Is Glewee Legit?

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Glewee has revolutionized the influencer marketing process by providing a platform designed to streamline labor-intensive tasks. Communication between brands and creators is now managed in one place – within Glewee’s powerful interface, which also serves up insightful data analysis and reporting functions. For brands Glewee takes the lead in identifying the best influencer for each campaign to filing paperwork after they’re hired, while Glewee helps facilitate contract signings and payment for creators. All this adds up to an unbeatable user experience guaranteed to save time!

We often get asked if Glewee is legit – of course it is – just ask the thousands of brands and creators who use our platform! For added proof, this blog will take you through some of Glewee’s features and benefits that best support our brands and creators.

Is Glewee Legit?

Of course, Glewee is legit! But the full story doesn’t end there! Glewee is a platform for influencer marketing made for creators, brands and agencies. Glewee provides amazing opportunities for brands to connect, collaborate and execute campaigns without ever leaving Glewee.com because our proprietary algorithms support the entire process. Creators love Glewee too, because we serve them brand deals that they qualify for right on our App. It is not uncommon for creators to start accepting jobs within minutes of the brands posting their influencer brief.

What’s even more impressive is that Glewee also supports incredibly precise targeting, so brands can home in on their desired audiences and customize content in partnership with creators accordingly. Furthermore, Glewee makes it easier for marketers to better understand their campaigns’ performance by providing detailed reports on impressions, engagement and reach.

But perhaps what sets Glewee apart from other influencer marketing platforms is its commitment to ethical practices—such as ensuring that sponsored posts are clearly labeled so consumers are aware when they’re being marketed to. This ensures transparency between brands and creators and both parties know exactly who they’re working with and why.

In short, Glewee is a legitimate tool designed to make influencer marketing easier for both brands and creators. Glewee makes it faster and easier to participate in the creator economy and take your business to the next level with influencers.

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What Is the Creator Economy?

Creator economy is a term used to describe anyone who creates or distributes content on the internet and earns money from it. This includes influencers of all kinds from influencer marketing platforms, agents, content creators on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, podcasters, bloggers and social media photographers among others.

The creator economy has exploded in the past 10 years, with 50 million people worldwide launching their own small businesses as content creators, curators and community builders (not just social media influencers).

This explosion in the creator economy is due to the fact that today, many consumers are getting their content from multiple sources including:

  • Friends and family
  • Journalists
  • Authors
  • Celebrities and athletes
  • Brands
  • Bloggers
  • Influencers

What Is Glewee?

Glewee is an innovative digital marketing platform that makes influencer marketing faster, easier and more powerful. To put it simply, Glewee facilitates the relationship between brands and agencies to tap into the huge potential of influencers on platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Through Glewee, businesses can find, approach and collaborate with talented creators as part of their marketing campaigns.

In addition, Glewee offers a suite of tools designed to help streamline collaborations between brands and creators. This includes an easy-to-use brand and influencer messaging system for setting up meetings; detailed contract templates; automated payments via Stripe integration; tracking performance analytics over time; billing reconciliation after every collaboration has finished; plus much more.

Glewee's graphical user interface, application

Glewee’s App for Creators is a one-of-a-kind powerful tool to help influencers take their businesses to the next level. Through the app, creators can easily connect with brands and discover campaigns that are tailored to their specific audience. Through the platform, content creators now have access to insights from major brands – giving them a valuable look into what works when it comes to executing effective influencer marketing campaigns. Plus, it’s easy-to-use dashboard makes it simple for even the most novice users who want to get involved in the world of social media marketing.


Glewee For Creators App

Who Uses Glewee?

Brands – Glewee is used by both large enterprise brands and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), advertising agencies and public relations firms. Some of their customers include evian, ABCMouse, Sony Music, Guinness World Records and Soteri Skin to name a few.

Creators – Glewee was built by creators for creators who want to monetize their followings. Glewee’s sweet spot is micro, mid-size and macro influencers. For more information on the different types of influencers check out Influencer Marketing for Brands.


How Does Glewee Simplify Campaign Communications?

Historically, communication between influencers and brands relied on email and direct message (DM) is notoriously difficult and time consuming. However, not with Glewee. Within minutes of launching an influencer marketing campaign with Glewee, creators start applying for the brand’s campaign job. When the creator applies, the brand can view their profile and begin messaging them through Glewee’s in-app chat function.

