How to Find Instagram Follower Demographics of Influencers


Whether you’re a content creator, an influencer, or a business, you know who the real star of the show is: your audience. Ideally, your audience should be guiding your marketing efforts and leading your marketing decisions. So, it’s needless to say that it pays to know your followers. An easy place to start is by analyzing your Instagram follower demographics.

These insights allow for more targeted social media strategies that resonate with your audience. The better you understand these demographics, the more focused your social media strategy will be.

Today we’ll explain how you can find influencers for free, use follower demographics insights for targeted reach, and improve your influencer marketing strategy. We’ll also give you a sneak peek into what follower demographic insights Glewee can fetch for you to give you the upper hand.

What Are Instagram Follower Demographics?

Instagram follower demographics are the statistics that describe the traits of the people who follow an Instagram account. You can only view your follower demographics if you have a business or creator account, such insights are not available for personal Instagram accounts.

Now let’s see what these details usually include:

  • Age Range: Show the distribution of your followers according to different age groups.
  • Gender: Shows the breakdown of your audience by gender, typically percentages of male, female, and sometimes non-binary followers.
  • Top Locations: Includes information on where your followers are located like countries, cities, or regions.
  • Active hours and days: Tells you when your followers are most active on Instagram.
  • Language: Sometimes, you can also see what languages your followers speak.

Knowing all this helps to understand who your followers are and what they prefer. So, for example, if you know most of your followers are young adults from a specific city, you might post content they can relate to, at times when they’re most likely to be online.

Why Are Instagram Follower Demographics Important?

Understanding the demographics of your followers prevents you from creating generic content that fails to resonate with your audience. But that’s not all, knowing and understanding these insights helps both influencers and businesses in many ways. Let’s discuss.

1. They Help Develop Tailored and Targeted Content

Understanding your Instagram follower demographics empowers you to craft content that resonates more deeply with them, enhancing engagement and connection.

2. Insights Lead to Better Brand-Influencer Alignment

For businesses, partnering with influencers whose followers align with their target audience ensures marketing messages reach the right people.

For instance, if you’re targeting young adults, it would be beneficial to partner with an influencer whose followers predominantly fall within this age group.

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3. Allows You to Build More Effective Campaigns

As influencers, you can tailor your campaigns to suit the preferences of your followers—resulting in more effective and impactful marketing efforts.

As businesses, you can also use these insights to guide the creative direction of the campaigns you sponsor.

4. Insights Help Optimize Your Ad Strategy

They allow you to allocate your ad budget more effectively, focusing on segments that are more likely to engage with and respond to your ads. Also, knowing when your followers are most active on Instagram helps you schedule ads when they are more likely to be seen and engaged with.

5. Measuring ROI Becomes Easier

Understanding your audience allows you to set more accurate targets and assess whether a partnership or collaboration is effectively reaching the desired audience.

6. They Help Build Trust and Credibility

Influencers who understand their audience and create content that genuinely appeals to them build stronger, more authentic relationships with their followers.

This trust benefits businesses when they collaborate with influencers, as followers are more likely to consider the endorsed products or services.

7. Provide Market Insights for Driving Future Decisions

Demographics provide valuable insights into market trends and consumer behavior. Use this information to stay ahead of trends, adapt their strategies, and remain relevant to your audience.

8. Give You a Roadmap for Better Geographical Targeting

For businesses with specific geographical targets, it’s important to collaborate with influencers who have a significant follower base in those areas. This local approach can be more effective for regional marketing campaigns or localized product launches.

How to find Instagram Follower Demographics on Glewee

Glewee is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that offers extensive data on an influencer’s followers, including demographics and geographical distribution analysis. It also empowers you with in-depth insights into follower preferences, enabling you to make educated decisions. With Glewee, you can connect with content creators who have the ideal target audience for your brand.

Brand and Creator accounts can view Instagram follower demographics for free using the following steps.


  1. Login to your Glewee Brand account.
  2. Navigate to the Creator Marketplace.
  3. Click “Open Advanced Filters”.
  4. Select Creator Demographic filters and Audience Demographic filters on the left panel.


  1. Login to your Glewee Creator account.
  2. Tap your profile picture and go to your profile.
  3. Tap the three lines (menu) and select ‘Insights’.
  4. Select your connected social media account and view audience demographic data.

Explore demographics and view various details about your followers such as:

  1. Age Range
  2. Gender
  3. Top Locations (cities or countries)
  4. Native Language
  5. Family Status

Note: Glewee requires influencers to have at least 10,000 followers before providing detailed insights.

How to Use Instagram Follower Demographics

Now that you’ve got all the relevant insights, let’s look at how you can put them to good use and enhance your marketing efforts:


  • Optimize your posting schedule to align with when your followers are most active so your posts get maximum engagement. This increases the visibility and impact of your content.
  • Use insights to guide your product development and promotions.
  • Tailor collaborations and endorsements to suit the preferences of your audience.


  • Leverage geographical data to create localized content that appeals to followers in specific regions. This is especially effective for businesses operating in multiple markets.

Research shows that 84% of marketers around the world see a boost in earnings when they tailor content for different locales. Stressing how important it is to connect with local customers for profit and revenue generation.

Localized content enhances engagement and drives revenue

  • Use demographic insights to target Instagram ads more effectively. This way your ads are seen by users who are more likely to be interested in your products or services.
  • Regularly review demographic data to measure the success of your marketing strategies. Adjust content and marketing tactics based on evolving insights to maintain relevance and engagement.

Pro Tip: Check your insights regularly, as audience demographics can change over time. Adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

Key Takeaways on Instagram Follower Demographics

Understanding your Instagram followers’ demographics is key to shaping a successful social media strategy. Knowing their age, gender, location, and online behavior allows you to create content that truly speaks to them. This leads to more engaging and effective influencer marketing campaigns.

Use such insights for adapting and refining your marketing efforts, connecting with your audience in a meaningful way, defining your long-term and short-term strategies, and keeping up with current social media trends.

Keeping this data at the forefront of your strategy along with ongoing audience feedback, competitive analysis, and emerging market trends will help you stay relevant and connected with your audience. It will also empower you to make well-informed, strategic marketing and content choices.

Start your influencer marketing campaign with confidence using Glewee insights into follower preferences and detailed demographic data to refine your marketing strategies. Glewee is an all-in-one influencer marketing management platform. Our tools allow you to find and connect with pre-vetted influencers and help you streamline your marketing operations.

Get started today!


Can I access historical Instagram follower demographics?

Instagram doesn’t allow you to access historical demographic data of followers. The insights are limited to the recent 7 days (for small accounts) to 30 days (for larger accounts). To access historical data, you need to use third-party analytics services like Glewee.

Glewee provides you with more ammunition in the form of extensive historical data and comparative insights to drive your marketing strategy in the right direction.

Otherwise, you can keep records for the future, manually saving your insights periodically.

Can I analyze other Instagram accounts?

Yes, you can analyze other Instagram accounts using various third-party tools, each offering different features and insights.

How can I find Instagram user demographics for different countries?

Some third-party tools allow you to view follower demographics for different countries.

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