11 Gen Z Fashion Influencers You Should Know

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Gen Z—born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s—is not just the “it” generation in fashion, they are reshaping the industry, one Tiktok at a time. This inspiring and powerful group of raw youngsters is calling the shots. They’re authentic, they’re fearless, they’re everywhere! And they run the road where there is none.

Every business in the fashion industry and their dads must learn and adapt to Gen Z styles and trends—for success.

In the US, the Gen Z population is 65 million and their disposable income is over $360 billion, which is more than double the estimate from three years ago. In 2022, a study revealed that 77 percent of Gen Z consumers spent up to $250 on online purchases in a single month. This makes Gen Z a definite force to be reckoned with.

Gen Z Shopping Habits

Gen Z is paving the way when it comes to well-informed shopping. Let’s see some of their shopping habits.

They think differently —they use fashion as a means to express themselves

  • Gen Z buys from brands they resonate with and avoids others. They feel strongly about brand stories, uniqueness, and sustainability.
  • They take into account affordability, product quality, and customer service.
  • They value brands that are authentic, transparent, and sustainable.

They shop differently.

  • Gen Z is not big on the use of credit cards. Buy now, pay later (BNPL) spending in Gen Z has gone up by 330% since January 2020.
  • Gen Z is a tech-savvy generation. They shop using smartphones, tablets, and in-person. In fact, a McKinsey & Company study shows that Gen Z shops both online and offline in equal amounts. So, if you’re an e-commerce brand targeting them, make sure your stores and website are equally impressive. Make your website mobile-friendly and your stores Gen Z-friendly. 😜
  • 80% of Gen Z looks to social media for shopping advice. They also turn to social media for shopping guidance.
  • They’re active in re-commerce. Re-commerce is the practice of buying, selling, or trading second-hand or used goods.
  • 63% of Gen Z say high quality is among the top factors why they’d pay extra for a product. While 45% said they’d spend more on a brand preferred by people in their social circle.

Spending share of Gen Z and millennials

How Gen Z Influences the Fashion Industry

Gen Z prioritizes social and environmental causes. Nine in ten Gen Z consumers consider them the defining “issues of our time”. This conscious group is forcing brands to become more socially conscious and green.

This rise in “woke” consumers, especially among Gen Z and millennials, has forced brands to adopt a different approach to products, advertising, and marketing and products. Fashion brands that feature models of various races, body sizes, gender identities, and abilities in their advertising and product catalogs resonate more with Gen Z. Gen Z appreciates brands that prioritize representation and inclusivity and make a conscious effort to reflect the diverse world we live in.

Take Aerie as an example. They have gained popularity among Gen Z and younger consumers for their commitment to promoting body positivity and inclusivity. The brand features models of various body sizes and refrains from airbrushing or retouching images in their campaigns.

Gen Z’s significant spending power, along with that of millennials, encourages brands to take clear stances on social and environmental issues. This alignment is reflected in various brand initiatives, campaigns, and partnerships.

Cruelty-free makeup by CoverGirl, Plastic-reducing sportswear by Adidas, Reusable-cups by Starbucks, and Paper-fast food straws by Mcdonald’s are only a few examples of such initiatives.

Covergirl cruelty-free makeup; strive for sustainability.

Adidas plastic-free sportswear; strive for sustainability.

Gen Z Fashion Trends to Look Out For

In 2023, Gen Z continues to break fashion boundaries. They’re all about individuality and innovation. They’ve revived and infused the early 2000s with contemporary trends to create unique personal styles. They confidently mix logos, graphics, and bold accessories while seamlessly combining vintage and contemporary elements into their outfits.

They’re also reviving vintage fashion—bringing back ’90s grunge, ’70s boho chic, and ’60s mod styles on the scene. The beauty of vintage clothes is that they are environmentally friendly and can be found in thrift stores and local markets.

Also, be prepared to see more gender-neutral clothes. Gen Z is promoting inclusivity and self-expression by breaking free from traditional notions of masculinity and femininity.

And who doesn’t love oversized clothes? They’re comfortable, they’re cozy, and they’re back in style because Gen X said so.

