September 12, 2022

What Do Influencer Marketing Agencies Do?

  • Adam Guttadauro
  • We hear a lot about influencer marketing agencies, but some may still wonder: what do influencer marketing agencies actually do?

    Influencer marketing agencies are responsible for strategizing, executing, and managing influencer marketing campaigns for their clients. They do this by using paid sponsorships, sponsored content, product placement, and advertising products for brands using influencers.

    Influencer marketing agencies must build relationships with top influencers that specialize in different niches so that these influencers can easily be accessible whenever a client wants to run a relevant campaign. This will also help agencies recommend influencers to brands whenever they want to organize a campaign.

    Essential Components Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

    Typically, an influencer campaign involves several activities. Why is this important? These influencer campaigns are important because here influencers work with the agency to create contents their client will love. These essential components include the following;

    Product Placement

    This is where an influencer incorporates a brand’s product into their social media content. Here an influencer references a product in their social media content either using an image, video, story, or even in a post.

    Building A Social Following

    Here the goal of the influencer is to help the brand increase its popularity on social media. To achieve this the influencer might need to take over the brand’s social media account and operate it for a particular time frame, thereby increasing their audience. These audiences end up as returning visitors to the brand even after the influencer stops handling their social media.

    Organize Contests or Giveaways

    This happens when an agency decides to coordinate some form of competition where prizes will be won. However, the agency will have to hire a well-known social media influencer to help in promoting the contest.

    Theme or Hashtag Campaigns

    In this campaign, a brand will decide to reach out to an influencer to help them create and share a couple of pieces of content that relate to a theme or hashtag they are trying to promote. When this happens, the influencer will request that their followers create some form of user-generated content (UGC) using the hashtag.

    Creative Campaigns

    Here a brand works with a social media influencer to create content that reflects the brand’s theme and the message they want to communicate.

    So, What Do Influencer Marketing Agencies Actually Do?

    With many brands now choosing agencies to market their products and services, you must be able to identify how beneficial an influencer agency will be to you. Here are a few things to expect from an influencer agency;

    • They identify popular influencers with successful marketing campaigns that are willing to work with reputable brands
    • They work with influences on different social media platforms because their knowledge of the different platforms differs from each other.
    • They help brands identify their target audience using their age, location, and other categories
    • They build strong relationships with successful influencers
    • Agencies can identify the best social channel for a particular type of target audience
    • They help influencers create relevant and compelling contents that are suitable for their target audience
    • They help influencers strategize their campaign to match a client’s objective
    • They also work with brands and influencers to schedule the most effective post timing that meets the objectives of the client
    • An agency can identify the best influencer to help a brand achieve its goals
    • They also ensure that influencers post quality contents that comply with legal guidelines while meeting the brands standard and terms of the contract


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