In the chat tab, brands, agencies and creators can respond directly to individual messages, mark some as favorite messages and see when the brand or influencer has read the message. In addition, Glewee’s enhanced upload functions serve as another place to have a one-on-one chat.

Additionally, contract agreements are created and processed conveniently through Glewee, eliminating additional paperwork and stress. After the influencer has created the requested content, the brand-selected creator submits the content for approval right inside the Glewee platform. This process provides users with an open form of communication so that collaborations can go as smoothly as possible – every step of the way.


How Does Glewee’s Influencer Discovery and Selection Tool Work?

Glewee currently has over 10,000 pre-vetted, opt-in creators. Glewee’s influencer selection process starts with the content creator applying to become a Glewee influencer. Glewee then goes through a vetting process to ensure the influencer is suitable for the platform. During this process, various metrics are considered, from pricing to creator engagement rates.

Applying for Glewee is completely free, and there are no upfront costs or monthly subscription fees for creator accounts or platform usage. Additionally, once Glewee accepts the influencer on the platform, creators and brands are free to engage at their customized agreed-upon rates.

What Social Media Platforms Do Glewee’s Influencers Use?

Glewee’s influencers have followings on popular social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter. By supporting a variety of platforms, Glewee helps the influencer connect with specific target demographics based on the typical users for each platform.

  • Instagram is the most popular platform on social media for influencers. Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for content creators.
  • TikTok is where users create and share short-form videos with others on the app.
  • YouTube is where users typically go to share long-form videos.
  • Twitter is where users engage in trending and real time conversations.
  • Facebook is a great site for branded content.


How Do Brands Approve Content?

Once the Glewee creator has signed an agreement, the creator can start uploading content to the in-app portal for brand review and approval. The brand will then accept or reject the content and provide feedback in chat to the creator. If the brand rejects the content, the influencer will re-submit based on the feedback they are given. Once the final approval of content has been given, the influencer will then publish the content to the pre-approved social media platform.


How Does Glewee Simplify the Contractual Process?

Campaign agreements are handled with ease on Glewee, so paperwork is minimized. Once the brand decides on the campaign postdates, the next step is to create an agreement. Glewee compiles each requested influencer marketing campaign with assigned dates, the campaign summary, campaign posts and the budget into one convenient agreement.

Once the brand has approved the agreement, it will be sent to the creator for their consideration via an in-app notification. The influencer should hear back shortly with approval or any questions they may have via the messaging portal.

Following these short processes, the parties can execute the agreement and begin implementation. It really is that simple. Below is an example of a contract generated on the Glewee platform for brands and creators.


How Does Glewee Ensure Creators Get Paid Quickly?

Payments and W9 forms can be difficult to manage without structure, especially when a brand works with multiple creators over the course of a year. Glewee simplifies this process with its contracting process.

Before any contract is finalized, brands must fund an escrow account to assure the creator that they will be paid once the campaign has been completed. Once both parties are satisfied, the money is safely released from the escrow account to the creator’s account. Glewee relies on an escrow system to create trust between brands, creators and Glewee itself.


What Type of Reporting and Analytics Does Glewee Provide Brands?

From the time the influencer publishes approved content, Glewee’s social media engine begins tracking real-time performance. After the completion of an influencer marketing campaign, Glewee provides the brand with a report reviewing the success of the campaign as a whole and the success of each influencer that participated in the campaign.

Influencer marketing metrics include:

  • Average Cost Per Creator
  • Cost per Impression
  • Average Cost Per Post
  • Number of Posts Per Social Platform
  • Campaign Summary Details
  • Weekly Campaign Results
  • Total Likes per post and total likes accumulated from all posts throughout the entire campaign.
  • Total Comments per post and total comments accumulated from all posts throughout the entire campaign.
  • Total Impressions per post and total impressions accumulated from all posts throughout the entire campaign. Total ECV (estimated content value) is Glewee’s metric that brands and agencies use to report the success of the campaign.


So, is Glewee legit? You bet!

Glewee is trusted by hundreds of well-known, established brands and thousands of pre-vetted creators. It is an all-in-one social media influencer platform that supports thousands of smooth campaign collaborations each month because it makes the process simple, easy and fast. And it was built by creators for creators, so users can be confident that the platform will work for themI

f you are an influencer, creator or social media creative and would like to join our exclusive community of creators – download Glewee and apply to our community here: Apple App Store or Google Play.

If you are a brand and would like to schedule a demo, reach out here.

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