What Is A Flex?

Flex means showing off or boasting about something, typically to impress others. It often involves highlighting one’s achievements, possessions, skills, or other desirable attributes. The term can be used positively and negatively, depending on the display’s context and intention.

Origin and Usage:

The term originates from African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and has been popularized through hip-hop culture and social media. It stems from “flexing” one’s muscles, which metaphorically extends to flaunting anything impressive or valuable. Over time, it has become a standard part of the internet lexicon, especially among younger generations.


  • Social Media Posts: People might post pictures of their luxury cars, vacation destinations, or expensive gadgets with captions that subtly or overtly highlight their wealth or status. For instance, “Just picked up my new ride. #Blessed” is a flex.
  • Bragging About Achievements: Someone might talk about their professional success, academic achievements, or personal milestones in a way that emphasizes their superiority. For example, “Graduated top of my class at Harvard” is a flex.
  • Showing Off Talents: Posting videos or photos of exceptional skills, such as playing an instrument, performing a sport, or creating art, can be considered a flex. For instance, “Check out my latest painting. It only took me two hours!” is a flex.

Positive and Negative Connotations:

  • Positive Flex: It can be seen positively, especially if done humbly or inspirationally. Sharing achievements or successes to motivate others or celebrate milestones can be considered a positive flex. For example, “Finally bought my parents a house. Hard work pays off!” is often viewed as a positive and heartwarming flex.
  • Negative Flex: Conversely, it can be perceived negatively if it comes across as arrogant, insensitive, or out of touch with others’ realities. Bragging in a way that belittles others or flaunts wealth inappropriately can be seen as distasteful. For instance, “If you don’t have this, you’re missing out”.

Popular Culture and Memes

The phrase “weird flex but okay” became a popular meme, used to comment on someone’s unusual or unexpected boast. It’s often employed humorously to acknowledge that while someone’s bragging about something odd, it’s still noteworthy. For example, if someone brags about having a vast collection of vintage typewriters, one might respond with, “Weird flex, but okay.”

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