December 13, 2022

Unboxing User-Generated Content: The What, Why, and How of UGC

  • Yasmine El-Azzeh
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    What Is User-Generated Content?

    Before we delve into details, we’ll answer some of your most asked questions: what is UGC, why use UGC, and how to use UGC?

    User-generated content is media produced by consumers that promote a brand or product. It is reactive content that is traditionally unpaid, unsponsored, and unprompted. UGC can include photos, videos, written testimonials, and online reviews by satisfied consumers. This content is more cost-effective to produce, can come from someone with or without influence, and is authentic in make and intent. Photos and videos in this category tend to be impromptu, less manufactured, and more relatable.

    Why Is User-Generated Content so Important?

    UGC converts. It is a proven and effective marketing strategy that leverages social proof, allowing brands to scale organically. UGC elevates brand engagement and credibility because consumers are more likely to interact with it. By blending into the everyday user’s social feed, UGC (paradoxically) makes brands stand out. People trust people—not advertisements—and UGC is straight from the consumer’s mouth. It has a higher click-through rate than highly curated digital ads, which can feel out of reach for the consumer.

    How to Use User-Generated Content

    UGC is native media that brands can repurpose for social pages, websites, digital ads, or insight. It can be sourced or outsourced. Brands that source UGC rely on content found in the digital wild via hashtags, reviews, and consumer posts. Brands who outsource UGC hire niche influencers to create it or involve their community through giveaways and contests. Although the space is still developing, UGC best practices can help guide brands and creators through this process.

    User-Generated Content Examples

    UGC can take various forms, but all share one common feature: the customer’s voice. Consumers can express their brand experience through posts that endorse a product or service authentically. Examples include blog posts, unboxing videos, demonstrations, and lifestyle vlogs.

    Glewee Is Your User-Generated Content Platform

    Glewee simplifies the UGC process for Brands and Creators. We formalize UGC with agreements that clear Brand and Creator expectations in advance, streamlining workflow and publication. With a network that houses Creators in every category, Glewee enables Brands to commission UGC and Creators to book deals in seconds.

    UGC Campaigns for Brands

    Glewee allows Brands to curate a collection of content for use across the web so you can tell your Brand story through the voice of its consumer advocates. Gone are the days of scouring hashtags for user content, and here comes a way to obtain UGC with ease and confidence.

    UGC Campaigns for Creators

    Because this type of marketing is based on content and not influence, UGC Campaigns provide a unique opportunity for smaller Creators to work with bigger Brands. It’s a low barrier to entry for Brand collaboration as Creator involvement starts and stops with making content.

    Glewee Introduces UGC Campaigns

    Glewee expands its all-in-one influencer marketing platform with campaigns for user-generated content (UGC). This new feature optimizes the UGC process for Brands and Creators. As social media leaders, Glewee has the tools and guidance you need to launch successful UGC Campaigns.