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Over a decade ago, influencer marketing was seen as a temporary trend that many marketing professionals expected to fade. Now, more than ten years later, it continues to thrive and gain momentum.

In 2023, the influencer marketing industry grew by 23.4%, reaching $6.16 billion. For 2024, it’s anticipated that the sector will further expand to generate about $7.14 billion. And by 2029, the influencer marketing economy is projected to reach $69.92 billion a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 32.50%.

This means that every day a growing number of companies are successfully implementing influencer marketing campaigns and leveraging the influence and reach of social media personalities to effectively engage with their target audiences.

So, it’s safe to say that influencer marketing strategy has proven to be more than just a passing fad. It has become a staple in the digital marketing landscape.

Working with influencers to enhance your influencer and creator marketing strategy does not need to be difficult or cost a large portion of your budget. In this article, we will explore some influencer marketing strategy examples that helped brands multiply their sales while gaining reach and awareness within their niche audience. But first, let’s recap what influencer marketing strategy is.

What Is an Influencer Marketing Strategy?

An influencer marketing strategy involves partnering with influencers who embody your brand’s values and connect authentically with your target audience.

Influencer marketing leverages the influencer’s credibility and relationship with their followers through genuine and relatable content.

In influencer marketing, influencers you collaborate with, effectively endorse your product or service. They persuade their audience based on the trust they have already established. Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach and engage potential customers through a voice they already know and trust.

Examples of Influencer Marketing Strategies

Care to see some creative influencer marketing strategy examples and their impact? Here we have five excellent examples of influencer marketing strategies in action. Let’s dig in.

1. Soteri Skin

Soteri Skin, a beauty brand, wanted to increase awareness about its specialized skincare products. Using Glewee for its influencer marketing campaign, they strategically partnered with beauty influencers on Instagram and TikTok.

The target market for the campaign was individuals with sensitive skin conditions like eczema and skin sensitivity. The brand figured that collaborating with influencers who had personal struggles with eczema and skin sensitivity would enhance the messaging and make the influencers more relatable to the target market. Then Skin Soteri launched a targeted influencer marketing strategy collaborating with beauty influencers on Glewee.

These influencers, having personally experienced eczema and sensitive skin struggles, were able to create authentic and engaging content that spoke directly to their audience. They showcased the benefits of Soteri Skin’s patented technology through their content, highlighting how it effectively maintains the ideal skin surface pH for extended durations while providing relief and nourishment to individuals with sensitive skin concerns.

The campaign content from the participating influencers was shared on the influencers’ social media profiles for brand visibility. This stimulated valuable user-generated content which was then repurposed on the Soteri Skin website and integrated into future paid advertising campaigns.

Using this influenced marketing strategy, Soteri Skin saw an impressive engagement of over 83,000 content interactions across various platforms. The campaign’s success in engaging the target audience speaks volumes about the effectiveness of Soteri Skin’s tailored approach to influencer marketing on Glewee.

2. Rev Gum

Rev Gum aimed at developing brand awareness for its upcoming new gum flavor while driving conversions. The company also wanted to align its brand identity with an active, athletic, and outdoor lifestyle.

To achieve this, they partnered with influencers in the Athletic and outdoor categories through Glewee’s Exclusive Creator Marketplace. This platform allows brands to find influencers for free with Glewee’s free plan.

Each influencer shared two Instagram Stories for the campaign. The first featured the unboxing of the promotional package, and the second depicted them using the product in an outdoor setting. This approach not only highlighted the gum’s energizing qualities but also seamlessly integrated it into the influencers’ daily routines. This effective storytelling method helped foster anticipation among their followers for Rev Gum’s new launch.

Moreover, through its Glewee campaign, Rev Gum gained a valuable collection of over 50 short-form videos. These assets, now owned in perpetuity by Rev Gum, can be used across both paid and organic marketing channels. Each video serves as genuine social proof, featuring creators enjoying the “Polar Mint” flavor of Rev Gum in their diverse, unique environments.

This approach not only illustrates the product’s appeal but also resonated with the brand’s dynamic and active image, maintaining brand identity while creating a loyal following.


MOOV, a fashion company known for its innovative and trend-setting products, initiated an influencer marketing campaign for the launch of its “Formula Fashion” bags. The brand collaborated with fashion influencers on Glewee, using Instagram Reels to create a buzz. The campaign aimed to boost brand loyalty and drive sales by focusing on raising awareness and excitement about the unique attributes of their new product line. The company wanted to highlight how the bag simplified the user’s daily routines and enhanced organization. Something every girl wants from her bag.

MOOV’s influencer marketing campaign, conducted via Instagram Reels, perfectly aligned with its target demographic. By partnering with fashion influencers renowned for their strong engagement and presence, MOOV ensured a style and appeal that resonated well with their intended audience.

The influencers were given “Formula Fashion” bags, with the directive to create content that was not only engaging and innovative but also genuine. Their task was to highlight the bags’ user-friendliness and distinctive features through genuine reviews, weaving stories that showcased how these bags make their daily organization simpler.

The campaign generated over 40,000 engagements, such as likes, comments, shares, and saves. Each influencer created and shared three unique pieces of content on their social media pages. This approach not only engaged their audience but also encouraged the creation of user-generated content, which holds significant value for MOOV as it can be repurposed for future marketing efforts.

4. Best Bodies for Life

Best Bodies For Life, a fitness-focused company offering protein shake powders, embarked on a campaign to enhance brand recognition. They wanted to emphasize their commitment to clean, healthy products and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Partnering with fitness influencers on Glewee, they launched a social media blitz on Instagram and TikTok, targeting health-conscious women and mothers. The influencers who flawlessly connected with this demographic were tasked with promoting the brand’s lifestyle and health benefits, including improved gut health and inflammation reduction.

The campaign strategy was to incorporate the protein shake powder into various daily routines, showcasing post-workout and healthy living scenarios. The influencers highlighted the product’s benefits authentically, aligning with BestBodiesForLife’s family-friendly and faith-based values.

This influencer marketing initiative resulted in substantial success enhancing brand reach and engagement as planned. It garnered over 50,000 impressions and achieved over 15,000 likes. A total of nine pieces of content were created and shared across social media, which BestBodiesForLife plans to repurpose for its website and future advertising, thereby extending the campaign’s impact even further.

5. Kickstart Social

Kickstart Social, specializing in digital marketing, aimed to enhance its advertising on Instagram and Facebook. The challenge was that they had a high Cost Per Lead (CPL) of $26. Seeking a new strategy, Kickstart Social collaborated with Glewee to launch the “Weight Loss Video Campaign.”

This initiative focused on leveraging influencer-generated content to improve advertising effectiveness and reduce CPL. Kickstart Social partnered with two creators on Glewee to produce a 20-second video ad each for a weight loss program. Provided with an existing video and script for guidance, the creators quickly delivered the ads, which were then tested through Meta Ads Manager using A/B testing.

The collaboration brought impressive results. One of the influencer ads significantly lowered the CPL to just $5 in a single day. Isn’t that amazing?

Ready to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy Now?

The effectiveness of an influencer marketing strategy largely hinges on choosing the right influencers who not only align with your brand identity but also connect authentically with your target audience.

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Use Glewee’s platform to identify the ideal influencer tailored to your brand’s specific needs. The platform also simplifies your campaign management, from creator discovery to content approval and payment. Glewee even provides a “Free Starter tier” option for you to run unlimited customizable campaigns, making it your go-to choice for influencer marketing.

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