: Select whether your campaign will be for user-generated content or a sponsored post.
  • Categories: Select your Brand’s industry or niche of interest. The categories currently available on Glewee are fashion, health & wellness, food, fitness, lifestyle, beauty, travel, music, comedy, auto, news & culture, alcohol, gaming, tech, family, crypto, animals, DIY, art, TV & movies, dance, travel, sports, events, business, or other.

  • Details: Give your campaign a title and a banner. Type your brief and any other relevant information.

create campaign 1

2: Set Your Deliverables

create a campaign 2

3: Specify Creator Eligibility

create a campaign 3

4: Publish


As we’ve explored various examples, from dynamic product hauls to strategic giveaways and immersive in-person events, the key takeaway is clear—SMBs can leverage the creative prowess of influencers to authentically connect with their target audience. Whether through TikTok unboxings, Instagram collaborations, or giveaways featuring unique partnerships, the possibilities are as diverse as the businesses themselves.

By embracing influencer marketing, SMBs can not only enhance brand visibility but also establish genuine connections that resonate with the modern consumer. As the digital landscape evolves, these examples serve as a compass, guiding SMBs towards a future where collaboration and authenticity reign supreme in the dynamic world of influencer marketing.

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