February 14, 2023

How To Use Glewee’s User Generated Content Platform

  • Christian Brown
  • Brands using Glewee’s end to end UGC platform to get content for social media channels

    Glewee Is Your Platform for UGC Campaigns

    User-generated content, or UGC, is any content produced by consumers of a brand to advocate its products or services. As reactive content, UGC provides authentic responses to a brand’s offerings and incentives prospective customers to purchase. Brands of all sizes share UGC on their social media pages, websites, and in-store banners. Once a tedious process, UGC can now be obtained with ease and speed on Glewee, the all-in-one creator marketing platform. Brands can now come to Glewee to get UGC from industry-leading Creators and navigate the process from start to finish with intuitive tools.

    Why Is a User-Generated Content Platform Beneficial?

    User-generated content (UGC) platforms benefit brands and creators by providing them with a structure in which to operate and guidelines to follow. Rather than search for UGC in the digital wild and get user permission to share it, brands now commission it directly from a UGC Platform like Glewee.

    Types of UGC Content

    At its core, UGC is anything produced by consumers and shared with others. It is content created in response to a product or service and can include videos, photos, or written reviews. UGC is authentic and increases brand awareness, credibility, and sales. UGC has always been a popular form of content with consumers, but it has shot to the top as one of 2023’s rising influencer marketing trends.

    How to Source UGC Organically

    Sourcing organic UGC online is no small task—it is a series of many small, time-consuming ones that hold the potential to go awry. Brands who choose to source UGC organically can scour branded hashtags, search online forums, launch giveaways, or create content contests. Once and if procured, the UGC must be authorized for use and brands must give credit to creators or consumers where it is due.

    Glewee Introduces UGC

    As the fastest-growing influencer marketing platform, Glewee is paving the path forward for Brand and Creator partnerships. With a network that houses Creators in every category, Glewee enables Brands to commission UGC and Creators to book UGC deals in seconds. Glewee simplifies the UGC process with software that streamlines and supports every stage of the process. Expectations between Creators and Brands are formalized with agreements when collaborating on Glewee.

    How to Use Glewee’s UGC Platform

    Brands and creators must apply to Glewee to access the platform and its UGC integrations. Glewee is the fastest and easiest way for brands to secure UGC. Brands can get content that keeps customers engaged and improves their search engine rankings. It is the most relatable and reliable form of influencer marketing.

    User-Generated Content for Brands and Agencies

    As the top UGC platform, Glewee is the first choice for Brands and Creators looking to collaborate. Work with pre-vetted Creators to ensure the authenticity of your content. Own the rights to anything produced. Optimize your marketing strategy with UGC.

    How to Find UGC Creators

    While many content creators provide Brands with UGC upon request, it is not a regulated transaction in the digital wild. It can come with a slew of problems—such as intellectual property right infringement—if there are no formal agreements between brands and creators. To ensure expectations are met, brands are encouraged to commission UGC from Creators on an opt-in creator marketing platform like Glewee.

    How to Commission UGC

    Brands can source UGC and UGC Creators on Glewee. For content from one Creator, Brands can launch a Quick Deal through Glewee’s Exclusive Creator Marketplace. For content from unlimited Creators, Brands can launch UGC campaigns with custom parameters and invite qualified Creators to join.

    Glewee’s Guide to UGC Campaigns

    There are two ways to commission UGC on Glewee. The first is through a campaign with multiple Creators. The second is through Glewee’s Creator Marketplace where Brands can launch one-on-one Quick Deals with Creators. For further guidance on campaign best practices, here’s how to create an effective marketing template and brief.

    Brands can get UGC for social media with content creators on the Glewee UGC Platform for Brands

    How to Create a UGC Campaign on Glewee

    Once you’ve logged into your Glewee account:

    1. Tap on + Create Campaign

    Brands can find UGC user generated content on Glewee by using the Glewee UGC platform for brands

    2. Choose between the Open Invite or Invite Only campaign type

    3. Identify your enrollment date range which sets how long Creators can apply to be in your campaign

    4. Select User-Generated Content (UGC) for your Content Type

    Brands can find UGC user generated content on Glewee by using the Glewee UGC platform for brands

    5. On the Deliverables page, choose a due date for your UGC

    6. Tap + Add Content in the Campaign Deliverables box

    7. Choose between an Image or a Video. If video, select the length

    8. Choose the format that you would like the content to be in

    9. Upload examples, inspiration, or product photos in the Media section

    10. Describe the outline of the type of content you are looking for

    11. Tap Save Content

    Glewee brand looking for fashion UGC can find fashion UGC influencers on Glewee and make UGC campaigns looking for influencers

    12. Select the age range, gender, follower count, and location of the Creators that can apply

    13. Set the minimum price per Creator engaging in the UGC campaign.

    14. Review the summary of the campaign

    15. Tap Publish

    Brands can publish UGC campaigns on Glewee's UGC platform and get content that they will use across their social media platforms

    How to Get UGC From Glewee’s Creator Marketplace

    Once you’ve logged into your Glewee account:

    1. Tap Marketplace in the top navigation

    Brands can work one on one with creators and influeners on Glewee’s marketplace in the UGC platform to get content

    2. Tap Open Advanced Filters

    3. Under the Social Networks filter tap User Generated Content

    Brands can work one on one with creators and influeners on Glewee’s marketplace in the UGC platform to get content

