Top 12 Ecommerce Influencers to Follow


Influence doesn’t always come from big-name brands anymore, especially in today’s digital world. Savvy entrepreneurs and marketers have amassed massive personal followings by generously sharing their hard-won expertise and insights with anyone eager to listen. This is especially true in the realm of ecommerce influencers, where being able to learn strategies from those who have already succeeded can give your own online business dreams a valuable boost. Whether you’re an ecommerce business owner or interested in the industry, following the top ecommerce influencers is a transformative asset for realizing your online business aspirations.

These days, everyone has an opinion about virtually everything. With so many voices flooding the internet, it can be challenging to determine which experts genuinely walk the walk regarding ecommerce success. Plus, with ecommerce increasing over the last couple of years, even more content about the industry gets shared by the hour. However, some trusted advisors have proven their real-world expertise by repeatedly achieving results amid the noise. This post highlights the top 12 ecommerce influencers to follow in fashion, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), marketing, B2B, and ecommerce platforms. These influencer marketing examples give you insights that can take your business to the next level faster.

Top 12 Ecommerce Influencers to Follow:

1. Emma Sharley

Emma Sharley has an impressive track record of building brands through strategic marketing. As the founder of a leading consultancy and an AI-powered shopping platform, Emma pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in retail. With practical advice and leading woman in business by example, it’s no wonder major fashion brands look to Emma for guidance in marketing, branding, and tech innovation.

2. Keith Anderson

Keith Anderson is a trusted voice for ecommerce performance analytics that provides a competitive edge. As a strategy leader at Profitero, Keith heads up partnerships, speaking engagements, and developing retail tech. His writings unpack the ever-important metrics guiding top brands and retailers. Follow Keith for global insights, trends analysis, and advice that gets results.

3. Steve Dresser

Across the pond, Steve Dresser has his pulse on British retail as managing director of Grocery Insight. Steve consults for industry clients, tracks trends and disruptions, and reports via news segments and his popular blog. For an inside look at navigating UK regulations, competitors, technologies, and consumer shifts, he’s a must-follow.

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4. Gretta van Riel

Starting an online business is exhilarating. Gretta van Riel has inspiring stories to share from her entrepreneurial journey, taking multiple startups to new heights and winning mentorship from industry giants. Beyond business know-how, her experience becoming a social media influencer blueprints personal branding.

5. Nathan Huppatz

In Australia’s quickly growing ecommerce scene, Nathan Huppatz provides B2B solutions to streamline operations, plus insights on international expansion. As the founder of ReadytoShip and a major online retailer, Nathan offers one-on-one guidance to help SMBs sell online, tap emerging technologies, and find their niche in Australia’s online marketplace.

6. Armando Roggio

For practical advice on all things ecommerce, Armando Roggio draws from extensive experience as a senior editor of an industry publication. From optimizing site experience to financial management, his articles, live interviews, and webinars offer actionable tips for SMB owners and marketers. Armando also candidly shares his own lessons, launching side projects and giving a well-rounded perspective.

7. Tracey Wallace

Tracey Wallace talks about ecommerce strategy with authority. As the former editor-in-chief of a significant platform and consultant to Amazon, she knows how to strengthen online businesses from the backend tech to customer experience and company culture. She’s also passionate about e-learning, breaking down ecommerce essentials into understandable lessons around talent, tools, and techniques required today.

8. Andrew Youderian

Andrew Youderian serves ambitious ecommerce entrepreneurs through 1:1 services, a paid community platform, and free interviews featuring the best in the industry. While the bar is high, he has built an engaged group sharing proven models, connections, and inspiration on scaling to 7+ figures. Outside the paywall, his tactical podcast and Twitter feed still provide tremendous value.

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9. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a rare standout who’s earned celebrity status as an influencer. As co-founder of prominent tools and advisor to global brands, he keeps raising the bar on digital marketing best practices – especially SEO, content, and analytics. Despite his notable personality, he’s incredibly generous by making guidance accessible for all through free blog posts, videos, and more daily.

10. Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier paved the way selling on eBay full-time back in 1999 – and hasn’t slowed down since. She lays the blueprint for hopeful entrepreneurs around on-platform optimizations, customer care, product niches, financial planning, and beyond through several best-selling books, speaking engagements, her radio show, and online courses.

11. Chris Do

Running a business can feel counterintuitive for artists, but creativity and commerce can coexist beautifully. Chris Do shows how through The Futur digital education hub and his motion design empire. He unpacks everything from branding, software skills, hiring, and productivity hacks in a way that clicks for fellow creators ready to unlock their full potential and monetize what they love doing.

12. Justin Cener

Justin Cener has built several 7-figure companies on top of the Shopify platform. His YouTube channel and related blog offer step-by-step tutorials on leveraging Shopify and Facebook for ecommerce marketing, including influencers and paid ads. As a rising thought leader for these tools used by millions globally, Justin provides invaluable training for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Unlike most other ecommerce influencers featured in our list, he’s not active on Twitter. His biggest following is on Instagram and YouTube, where he has shared hundreds of videos.


After reading about these ecommerce standouts, you’re probably energized and eager to implement some of their winning strategies. I don’t blame you – these influencer marketing examples are inspiring! It’s clear that staying nimble and tapping into the latest innovations is critical in this fast-changing industry. Whether you’re a fledgling merchant just setting up shop or a seasoned expert looking to take things to the next level, guidance from those who have done it before successfully can make a world of difference. Lucky for us, these 12 influencers openly share hard-won lessons and battle-tested tips. By following their feeds, advice, and examples, we can skip over the stumbling blocks they’ve already encountered and catapult forward.

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