One thing is for sure. Gen Z’s choices reflect their creativity, individuality, and flexibility. By adding small and personal touches like statement accessories, they make their clothes truly one-of-a-kind. Gen Z embraces accessories to express themselves and turn ordinary accents into distinct identity statements.

Top 11 Gen Z Fashion Influencers to Follow on Social Media

Let’s look at some Gen Z influencers, who aren’t just riding the waves but influencing millions everyday.

1. Maya Penn


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A post shared by SUCCESS Magazine (@successmagazine)

Maya Penn, an acclaimed philanthropist, environmental activist, entrepreneur, filmmaker, eco-designer, keynote speaker, artist, animator, coder, illustrator, and writer, serves as the CEO of Maya’s Ideas. She founded the company in 2008 at the young age of eight. She promotes the use of organic cotton and recycled fabric to create stylish clothes.

2. Madeline Stuart

Madeline Stuart is an Australian model with Down syndrome. She’s walked the runways of major fashion events, including New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Runway Dubai, Russian Fashion Week, and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in China. Madeline is recognized as the world’s first professional model with Down syndrome.

3. Eyes Rodgers


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A post shared by eyes (@eyesrodgers)

Eyes Rodgers is a model and content creator. She is known for her her laid-back Y2K fashion, diverse hairstyle, and accessory inspirations. Eyes has partnered with brands like Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, and ASOS.

4. Aly Meghani


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A post shared by Aly Meghani (@yungalyy)

Aly is known for his ‘get ready with me’ videos. His aesthetic tips and fan-set fashion challenges have amassed over 238K followers on Instagram.

5. Barbie Ferreira


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A post shared by barbie ferreira (@barbieferreira)

Barbie Ferreira, a model and actress, champions body positivity. Following the viral spread of her unretouched photos and a video interview from her Aerie campaign in 2016, she earned a spot on TIME magazine’s “30 Most Influential Teens.” She portrayed Kat on the HBO series Euphoria.

6. Mira Al-Momani


Mira Al-Momani is known for her expertise in sustainability, small businesses, and distinctive luxury fashion. Her exceptional styling and content creation have earned her a loyal following of almost 1M on Instagram and a respected voice in the fashion industry.

7. Asmala.la


Asmala stands out as a prominent hijab-style creator on TikTok, boasting nearly a million followers and accumulating over 4.8 million likes. Her content serves as inspiration for countless women seeking stylish hijab looks suitable for any occasion.

8. Charli D’Amelio


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A post shared by charli (@charlidamelio)

Charli is a dancer and social media influencer. She’s not just a vlogger and TikTok star; she’s also written a book, started a podcast, launched a nail polish collection, collaborated on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, and created a makeup line with Morphe. Catch her on the Hulu series “The D’Amelio Show” with her family.

9. Wisdom Kaye


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A post shared by Wisdom Kaye (@wisdm)

Wisdom’s interest in fashion started when he was in high school. Vogue dubbed him as “TikTok’s best-dressed guy.” He regularly shares videos of his outfits and styling tips and taps into Gen Z’s nostalgia love by sharing content inspired by old-school TV shows such as Powerpuff Girls and Disney Channel classics.

10. Billie Eilish


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A post shared by BILLIE EILISH (@billieeilish)

You probably know Billie. The young singer-songwriter rose to fame after being signed by a record label at the mere age of 14. Billie’s fashion choices have consistently sparked media discussions. Once known for her baggy clothes and neon hair, she now encourages her fans to be true to themselves and wear what makes them feel good. We’re with you on that, Billie.

11. Emma Chamberlain


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A post shared by emma chamberlain (@emmachamberlain)

Emma is a YouTube sensation who skyrocketed to icon status since her start in 2017. Moving from a viral influencer to the recognized ‘it girl’ of 2022. Emma’s venture into fashion is highlighted by her roles as an ambassador of Louis Vuitton and representing Vogue at the Met Gala.

The Influence of Gen Z Fashion Influencers

Gen Z influencers are reshaping the fashion and e-commerce industry. Their strong influence and purchasing power impact consumer habits—compelling retailers to adapt. So, if your target market are Gen Z, you NEED these young icons as your brand storytellers. Firstly, because of the energy and freshness they bring to the brand; secondly, because they speak the language of your consumers. Also, remember to focus on both retail and e-commerce for this unique generation.

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