    4. Tap on a Creator’s photo to open their Creator Portfolio

    5. Tap Pricing

    6. Select which content type you are looking for with the UGC with the Creator’s pre-set rate

    7. Tap Start Quick Deal

    Glewee brands can create one on one quick deals with influencers to get UGC for your brand

    8. Input an Engagement name for your UGC Quick Deal Campaign

    9. Upload images or videos of the product or service you want UGC for

    10. Choose which content format type you want

    11. Add the Dos and Don’ts for the content

    12. Identify if you are shipping a product or not

    13. Set the due date for the content

    14. Tap Create Quick Deal

    Brands can create full campaigns or one on one quick deals on Glewee with creators and influencers

    Accepting Agreements

    For larger campaigns, Creators apply and Brands accept those who meet Brand qualifications. For Quick Deals, a Creator either accepts or declines the offer. If a Creator declines a Quick Deal, a Brand can return to the Marketplace and recruit another Creator. Creators begin producing UGC as soon as agreements are executed.

    Locating Active Campaigns

    UGC campaigns become Active as soon as Brands and Creators sign an agreement. Brands can locate their Active Campaigns in the Campaigns tab in the top navigation icon menu. Brands are prompted with automated task reminders to ensure deadlines are met once a campaign becomes active.

    Brands on Glewee can find their active campaigns in Glewee End To End influencer marketing platform

    Shipping Products to Creators

    Creators provide their shipping addresses when accepting Brand agreements. If a Brand wants to ship products to a Creator for use in content, they can do so with Glewee’s AfterShip integration. Once a tracking number is available, the Brand can share it with the Creator on Glewee and both users can track the package’s journey through Glewee.

    See How Your UGC Performs

    UGC Campaigns on Glewee do not require Creators to post content. Because UGC belongs to the Brand, the Brand is free to share and use it as they see fit. If a Brand decides to create a Content and Post campaign, Creators will share the content they make to their social media channels. The analytic success of posts that are deployed to social media through Glewee can be tracked on the Glewee Dashboard.

    Brands on Glewee can see their performance by going to their dashboard to see how influencers and creators are performing

    Curate Your UGC Library

    Glewee for Brands comes equipped with a Content Library to store and curate Creator-made content. Brands own the rights to their Glewee content and can use it anywhere they see fit. While there are many uses for UGC outside of social media, sharing it online is a brilliant way to boost brand awareness and engagement with minimal effort.

    Brands on Glewee can locate and download all of the content that influencer have made for them

    Where to Showcase UGC

    Brands can repurpose UGC online and in store. UGC is a great addition to any checkout page and can validate a consumer’s purchase. Brands can also use UGC on their product page to incentivize a consumer’s decision. Ultimately, UGC can be used anywhere content is needed. It provides an honest account of the customer experience and resonates with prospects in unparalleled ways.

    Brands like UGG, American Eagle, Savage x Fenty, and many more have done an exceptional job reposting UGC to their social media channels. By doing so, they are showing their customers that they want people to be creating and sharing unique content and experiences including their products. By reposting these pieces of content, the social feeds of these brands are filling up with relatable content that followers and advocates of the brand want to see and engage with. Here are some examples of brands posting UGC to their social platforms that their audiences are well engaged with:


    TEAM FENTY. #SavageXGameDay #gamedayoutfit #gamedayready #outfitideas

    ♬ original sound – Savage X Fenty



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    A post shared by Madeline Ronzoni (@happy.rugs)


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    UGC Is a Key Influencer Marketing Strategy

    UGC is on the rise in the influencer marketing space with creators like Alix Earle shooting to the top of everyone’s feed with effortless content that’s ever so relatable. While there have been many notable UGC campaigns from big brands, consumers are more likely to respond to UGC from their favorite influencers or fellow followers. Whoever the source may be, the power of UGC to convert lies within its authentic and unbiased nature.

    Go Viral With UGC

    UGC is amongst the highest converting on all social media platforms. 76% of consumers rely on social media to discover products and services. TikTok in particular holds the potential to sell out any product made popular by creators and consumers on the app. The phenomenon of “TikTok Made Me Buy It” supports the undeniable strength of UGC to sway consumers and sell out products overnight. In addition to being used as a search engine, TikTok has an interest-based algorithm that increases a brand’s chance of going viral with relatable content.

    Tiktok selling out the shelf in CVS, convenient stores, Walgreens, Target with hashtag tiktok made me buy it with cosmetic products

    UGC for Brands on Glewee

    Glewee allows Brands to curate a collection of content for use across the web so you can tell your Brand story through the voice of its consumer advocates. Gone are the days of scouring hashtags for user content, and here comes a way to obtain UGC with ease and confidence.

    UGC for Creators on Glewee

    Because UGC is based on content and not follower count, it provides a unique opportunity for smaller Creators to work with bigger Brands. It’s a low barrier to entry for Brand collaboration as Creator involvement starts and stops with making content.

    Get UGC on Glewee

    Glewee is amongst the leading UGC platforms on the market. Brands and Creators on Glewee do not need to platform hop. Cross-platform collaboration is made possible with Glewee’s end-to-end software solution. If you are a brand looking to commission UGC from Creatrors, you can learn more about Glewee here. For those interested in influencer marketing who need further guidance, look no further. If you are a creator who is interested in monetizing content, check out Glewee for Creators.