Influencer Marketing Software

What Is Influencer Marketing Software?

Influencer marketing software refers to tools and platforms designed to facilitate the management, execution, and measurement of influencer marketing campaigns. These software solutions offer a range of features and functionalities that streamline the influencer marketing process, from identifying and vetting influencers to tracking campaign performance and measuring ROI.

Some typical features of influencer marketing software include:

  • Influencer Discovery: Tools for identifying and discovering relevant influencers based on criteria such as demographics, interests, engagement metrics, and audience size.
  • Relationship Management: Platforms for building and managing relationships with influencers, including communication tools, contact management, and collaboration features.
  • Campaign Planning and Execution: Functionality for planning and executing influencer marketing campaigns, including campaign brief creation, content approval workflows, and scheduling tools.
  • Content Creation and Distribution: Tools for facilitating content creation and distribution, such as content libraries, content collaboration features, and content scheduling capabilities.
  • Performance Tracking and Analytics: Features for tracking campaign performance and measuring key metrics such as engagement, reach, impressions, conversions, and ROI. Analytics dashboards and reporting tools provide insights into campaign effectiveness and help inform future strategy.
  • Compliance and Disclosure: Functionality for ensuring compliance with legal and ethical guidelines, including disclosure requirements and transparency standards. Some software solutions offer features for monitoring compliance and managing disclosure processes.


Overall, influencer marketing software empowers brands and marketers to streamline and optimize their influencer marketing efforts, leading to more effective campaigns, better results, and improved ROI.

Here are some examples of influencer marketing software:

AspireIQ: Formerly known as Revfluence, AspireIQ offers influencer discovery, relationship management, and campaign execution tools. It helps brands find the right influencers, collaborate on content creation, and track campaign performance.
Traackr: Traackr provides influencer discovery, vetting, and relationship management capabilities. It helps brands identify relevant influencers, manage influencer partnerships, and measure the impact of influencer marketing campaigns.
Influencity: Influencity offers a comprehensive influencer marketing platform with features for influencer discovery, campaign management, and performance analytics. It enables brands to find influencers across various social media platforms and track the ROI of their campaigns.
IZEA: IZEA is a platform that connects brands with influencers for sponsored content opportunities. It offers tools for influencer discovery, content creation, campaign management, performance tracking, and reporting features.
Upfluence: Upfluence is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands discover influencers, manage influencer relationships, and track campaign performance. It offers advanced search filters, CRM-like features, and robust analytics capabilities.
TapInfluence: TapInfluence provides influencer discovery, campaign management, and performance-tracking tools. It helps brands identify influencers, collaborate on content creation, and measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns.

These are just a few examples of the many influencer marketing software solutions available. Each platform offers its features and capabilities to meet the needs of brands and marketers looking to leverage influencer partnerships for their marketing efforts.

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