11 Popular Instagram Reel Trends to Know

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Hooked on reels? Don’t worry! You’re not the only one. They’re fun to watch, easy to make, and oh-so addictive. Businesses are hopping on Instagram Reel trends to quickly connect with customers in a fun way.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind the popularity of Reel trends and share some fantastic ones, giving you the lowdown on seamlessly integrating them into your marketing strategy.

What are Instagram Reels, and why are they so popular?

IG reels are mini-videos that people record, edit, and share with their network. The fun part is that you can add effects, music, captions, and stickers to make them more appealing and unique. These addictive short videos are a new and exciting way to express and share original content.

Their popularity stems from the innovative use of limited time. People would rather watch multiple 60-second reels than one long video. But don’t take our word for it. According to Social Insider, IG reels have the highest watch rate, with an average watch rate of 13.08%, they outperform TikTok, which has a watch rate of 9.06%. YouTube Shorts come third in this comparison, with an average watch rate of 2.52%.

Reels perform better than longer videos and can be a great marketing tool.

Some reasons why Reels are so popular.

  • Accessibility: Instagram Reels fills the void left by TikTok bans in certain countries, notably in India where it has become the biggest market with 230.25 million users.
  • Unique editing tools: Features like “Use Template” for easy video replication and “Grooves” for dynamic video creation contribute to a user-friendly experience.
  • Increased reach: Instagram actively promotes Reels, leading to broader audience reach compared to traditional photo posts, with early posts demonstrating higher engagement.
  • Bigger creator fund: With a $1 billion creator fund launched in 2021, Instagram aims to attract and retain top content creators, offering substantial financial incentives, including bonuses and view milestones.

So how are people taking advantage of this popularity?

Well for one it offers a significant opportunity to businesses looking for an easy, relatable, and quick way to connect with customers. Let’s discuss this in detail.

How Can Businesses Use and Benefit from Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are a versatile and popular tool for connecting, entertaining, and promoting content on IG. Many businesses are leveraging IG Reels for increased reach, improved brand awareness, and higher sales by sharing original and unique content ingeniously.

Here are some ways your business can use and benefit from Instagram Reels:

  • Reels enhance visibility, reach, engagement, and longevity. Leverage Reels to increase the reach and visibility of your content, as they get higher engagement compared to traditional posts. Additionally, unlike Stories, Reels endure beyond 24 hours, providing lasting visibility and a chance to engage audiences even if they don’t follow your account.
  • Use Reels to increase brand awareness. Connect with a broader customer base, appear approachable, and foster a loyal community through features like comments and remixes.
  • Explore the creator fund. Collaborate with creators in the fund for sponsored content promotion. Employ Instagram’s Branded Content tool to tag creators in posts, and leverage their influence to promote products and services to the creator’s followers.
  • Incorporate strategic branding. Enhance brand value and style with immersive, humorous, or impactful Reels. Collaborate with creators for influencer marketing, and make products shoppable with product tags to stand out.

11 Instagram Reel trends you need to look out for

From belting out lyrics to irresistible dance moves, these trends have us all singing and dancing to their infectious rhythm.

1. Hi, Barbie

In this trend, people display different outfits that go with the Barbie theme. Wave, lip-sync and slay the fashion game in this fun trend.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Natasha Jade (@miss_natasha_jade)

How to use this for your business?

Feature outfits and accessories reminiscent of Barbie’s style to make your products shine.

2. Memory you can’t stop thinking about


This trend is all about throwing it back to a cherished memory or a journey that will stay with you. This evokes nostalgia and allows you to revisit cherished memories.

How to use this for your business?

Share behind-the-scenes footage of your team exercise, work culture, processes, or products creatively with this trend.

3. Benjamin Deli Dance

There are two sides to everything. This trend combines two songs: Ice Spice’s “Deli” and Diddy’s “It’s All About the Benjamins”. It involves dancing normally on the first beat, then switching to a more energetic style on the second beat, often with lights. We have to admit, this one’s catchy.


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A post shared by BENY (@pennyfunnnn)

How to use this for your business?

Create a video showing how your product or service enhances lives, brings happiness, or adds a fun touch.

4. Outfit change trend

As the name implies, the “Outfit Change” starts with a person wearing one outfit, then covering the camera with their hand, and then revealing a new outfit. Users seize this as an opportunity to showcase their fashion sense, creativity, or humor.

How to use this for your business?

Create a virtual closet (using apps) to show how different outfits can be mixed and matched for different looks.

5. My boyfriend has two girlfriends

In this trend, creators showcase two aspects of themselves—one that might seem lazy or mysterious and the other that exudes fun and happiness. People typically infuse a playful twist into this trend, sharing their varied moods throughout the day.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Helen (@frizzynoodles_)

How to use this for your business?

Create a lighthearted Reel suggesting choices between two different aspects of your brand or a product.

6. I’m sorry, I just Hallucinated!

Inspired by a truly iconic line from Reese Witherspoon in the movie “Legally Blonde”, this trend involves users creating videos on the audio clip “I’m sorry, I just hallucinated. What?” and then showing something unexpected or surprising.

How to use this for your business?

This offers an excellent opportunity to launch a new product or showcase an upgrade. Alternatively, you could take a cheeky approach and playfully criticize a competitor’s product. 😉

7. Get ready with me or GRWM

Get ready with me” or GRWM involves posting a Reel of yourself getting ready. It can be for any event, from a casual day out with friends to a formal evening event. We often see beauty influencers and content creators showcasing their skills and techniques using this trend.


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A post shared by Pilar Ibañez (@piibre)

How to use this for your business?

Collaborate with influencers with a significant following to create videos showcasing your brand’s products.

8. Wearing vs. Styling

This trend highlights the transformation of a “meh” outfit into a stunning “wow” look with chic styling.

It’s about getting creative in your closet, showing off your personal style and fashion sense, and inspiring others to try unlikely combinations that click.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Irina (@irinahp)

How to use this for your business?

Craft a fun video showcasing your products to spotlight your brand’s fashion flair and ignite inspiration.

9. It went like

In this trend users create a montage of pictures and videos to the catchy lyrics “and it went like”. People commonly share cherished and nostalgic memories through this trend, while others use it to share amusing and relatable experiences.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Maddie Moate (@maddiemoate)

How to use this for your business?

Provide a sneak peek into the making of your products or services using the trend’s format. This adds a personal touch and can be captivating for your audience.

10. Roman Empire

The famous “Roman Empire” trend started with people asking others about the Roman Empire and capturing their unexpected and often hilarious responses. Soon this turned to “every man has his own Roman empire in his thoughts”.

How to use this for your business?

Infuse humor into the trend by incorporating your product or service into the conversations about the Roman Empire. This can be done subtly, creating a memorable and entertaining association.

11. 2023 Recap

A trend we’d love to get on board with. This addictive trend involves creating Reels where you summarize some important memories of the year 2023.

How to use this for your business?

Create a recap video showcasing key milestones or achievements related to your products or services in 2023. This can include product launches, upgrades, or notable successes.

Instagram Reel Trends to Guide Your Marketing Strategy

Leveraging Instagram Reel trends in your marketing strategy is a quick route to seizing opportunities on this social platform in a language your audience understands and prefers.

Infuse your brand’s personality into these trends—be it humor, style, or a distinctive vibe—to ensure your brand stands out.

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